“EnteEdakkad”- An end-to-end waste management project
“EnteEdakkad”- An end-to-end waste management project

By auther pic. Smita Singh

January 21, 2020

“EnteEdakkad”- An end-to-end waste management project

Working of “EnteEdakkad”

“The most significant reason for waste management is the protection of the environment and the health of the population.” This was high time when residents of Edakkad implicated it. Edakkad, a village 33 km away from Kozhikode Airport in the state of Kerala.


Realizing that clean-up drives and sophisticated equipmentremove litters and are also useful but their contribution is mostly symbolic butnot sustainable.  The experience in the fieldof waste management for more than a decade taught them that needed much morethan just symbolic or fancy movements to resolve the problem. A decentralized,people-driven and the holistic method were necessary to address the root of theproblem and to find a sustainable cure for this menace. Thus, Edakkad, a ward selectedfor a model waste management initiative to demonstrate to the world that ‘EnteEdakkad’ is not just a distant dream but an experimented sustainable solution.


It was 28th February 2018 when the project titled “EnteEdakkad” was stimulated. It was an end-to-end waste management project for managing waste in 2,000 plus households of the Edakkad Ward of Kozhikode. The project aims to save Kozhikode, especially the village ‘Edakkad’ from the hazards of waste and promote ‘Green Living’ among the people.


As it is known that Kozhikode is famed for its savories, and it is indeed a scenic city where people live peacefully and thus is considered as one of the best areas to reside in India. Kozhikode has got everything, there is affection, hostility, good food, and climate. The only thing that is challenging is waste management and if this issue is solved, Kozhikode will forsooth be a beautiful place to live in.


This project was initiated by Air India Expressunder its CSR Scheme and is implemented by Mathrubhumi Printing & Publishing Co Ltd. The project aims to invent demonstrable waste management solutions for the State of Kerala and Edakkad ward was the first to implement the pilot project. In order to make the city of Kozhikode a beautiful place to live, the people of Edakkad showed great support and has joined together to be a part of the initiative.


Mathrubhumi has been implementing 'EnteEdukad' project in collaboration with Air India Express for the last one and a half years. Every household in the Edakkad ward is treated according to its characteristics and the entire area is disposed of Biotechnologists and project coordinators visit each home to study and provide suggestions and assistance for waste management.


Earlier to the initiation of the project, a Wall Graffiti drive was initiated on 12th May 2018 to spread awareness among people of Edakkad ward about the project. 40 children from the locality and 18 artists from Mathrubhumi, led this initiative. As part of this initiative, they painted 14walls with graffiti on the theme of ‘Green Living’.


17th May 2018, was the day when EnteEdakkad project was formally launched by Dr. K.T. Jaleel, (Hon’ble Minister for Local Self Government, and Government of Kerala, 2018).


Under this scheme, the Edakkad ward is divided into 16 Residents’ Associations and 4 areas, for smooth execution. Then the waste generated in each of the households in Edakkad is segregated and then treated in a scientific manner. Green technicians, bio-technicians and project coordinators engaged by EnteEdakkad on full-time basis visit the households to help them identify the best available method for a bio-degradable waste management system. They collect non-biodegradable waste directly from households and ensure that they are clean and dry. By now, 50 tons of Non-biodegradable materials including 25,719 kgs of Plastic, 6,178.40 kgs of Clothes, 8,588.30 kgs glass materials, 280 kgs of e-waste, 757.30 kgs of biomedical waste and 8,410 kgs of miscellaneous materials have been collected and sent for recycling and treatment.


An awareness campaign is being carried out through ‘Shuchikkoottam’- a green volunteer group comprising 2000+ households to make the village clean and garbage-free. The project costs Rs 47 Lakh per year and is planned for three years of time duration. The project aims to convert the place as zero pollution zone.


Mr. K. Soman, Oruma Residents’ Association, Edakkad says that “EnteEdakkad project develops a culture ofOrganic farming among the stakeholders by giving us proper training andencouragement. Management of non-biodegradable waste was a herculean taskbefore the implementation of this project. After the implementation of thisproject, we have a considerable reduction in non-biodegradable waste and we arenow equipped with the management of as well”.


The project of Mathrubhumi and Air India Express has appointed a team of experts in waste management. Employees across Mathrubhumi, irrespective of the position they hold, from Managers to factory workers, all are involved in the implementation of the projects.EnteEdakkad project involved every stakeholder – citizens, NGOs, Residents Associations, Self-help groups, Local administration, Police and People’s elected representatives.


A core group meeting is conducted every month to review and evaluate progress.  Green Technicians regularly visit the households to motivate public for their active participation. A project office is also set up at the ward for the smooth functioning.


This unique project, first of its kind through public-private participation for end-to-end Waste Management in Edakkad Ward. It is designed to undertake the mounting garbage hazard in Kozhikode district. The project “EnteEdakkad” has long term objective of formulating an exemplary waste management solution for the entire state of Kerala. Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns. By 2030, it aims to substantially reduce waste generation through prevention, reduction, recycling and re-use.


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