"I cannot do all the good that the world needs. But the world needs all the good that I can do."
- Jana Stanfield

Who we are

Impact Advisory by CSRBOX supports and assists mission-driven organizations and philanthropists in achieving breakthrough impact by acquainting them with society's most important challenges, opportunities and needs.

Our young team of in-house social sector thematic experts, data analysts and researchers understand the community needs that falls within seven thematic areas, they identify target groups, do depth research, structured interviews on field and paints the comprehensive picture that helps in creating and implementing solutions.

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Our Services

The Impact Advisory panel is passionate about helping social change leaders find solutions to economic and social barriers that perpetuate inequities and prevent individuals, families, and communities from having access to opportunities they need to thrive.

We are driven by our clear purpose, to make an impact that matters to our clients, our communities and or coworkers.

 Baseline Studies

 Community Aspiration Mapping

 NGOs Due Diligence

 CSR Project Ideation and concept framework for need based projects

 Project Monitoring and Evaluation

 Midline and End Line Studies

 Impact Assessment

 SROI - Social Return on Investments, Framework Designing, Training and Execution

Our Impact

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Our USP For Impact & Need Assessment

Contemporary complex and multi-facet social issues require new and innovative solutions. CSRBOX approaches these problems holistically. With our 360-degree services under CSR interventions, we address the different layers of barriers and constraints present in the path of the development. Our Advisory services strategize the project with the following USPs to bring out the optimum progressive design of the project generating greatest Impact.

  •  Integrated SROI

  •  In house team of social sector thematic experts, Data Analysts and Researchers

  •  Sectoral and peer-benchmarking

  •  Communication experts to work on Impact Compendiums

  •  PAN-India Presence

  •  Native call centre for data collection [during COVID scenario]

  •  Track record of timely completion of large-scale assessment studies [6-8 weeks]

Thematic Areas

We develop solutions to systems problems that have massive implications for our collective future, and we work primarily within nine focus areas.

Projects Done So Far

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"CSRBOX as a team mingled seamlessly with the Lupin Human Welfare and Research Foundation (LHWRF) team to evaluate the legacy programs of the Foundation in Bharatpur and Dhule. They got a very balanced and nuanced perspective of the programs through interaction with team members constantly depicting due respect for internal assessment and bringing in completely unbiased approach as an external agency. The communication with the organization at different levels and feedback mechanism was strong which ensured an efficient process and a timely delivery".

Tushara Shankar
Head- Corporate Social Responsibility, Lupin Limited
Lupin Human Welfare and Research Foundation

Our Team

Bhomik Shah
Managing Trustee NGOBOX & CSRBOX

Lakshana Asthana
Sr. Manager Social Impact

Nishita Mehta
Sr. Fellow - CEO's Office

Namrata Mishra
Manager CSR Programs

Srishti Malik
Manager- Social Impact and Partnerships

Divyakshi Khale
Associate Consultant, CSR

Sharvari Parikh
Deputy Manager CSR Projects

Dr Smita Ghosh
Consultant - Education

Prathamesh Kharat
Consultant - CSR & Social Impact

Archana Masih
Manager - Communications

Manasi Diwan
Lead Consultant

Manoviraj Singh
Senior Consultant CSR and Government Practice

Jitesh Rathi
Consultant Livelihoods

Debasish Sahu
Consultant Livelihoods

Chahat Baweja
Associate Consultant CSR

Sushmita Das Gupta Dubey

Naina Yadav
Associate Consultant CSR

Gunjan Khandelwal
Sr. Research Associate

Srishti Yashlaha
Associate Consultant Healthcare and Nutrition

Dhawani Shah
Manager - Impact Research and Analytics

Moinak Goswami
Consultant - CSR & Social Impact

Rittika Gattani
Associate Consultant

Ashuva Shuziini
Consultant- CSR and Impact Practice

Nidhi Joshi
Associate Consultant - CSR

Nilanjana Lahiri
Fellow- CEO's Office

Anusha Mehra
Sr. Project Associate

Prodipto Deb
Associate Consultant

Get In Touch

Contact Details:-

Manasi Diwan - Lead Consultant
Email: manasi@csrbox.org
Mob. 8826655202

Shilpi Jain - Lead-Partnerships
Email: shilpi@csrbox.org
Mob. 9560352170

Lakshana Asthana - Sr. Manager-Social Impact
Email: Lakshana@csrbox.org
Mob. 8826655202