Addressing the learning outcomes in children through effective intervention at scale in Peepul

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July 25, 2022

Addressing the learning outcomes in children through effective intervention at scale in Peepul


Visioning Impact at Scale at Peepul 

In 2020, the Government of Madhya Pradesh and Peepul partnered to conceptualize, design and implement the CM Rise Teacher Professional Development Programme. Their objective: is to create a holistic learning ecosystem for the 2,65,000+ teachers in the state, to help them navigate the current and future times, and empower them to be effective last-mile support, counsellors, and educators for their students and their families. The programme was launched across all the 52 districts in the state of Madhya Pradesh. 

The programme has been impacting more than 9 million students across Madhya Pradesh’s ~100,000 government schools by the following approaches:

  • Equipping teachers and education officials with the skills and knowledge required to support children 
  • Creating an ecosystem of continued development for teachers that is personalized, need-based, and supports societal and academic goals, to build a more aware, capable, and resilient teacher workforce for the future.
  • Building the intervention effectiveness with the government

    A key component of the CM Rise Teacher Professional Development Programme is the Digital Teacher Training, which leverages the national platform DIKSHA, of the Ministry of Education. 

    One of the reasons the programme has been successful is the approach of keeping the training, as they call it, #LightButRight. They curate/create bite-sized, modular training courses for the teachers, that are linked to the needs and realities of the teacher. These comprise videos, audio clips, and readings, leveraging their deep education expertise​. It also emphasised choosing high-criticality topics like home-based learning, the mental health of teachers and students, and foundational literacy and numeracy. Every course is built in close collaboration with state subject experts and Teacher Education Institutes. ​

    By setting guidelines and standards for the course creation, they looked to enable wider collaboration in the ecosystem. As of July 2022, the CM Rise Teacher Professional Development Programme has launched 50+ CM Rise digital training courses on DIKSHA platform, including 23 state need-specific modules, 18 modules of the national NISHTHA 1.0 training, and 12 NISHTHA 3.0 FLN (part of the NIPUN Bharat mission of Government of India).

    Beyond the Digital Training Courses, the joint programme team in Madhya Pradesh is also currently building and strengthening a core team of more than 520 Key Resource Persons across the state, with the objective of decentralizing teacher support interventions and providing on-ground mentoring.  

    Supporting the idea of cross-learning after completing the courses, Professional Learning Communities are also being established, under the name of “Shaikshik Samwad.” These act as a critical platform for teachers to discuss academic learning and ways of implementing learning in the classroom to bring a shift in teaching practices and positively impact learning outcomes.

    The best practices of teachers, as a direct result of the programme, have been codified into various forms, to recognise good work and nudge action among teacher peers. These are shared under the brand of Humare Shikshak Humare Prernastroth (Our Teachers, Our Inspiration): teachers’ learnings have been shared by the state government to showcase even the most granular impact on the field. It has been a source of learning for all education stakeholders in the state.

    Another important aspect was debottlenecking field issues and creating feedback mechanisms. This involved setting up robust feedback mechanisms and support structures to enable issue debottlenecking – directly and through partnerships​ and establishing methods and SOPs for decentralised technical support to teachers (e.g., through block MIS teams)​. It also ensured targeted support to low-performing districts.

    Receiving Accolades Globally

    A key milestone for the CM Rise Teacher Professional Development Programme was winning the “Commonwealth Education Award 2022” for “Rethinking Education for Innovation”. The programme was recognised and rewarded for overcoming the insurmountable obstacles, having implemented innovative and practical solutions to overcome challenges faced especially during  times of pandemic, but has created a space for discovery which is an opportunity for lakhs of teachers to uncover and share methods, strategies, and tools that could help transform and impact student learning outcomes. The programme interventions were applauded for their feasibility and scale which can be replicated across the Commonwealth countries that face similar challenges in their education system.

    The programme was also featured in the Youth Solutions Report 2020 by the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network.

    Peepul’s legacy and beyond

    The journey started of Peepul started with one school with nine children and now runs five programmes across New Delhi and Madhya Pradesh that impacts more than 9.4 million students working with 270,000 teachers in more than 100,000 schools in partnership with the government. The impact at scale surely displays the effectiveness of the interventions implemented by the programmes across two geographies.

    Peepul has been recognised by leading institutions such as the Commonwealth Secretariat, Ministry of Education (GOI), The World Bank, Niti Aayog, and the United Nations. Peepul also has partnerships with philanthropic and global corporations that share the same drive.

    Peepul is motivated to continue to work at scale to ensure that access to education is not a privilege but a right for every child.

    You can find out more about Peepul’s work on their website: www.peepulindia.org


    Snapshot of the announcement by the winning Commonwealth Education Award for “Rethinking Innovation in Education 

    Snapshot of the Gratitude Note by Kruti Bharucha, Founder &CEO Peepul  





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