Affordable Classroom Solution that can increase learning outcomes!

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August 19, 2019

Affordable Classroom Solution that can increase learning outcomes!

Use of Class Saathi solution showed a 10% improvement in the attendance and an 8% increase in learning outcomes, Pilot test, Varanasi

In recent times, India has made significant progress in the area of access to schooling and notable strides in elementary education. With flagship programmes like Sarva Shiksha Abhiyaan and Right to Education by Government of India, the elementary education has received a significant boost. Despite all these effort, high dropout rates and low classroom learning still prevails and remains a challenge for the state and the central government.


A smart technology platform is needed to address the above mentioned issue. While aiming at outstanding elementary education and elevated learning levels of students of Government schools, technology interventions in the classroom can be the key. This is where Class Saathi comes in. Class Saathi is a smart clicker solution that uses minimal technology, complements the existing classroom infrastructure and helps increase classroom learning & engagement.


Class Saathi offers a way for teachers to manage the classroom better by engaging students while getting a constant feedback on their progress. This two-way interactive education would not only be harnessed for the holistic development of teachers but also provide enhanced learning experience for the students. It has components involving the mobile app for the teachers and clicker for the students which infuses substantial focus to the students through increased participation and attendance in the class.


The focus remains on elementary schools as this is the stage to begin nurturing the young minds. A deeper insight into the teaching methods showed the limitations to student-teacher interaction. The current teaching methods limited the interaction to only a small portion of the students, while the rest of the class remained ignored. There ought to be a two-way platform which enables teacher to connect virtually with every single student in the class. Hence, Class Saathi was conceived – a system based on the ideology of helping teachers to be effective in their work, improving the quality and relevance of classroom instruction, and making quantifiable and measurable progress towards improving efficiency during classroom teaching.


The Class Saathi solution helps in giving each student a voice through the clickers, helps teachers do quick assessment to assist slow learners and helps parents play active role in kids’ learning journey. It ensures hassle-free virtual link between students, teachers and parents which could be translated into quick attendance and real-time monitoring of class performance by statistical data analysis. The digital study content of the app is dynamically designed so it could be harnessed for bottom-up learning of students by engaging them with tools like quizzing.


The Pilot:

Taghiveand Progressive Foundation conducted a pilot study in selected 20 schools in Chiraigaon block of Varanasi district, with over 1000 students and 50 teachers to test the real time viability of Class Saathi program. The schools were selected based on their socio-economic structure. The principals, teachers and the students were open to using new learning methods. The outcome of the study showed –

  • Increased classroom engagement
  • Hassle-free attendance
  • Easy assessment of students through statistics
  • Improved learning outcomes through quizzes.

    Teacher conducting a Quiz session using the Class Saathi app on her mobile phone, Pilot test, Varanasi


    Ms. Neetu Rai, Teacher, UPS Sarsaul says - ‘Using clickers to answer quiz is improving the IQ level of kids. Since this was the first time for the kids, their interest levels to use them are quite high.’


    Talking about the effectiveness, Ms. Kiran Kanti Verma, Principal, UPS Chirargaon says –‘Since the introduction of the Class Saathi, we have seen a lot of change in the kids. Due to this app, science and maths teachers are teaching with increased interest and kids are also showing a lot of enthusiasm. Kids attend school daily and are telling their friends about the app and those kids with less attendance have also started coming regularly.’

    Students excited to use Class Saathi Clickers in class, Pilot test, Varanasi


    Showcasing her enthusiasm for using Class Saathi, a student says – ‘We love using the clickers during class hours. Ever since we received the clickers everyone wants to come to school more often. Giving attendance has become much faster than before and the time we save can be used for studying more. We are really enjoying using the clicker for learning. We have these 4 buttons for choosing our options during quiz and there is a fifth button we can press if we don’t know the answer. We also have the Yes/No for governance questions. There’s the green ‘Help’ button; sometimes if we do not understand what our teacher is teaching, she will ask us to press the ‘Help’ button.’


    The outcomes from the pilot test are truly motivating. A 10% improvement in the attendance and an 8% increase in learning outcomes was seen. These outcomes open new horizons towards the development of advanced learning methods, and are sufficient enough to keep TagHive motivated to keep working on classroom solutions for the betterment of students, teachers & parents around the world.


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