‘Share Your Care’ a program of Bhaktivedanta Hospital, a project of Sri Chaitanya Seva Trust

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March 19, 2020

‘Share Your Care’ a program of Bhaktivedanta Hospital, a project of Sri Chaitanya Seva Trust

Eye Care Program

Sri Chaitanya Seva Trust is a public charitable trust, established in 1991. Since then it has been working for various Community Welfare Services for the poor and the needy spectrum of the Rural & Tribal population of Maharashtra and Uttar Pradesh. The trust focuses on HELP (Health, Empowerment, Livelihood & Program development) for the disadvantaged. They offer care & compassion to the people in need, irrespective of their caste, creed, nationality, race or religion.


A project initiated by Sri Chaitanya Seva Trust “Share Your Care”, which focuses on developments, programs and causes in the healthcare sector. The main objective is to offer free of cost, concessional and reasonable health care services to the needy.


Good health is vital to leading a better lifestyle. Fit populations of a country live longer, are more productive, and thus makes a significant contribution to economic progress. But seeing to our inability to provide affordable healthcare to the majority of the population, a group of young dedicated medical professionals, in 1992, realised the fact that rural India was in dire need of basic health care. Considering this as a Divine Calling, these doctors took this opportunity to serve humanity. Their care and compassion led to the foundation of ‘Share Your Care’. Share Your Care is a community relief & project development wing of Bhaktivedanta Hospital, a project of Sri Chaitanya Seva Trust.


With the support of few industrialists, a small nursing home was first started at Mira Road, Thane District, later on, it was named as ‘Bhaktivedanta Hospital’. Since its inception from 11th January 1998, the hospital-owned by Sri Chaitanya Seva Trust has been rendering various Community Health Programmes that has heartened many lives and brought back the smile on their faces. The personal touch and trained staffs, backed by modern technologies, with a unique blend of spiritual and emotional care, makes it a Hospital with a difference. Serving with dedication, Share Your Care pledges, ‘Let Not Humanity Suffer’. Share Your Care is devoted to giving back to society.


The vision of Share Your Care is to serve humanity by providing affordable & quality health care by offering free & concessional medical treatment to the needy sections of the society. Their mission is to offer everyone a modern, scientific, holistic health-care service based on the true awareness and understanding of the needs of the body, mind and the soul. Serving in devotion with a sense of responsibility & contributing towards sustainable community health care development in the society is the value that Share Your Care seeks for.


For the past two decades, Share Your Care has been involved in:


  1. Identifying the healthcare needs of the community
  2. Providing healthcare services to the needy
  3. Determining project feasibility & work towards self-sustainability
  4. Involving partners for the project development activities of the hospital
  5. Supporting patients through sponsorships.
  6. Monitoring & evaluation of projects
  7. Statutory compliance as per Government norms
  8. Creating sustainable healthcare models for different communities

Since inception around 5,77,639 patients have been screened and 80,643 patients got operated under Eye Care Projects. Under Cancer Care project screening of 75,003 patients and operation of 2,560 patients have been done. ‘Care Giver Program’, a program aimed for training and employment to Youths/ School Drop-outs/ Widows, etc have benefitted to more than 457 students. All these have been the major project achievements of Bhaktivedanta Hospital since its beginning.


Bhaktivedanta Hospital & Research Institute, a project of the Sri Chaitanya Seva Trust, NABH Accredited Multi-specialty hospital, turned 22 years old on 11th January 2020. They serve a population of appx.5.6 million in the western suburbs of Mumbai and in the Rural & Tribal areas of Thane & Palghar districts.


The main CSR Projects & Programmes that the organization is implementing for last 2 years are Eye, Cancer, Cardiac, Kidney (Dialysis), Hospice & Palliative Care, Senior Citizen, School Children Care and Care Giver Program. This project runs under Sri Chaitanya Seva Trust for Rural & Tribal population of Maharashtra and Uttar Pradesh.


To name a few, BPCL, SBI Foundation, IIFL, Help India, New India Assurances, Bajaj Group, Lions Club of Juhu, INGRAM, BENZO CHEM, MGL have been major CSR funding partner for ‘Share Your Care’ project of Sri Chaitanya Seva Trust.


Share Your Care continuously strives to bridge the gap between the haves and the have not in the society by efficiently & effectively channelizing the resources which will bring positive changes at the grass-root level. With love and devotion, Share Your Care offers everyone a modern, scientific, holistic health-care service.


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