Be Safe, Be Smart

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May 23, 2019

Be Safe, Be Smart


Auto Industry shares 7.1% of India’s GDP and is one of the largest in the world. BMW India is part of BMW Worldwide brand which has 100 years old history. It also has a plant locally in Chennai where the product is made in India for the Indian market.


As an automobile manufacturer, BMW Group India firmly believes that it’s not enough just to focus on passive and active safety in the vehicle, but also promote road safety in the society. With ‘Be Safe, Be Smart’ program, they reach out to schools, and spread awareness about road safety in an engaging manner that excited the young audience, while also assessing their learning with a pre and post evaluation.


Milena Pighli, CSR Department, BMW AG says – ‘We think it is not enough to just focus safety into the car but also promote road safety into the society.’



Classroom Module-

Be safe, Be smart is a 120-min program which has been divided into two parts of 60 minutes each. Before the actual start of interaction with the students, the facilitators give them the pre-test to assess the kind of information that they already have. This knowledge helps to interact with the students in an age-appropriate way. The classroom session includes a game called ‘Simon Says’. It acts as a trigger for the students to understand that they were going to be with a program on road safety.


Throughout the workshop, the children are engaged. There is a lot of questioning and answers throughout the entire workshop. The children seem to be having fun and they do not realize that they are going through a learning process and they actually walk away with a great treasure trove of information.


Vinod Pandey – Director, Government & External Affairs, CSR says - ‘What is unique about the program is the fact that it’s not just confined to classroom coaching. We created a wonderful simulation track with miniature toy cars and bikes to let kids enjoy the ride and also reinforce their learning into their process.


Simulation Module –

When the children move from the classroom session to the simulation setup, every child is given a map with hospitals, schools, shopping malls, etc marked. So the child is given a situation where they have to move from Point A to Point B using a particular route according to their best knowledge. At the end of the program, students are given a post-test, and through that test, the assessment regarding the knowledge acquired by the students can be made.


The children completely understand that if one does not obey rules, you could hit another car. And the knowledge they acquire from this session would be retained for a very long time.


The special kids also got a chance to participate and learn what they could only teach the kids in the classroom. They were shown videos which gave them a visual-aid and they got to learn on-ground experimental learning.


When the children go back home, they talk to their parents, who are actually the drivers on the roads. The message will resonate with the entire parent’s community about following road safety measures. In the first two years of the program, more than 9000 students across schools in Delhi NCR attended the classroom sessions.



BMW Group is a corporate citizen and they have got a very strong road safety program globally. They are trying to adapt to the same in India. With the feedback that they are receiving, BMW will be scaling their operations phenomenally.


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