Initiatives to Enhance & Empower the Country
Initiatives to Enhance & Empower the Country

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April 6, 2019

 Initiatives to Enhance & Empower the Country

Conducting vocational training programs to empower girls

In the rural parts of India, most pressing needs of the communities are access to quality education, good health and clean water. As a leading global chemical producer company, Huntsman recognises its responsibility to enhance the quality of life and economic well being of communities around its facilities and society at large. Enhancing early childhood education in pre primary schools more commonly known as Anganwadis, promoting education for girls through distribution of bicycles and home visits, empowering adolescents with life skills education and vocational training are some of the ways the company is addressing the basic needs through Corporate Social Responsibility.


Daxaben Solanki, Anganwadi Worker of Dabhasa village says “The Company has improved the conditions of Anganwadis. It has provided racks to keep toys and learning aids to facilitate activity based learning. The company sent representatives to train all Anganwadi teachers every month including sessions on how to narrate stories to children and how to teach children to learn rhymes. Currently the Anganwadi conducts various activity based learning sessions for children between 11 AM to 2 PM.”



Kajal, a schoolgirl shares her experience “Since my childhood, I am very fond of learning, but the school in our village is upto 8th standard. So now my fate is farming only. Madam from the company came to my house to counsel my parents. After that my parents allowed me to study further. The company also gifted me and the other girls a bicycle and now I go to Dabhasa English Medium School on the same bicycle.”


A dream of new world can now be seen in the eyes of the twenty two girls who have been empowered to go to high school.


19 Anganwadis in nearby 4 villages have improved the quality of education since the launch of Anandi in 2011.


Science Labs have been developed in schools to make learning more engaging. A computer teacher has been appointed in each of the schools to facilitate e learning as part of the Anandi initiative. They also provide Life Skills Education to over 200 adolescents every month. The school dropout girls learn more about reproductive health. Life skills workshop enables these girls to take better decisions in life.


Jyotsna, a school dropout recalls her experience and says” One day, madam from the company came to meet my mother and told us about the Life Skills session for girls. From the knowledge I gained after coming to the session, I decided that I will not get married before I am 18 years old”.


Different vocational training programs are conducted to empower girls. With skills like bag making, sewing, crochet weaving some are able to earn a living but all of them celebrate the spirit of independence in their group.


The CSR Team at Huntsman proactively engages with stakeholders and there is a constant and open dialogue with them seeking and welcoming their feedback to meet the local needs of communities.


Pravinbhai Makwana, Sarpanch Luna village says “Huntsman International Private Limited has constructed a   RCC underground water tank of 500 KL capacity in Luna village. As a result of this initiative, there will be surplus drinking water for many generations to come. The storage capacity provided by the Gujarat State Water board was very little, water was also wasted. Because of this initiative, that water will not be wasted now”.


A larger need of being able to make life for families around the world has helped them to take initiatives in the area of clean drinking water and animal husbandry. Huntsman provides clean drinking water to residents outside its gates. It has helped by giving funds install a reverse osmosis system. 6200 villagers of Umraya village now have access to potable drinking water.



The Company conducts regular trainings to educate women dairy farmers about good animal husbandry practices. Equipped knowledge of making organic fertilizers ‘Jivamrut’ these women are progressing better lives.


Savita Ben, a dairy farmer of Umraya village says she is grateful to the company to take her and other women dairy farmers on a trip to Valasan. On their visit, they saw the ideal stable of cattle keeper who started with 3 buffaloes and now has 30 buffaloes.


After returning, we levelled the land of our stable, made proper drain for buffalo urine and bathe our buffaloes twice a day. We are thankful to the company for helping us to learn these best practices.


In the spirit of their vision they see a better world. Huntsman Vadodara is helping to build a better future for local communities.


19 Anganwadis, 84 schools. Over 200 adolescents, around 2000 children, around 1000 families in 4 villages have benefitted since the launch of Anandi initiative in 2011.


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