Ashok Leyland redefining education through Road to School CSR Project
Ashok Leyland redefining education through Road to School CSR Project

By auther pic. Anamitra Sarkhel

August 19, 2019

Ashok Leyland redefining education through Road to School CSR Project

Medical Check up for School Children

Green fields with blue sky in the backdrop and a bunch of young vibrant faces having the best of time playing is indeed a joyous site. But the shine in their eyes could be sparkling with more glitter and their smile made wider with a dash of basic sharpening skills instilled within them through the gift of education. Yes to make smiles broader and eyes speaking the enlightenment within, Ashok Leyland has dreamt it big. The dream comprises of lightening up the souls of the fraction of the future army of our country, who otherwise are not so privileged hereditarily. The dream encompassing the aim of impacting substantially to lighten up the path to future through the means called education. Imagine the most untouched corner of your home. One fine day the drive to cleaning up the area could actually lead to the discovery of a long lost favourite poem. Yes the dream also includes the search of such a rhythmic poem from the most rural corner of the country. The drive to eradicate the gap between wish to study and scope to enlightenment is what the CSR is aiming to carry out in the rural area of Hosur. Just like a mother takes care of the timely arrival of meals and water for her children, the CSR makes it a point to be a helping hand to all those rural mothers coercion with the duty to leave home early in the morning for work through the responsibility of providing breakfast and clean water at school. Just like a parent holds the hand of the weak offspring and helps him improve and grow protected from the attack of the word, the Road to School tries to do the same. The purpose of the program can be put simply as the commencement of a journey and including more & more companions bright and clear and with smiling faces. 


Among the various establishment of the Hinduja Group, Ashok Leyland requires a special mention not only because of its remarkable performance and position as a crown jewel company but also because of its contribution to the society through the corporate social responsibility (CSR) programme. Headquartered in Chennai, the well established solution provider in the domain of automobile is renowned and is proudly holding the second position as the producer of commercial vehicles in the country of India. As far as the dedication to contribute to society is concerned Ashok Leyland has been involved and is an active player in corporate social responsibility for over a decade. It concentrates on development in the domain of education, health, environment and infrastructure.


One teacher for every hundred students


The Road to School Project, a CSR, finds its origin way back in the year 2015. In collaboration with the Department of Education, Government of Tamil Nadu, Ashok Leyland choose to elevate the quality of primary and middle education in government schools in and around the Hosur area, which happens to be the company’s manufacturing unit location. The reason for such a choice of the area can be understood through the fact that Hosur is home to a large population of skilled and semi skilled workers. A focus on uprising the educational parameter is crucial for the generation of future well skilled workforce. The decision to allocate the company’s CSR fund in 36 shortlisted schools in the area came thereafter. Preliminary investigation revealed the realms; like subordinate literacy rate, extremely grave deficiency of teaching stuff, improper infrastructure; demanding immediate action. Thus the holistic program of Road to School to improve the education & health condition essentially aimed firstly to enhance learning experience particularly for middle and primary school through the implementation of sustainable & climbable model and secondly to nourish scholastic and co-scholastic avenues for government school students.


In addition to education the CSR also focuses on the condition of hygiene & health, elimination of hunger and provision of clean drinking water. Over the years the umbrella has spread rapidly with 36 schools on 2015 to 72 additional schools in 2016 to 45 more schools in 2017 and another 182 schools in 2018. Thus the total coverage is numbered at 333 schools, with around 31000 beneficiaries, at present. Another project called “Saksham” works on extending educational support, health & hygiene consciousness and development of community. Ashok Leyland makes it a point to set up gratuitous health check up camps. Such checkups take place at regular interval. Treatment facility is also extended to children suffering from chronic diseases. It aims to spread awareness relating to various health related issues. All the schools under the program of Road to School are facilitated with complementary nutritious breakfast for the students. Around 32000 students benefit from the breakfast scheme and are able to start the day with full stomach. Moreover, attention is paid to various sports and all round physical & mental development programmes.


Ashok Leyland believes that an all round psychological development of a child not only demand good education but alongside sports and music. Chennai based organisation named Rhapsody which works on cultivating the methodology of enlightenment through the infusion of music is a partner with Road to School Project. They are in charge of making the children absorb the realms of music. The well celebrated sports institution of Bangalore city called the Sports Village Foundation is a companion too. They have voluntarily taken part in help tap the hidden talent among the young stars. Various other infrastructural requirements of the children at school are also being intricately taken care of by Ashok Leyland. They make it a point that the schools are adequately supplied with items like RO water purifiers, tube lights, fans, note books & water bottles for the children. Renovation of school buildings and proper & clean washroom construction has also been carried out by the company.


With an investment amount of around 18.57 crore rupees, the impact of the CSR called Road to School Project has been unparallel. Enhancement in enlightenment among students studying between standard 2 to 8 has been around 15% to 30%. A minimum of 1200 students have shifted from the private schools to enrol themselves in the Project. The Project has been successful in creating job opportunity to about 300 youth in the form of teachers, project & health coordinators and managerial stuffs, especially in the rural and remote areas. The percentage of students dropping out has reduced by 20%. The health and hygiene condition has elevated by a good figure of 70%. Out of the 600 students of class 8 participating in National Means and Merits Scholarship from the beneficiary schools, 94 students have successfully passed the Scholarship program and have been entitled to a monthly stipend of 500 rupees for 4 years as a means to support and sustain their higher education.



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