An effort towards bringing about change in sustainable manner

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June 11, 2019

An effort towards bringing about change in sustainable manner

Provision of safe drinking water

This is a story about water. And it takes us to Badundiya and Modwa villages in Gogunda Block, Udaipur, Rajasthan. These villages have suffered from the scarcity of water for as long as they can remember. Rains would come in as blessings for a few days. But leave with the curse of dried barren land through the rest of the year. And this was the condition year after year.


In their quest to bring about a difference, DCB Bank decided to help the villagers overcome adversities together. Their objective was to bring about a change that would help the villages flourish and work towards climate change mitigation but in a sustainable manner. With the assistance of their onground partners, they took on the challenge to execute this initiative. First, they worked on soil conservation and water; next localities we involved, committees formed and provided them with the training in adaptive scientific farming techniques to step up their livelihood opportunities.


Most importantly, provision for drinking water was made for everyone. These changes made way for better irrigation, agriculture and animal husbandry. The people in Badundiya and Modwa were now in a position to sustain themselves with a stable livelihood.


Valuram Gamethi, Modwa Village, Rajasthan says –‘The condition of our village used to be unpleasant. There was not enough farming to sustain. There used to be enough water during the rains but it would dry out once the summers started. That left us with no way for cultivation of summer crops. So we had to move out for petty jobs in the cities. We were not paid enough for the jobs we did in the cities.’


Then came in the onground partners of DCB Bank. They helped the villagers in making trenches on the hills. For 4 days villagers volunteered for ‘Shramdaan’; dug trenches on the hills. Water is absorbed by the soil through trenches, thus preventing water run-off. It helps both the ground and well water levels to rise; also the water is available for longer period of time.


Previously, they had to walk long distances to fetch water. Now water is available in the village itself for drinking, for cattle etc. They don’t have to go out of the village for water. It is available at their home. The institution has helped them in making a composite pit. So the villagers are now able to produce fertilizers at home and have stopped the use of artificial fertilizers.


Valuram adds – ‘I have planted 35 trees of lemon and mango for which I have used drip irrigation technique. Drip irrigation helps us save water as well.’


Talking about the initiative, Mr. GyanPrakash – WOTR Foundation says – ‘We have worked on both Badundiya and Modwa village for a span of 4 years. In these 4 years, we have worked upon 450 hectares of land for watershed development, which includes digging trenches, plantation and desilting of ponds. We also worked on deepening of the old Anicuts. Villagers used to buy fodder for the cattle earlier, today they’ve started selling it. Due to availability of water, they could cultivate more and earn more.’



Soil conservation on irrigated and un - irrigated land and drainage line treatment has significantly helped to conserve rainwater. The villages over the years have developed further. The combined effort by DCB Bank and the implementing agencies have resulted in 22 hectares of barren land covered to help conserve water; More than 50 farmers supported and 20 farmers trained, and 7,500 trees being planted.


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