About Us

“I cannot do all the good that the world needs. But the world needs all the good that I can do.”
― Jana Stanfield

Who we are

Impact Advisory by CSRBOX supports and assists mission-driven organizations and philanthropists in achieving breakthrough impact by acquainting them with society’s most important challenges, opportunities and needs.

Our young team of in-house social sector thematic experts, data analysts and researchers understand the community needs that falls within seven thematic areas, they identify target groups, do depth research, structured interviews on field and paints the comprehensive picture that helps in creating and implementing solutions.

Harnessing our years of experience and understanding of the Indian development sector and beyond, we have planned and accomplished several projects with major companies like Eicher, HCL Foundation, Unicef, Mastercard, NTPC, Bajaj, among others.

Need of such studies:
• The study is a mandate as outlined in ‘CSR Amendments Rules 2021’ under the Companies Act 2013
• It facilitates in improving program designing and implementation
• It establishes program success and impact, attracting potential donors and improving public relations
• It contributes in changing project designs basis present need and bring a factor of sustainability