Piramal Sarvajal is a mission-driven social enterprise committed to leveraging technology to bring community-level safe drinking water to the underserved. Piramal Sarvajal is built upon the foundation of quality control, operational accountability and price transparency.
Sarvajal is at the forefront of developing technologies and business practices in the safe drinking water sector that are designed to make a purely market-based model sustainable in both rural and urban deployment conditions. This impact is created through a network of purification plants and water ATMs spread across locations with the ability to purify a wide variety of contaminants and dissolved salts.
Sarvajal is focusing on its existing franchisee and CSR based models to promote safe drinking water across the country, while also working with key Government projects as a Technical Support Agency that provides critical, actionable intelligence on ground water management, enhancing scheme efficiency, bringing communities together to play a more important role in the management of schemes, etc.
It thus seeks to partner with those with a similar vision to address India's drinking water problems at scale.

CSR Products: Low cost and high impact

Public Places- Purification, Chilling and Dispensing Unit

All-in-one: Purification-Chilling-Dispensing (PCD) unit for serving the common commuters at public places. PCD units are suitable for hospitals, schools, public places like railway stations, bus stations, community areas etc.


Sarvajal Water ATM Device

Water ATMs are automated water dispensing units, which provide communities with 24/7 safe water access. They are solar powered and cloud connected, thus enabling remote tracking of the water quality and of each pay per use transaction.

Product USP:

  • ATMs track every transaction that takes place.
  • Establishes water-price transparent markets and ensures water quality accountability.
  • Enhances scale of impact and optimizes net investment per installation.

Water Purification Plants

Sarvajal's purification model is agnostic of the method of filtration, utilizing purification technology as per the source water. It provides an integrated solution.


5.9 Lacs People served across 20 states 908+Purification Units 484+ Water ATMs 90+ crores litres served

CSR Models

Single Unit Community Solution

  • One purification plant installed in any community (village, school, construction site etc.).
  • Regular maintenance support and community awareness drives
  • Piramal Sarvajal trains an operator/entrepreneur who manages local daily operations

Hub and Spoke Model

  • One centrally located purification plant with access to raw water and power
  • Water ATMs installed at nearby community (slum, school network), increasing Piramal Sarvajal’s impact radius.

CSR Project Types

Large Sized Villages: Entrepreneur driven Model

  • In villages with population of more than 1000 households, Sarvajal promotes an entrepreneur owned and managed franchising model.
  • Potential to reach 20,000 villages, providing safe drinking water access to 196 million people while generating 50,000 livelihood opportunities.

Medium Sized Villages: Corporate funded Adopt a Village Model

  • Partnership with organizations who are willing to invest in the infrastructure cost of setting up the unit.
  • Recurring expenses can be recovered through revenue collection from sale of drinking water within the community.
  • Potential to provide access to more than 450 million people spread across more than 2 lakh villages.

Rural Solutions: Strengthen Government Funded Programmes

  • Sarvajal aims to promote these solutions to the government funded locations for improved monitoring of their existing decentralized drinking water initiatives.
  • Enable reliable access, ensure quality accountability and operational transparency.

Beyond-the-pipe Communities: Hub and Spokes Model

  • Network of water ATM units (spokes) installed at multiple locations attached to a localized purification unit (hub).
  • Purified water is transferred from the purification unit to these ATMs through a custom designed water carrying vehicle.
  • Real time online monitoring and tracking of every transaction for quality control and price transparency.

Increasing Access in Schools: Adopt a school Model

  • Setting up a purification unit and dispensing point which is set at school mode
  • Supply fixed quantity, free of cost, safe drinking water to the students during school hours.

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