AcSELerate growth with Learning Curve

By auther pic. Hiral Badiyani

May 12, 2022

AcSELerate growth with Learning Curve

Learning Curve

In India, we have this popular saying, 'One who is just book smart may not be smart at all.' This is where we can understand that focusing only on educating the children might not guarantee a happy and bright future for them. There are a lot of efforts being undertaken to inform children first. It is understandable to focus first on what is primary. But, with Learning Curve, the approach is quite simple actually; if they are working on something, why leave it halfway. 

Learning Curve Life Skills Foundation is a non-profit organization established in 2016 to aim for the overall development of children. They focus on children from under-resourced backgrounds and help them be emotionally balanced, socially responsible, and make informed choices to take a better path in their life. This program is essentially known as the acSELerate program. 

As a part of this program, Learning Curve takes up the following activities:

  • Workshops for teachers on their social-emotional skills 
  • Providing teachers with material, curriculum on SEL, lesson plans, and engagement toolkit 
  • Monthly visits to partner schools to support teachers in the classrooms 
  • Training workshops for school administrators on building conducive learning environments 
  • Conducting parent awareness workshops on child behavior and how to create nurturing environments at home 
  • Providing parents with progress reports on their child's social-emotional skills 
  • The sessions conducted under this program are called 'Ready for the world.' The benefit of these sessions can be visible in the student's personality over a more extended period. One such student is Airpula Akshara. She is an energetic, cheerful girl from standard 9th studying in KGBV Tandur school. During one of the encounters, Akshara said that she had observed the change in her own behavior over the 2 years that she has been attending these 'Ready for the World' sessions. She has better control over her temper and understands perspectives. While interacting with her parents, they agreed that they see a more understanding, adaptable, and positive side of Akshara. 


    Akshara described these sessions as unique and said that they interested her due to their practical nature. They are conducted twice a week, and they have various stickers and badges as acknowledgments for the students. Akshara received a Superstar badge in one such instance, and she said that it gave her confidence and made her feel responsible and appreciated. 

    These classes usually start with an energizer, a few of them being 'add an adjective to your name' or 'what color would you want to bring to the classroom?'. These classes include activities in group and talking about struggles and how to overcome them, managing conflicts, understanding different viewpoints, etc., gradually. It creates a safe space for students to share things with their teachers in a non-judgemental environment. 


    Over and above these sessions for the kids, Learning Curve Foundation also has a few seminars and webinars for teachers. These Lead Well webinars have inspired and helped many teachers during the lockdown. One such teacher is Ch. Manjula. She took these webinars are has seen a drastic difference in herself. She said that her family appreciated how well she managed through the financial crisis and stressed exceptionally calmly during the lockdown conditions. She also took creative skills and critical thinking webinars and helped the neighborhood teachers. 

    In one of her reviews, she said that the training sessions were great help with her social and emotional skills. This training is essential for children as well as adults, and she could see notable changes in her behavior as well as few of her students.

    Since its inception in 2016, Learning Curve Foundation started this exceptional work in Telangana. They have tied up with public schools in Telangana to implement the same. The program has positively impacted more than 1.3 lakh students, 2700 teachers, and 50,000 parents from 525 public schools in 11 districts.

    The impact of the AcSELerate program can be demonstrably proven through the following metrics: 

  • Over 45% of teachers mapped a level-up in their social-emotional skills
  • More than 65% of students mapped a level-up in their social-emotional skills 
  • 74% of these schools showed an improvement in their school environment 
  • Almost 70% of parents reported improvements in their children's social-emotional skills 
  • The program offered a 28% improvement in classroom engagement over 1 year 
  • School administrators reported higher levels of engagement between teachers, students, and parents 

    Learning Curve's AcSELerate Program is the only one that integrates a multi-stakeholder approach in India, and they intend to continue taking it far and wide. Moreover, this Learning Curve program has received many recognitions for its exceptional work. It was selected amongst the Top 13 most impactful SEL programs globally by hundrED and The Lego Foundation. They also received Sakshi Media's Excellence in Education Awards in 2019 and 2020. Additionally, Learning Curve is an active member of the Global Collective on SEL (UNESCO-MGIEP) and a Solutions Partner for UNICEF-YuWaah on Life Skills. It also acted as a design partner for the AP government in designing and rolling out Anand Vedika, the SEL

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