Blue Orb Foundation enriching the lives of children through value-based learning

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October 4, 2021

Blue Orb Foundation enriching the lives of children through value-based learning

Blue Orb Foundation

Disturbingly, a significant and rising percentage of children and adolescents in India suffer from mental health issues. A World Health Organisation (WHO) report released in 2017 revealed that one in four early teens in India suffers depression. 



In today’s fast-paced, competition-laden and t world, we struggle hard to achieve the best of everything, but the element of happiness remains missing. Very often unknown to us, our children today are under tremendous pressure from all sides. They are confused or simply do not know how to react and express their emotions in everyday situations, in the absence of a deeply embedded Value system. The lack of a strong carefully curated value education curriculum coupled with the factors of desolation; discontentment leaves our children vulnerable to a life full of constant unhappiness. However, if one learns to be happy with oneself, the stress levels reduce, and one develops a deeper insight not only of themselves but also of others. When all options started looking bleak for children, Blue Orb Foundation, an organization making value-based learning an integral part of young and developing minds, rolled up its sleeves and took on itself the responsibility to instill a Value system in children, which will guide them through these tough growing up times and stand by them through their lifetime.

The foundation’s Building Blocks are aimed at developing and strengthening a young mind’s Intelligence, Emotional and Spiritual Quotient. Its value education instills the foundations of ethical and cultural thinking in young people, enabling them to make the right decisions in life. The power to make the right judgment builds courage, which in turn leads to the development of unclouded foresight and clarity of vision.



Realizing the significance of value education, Blue Orb has taken Value Education to schools through its flagship curriculum - the “Poornata” program. It is an innovative, specialized, and interactive philosophy that focuses on imparting values to children in a fun and effective way. The module complements the efforts of parents and teachers to impart value education to children through a creative and specialized methodology making learning impactful, simple, fun, and forever.

The Curriculum is a unique combination of mindfulness, storytelling, activities, and expression, etc. Poornata curriculum consists of 10 core values i.e - Kindness, Respect, Gratitude, Courage, Humility, Integrity, Focus & Commitment, Trust, Love, and Peace.  Each value is shared in the form of stories, activities, and expression, and each component is conducted in four dimensions- Self, Family, Society, and Nature to get a full understanding of that value.



The main objective of the Poornata Program is to develop an understanding of Values among students. Some other objectives of the program are to develop self-awareness and mindfulness amongst students through mindfulness, stories, and activities; Building reflective and critical thinking abilities through the curriculum; Making students aware of their emotions through mindfulness which is an important aspect of the project; enabling learners to understand their expectations in relationships, develop empathy and ensure healthy relationships with peers & teachers through stories and activities; developing social awareness & human values in learners to engage in meaningful contribution in society; creating a joyful learning environment in the intervened schools; making students understand that no one is judging them. As a result, students will be able to communicate effectively. They can express themselves freely and openly without any hesitation and fear and they will be more motivated to attend school.

In early 2018, the foundation tied up with the Government of Delhi for designing and implementing the “Happiness Curriculum” across all government schools in New Delhi. The same was launched in Delhi by His Holiness Dalai Lama on the 2nd July 2018. The ‘Happiness Curriculum’ is a path-breaking and benchmark curriculum, which has been successfully running in all government schools in Delhi since 2018. As a result of their quality work, the foundation was approached by the Governments of Andhra Pradesh and Uttrakhand. For the Government of Andhra Pradesh, they designed a similar curriculum. The curriculum was named Ananda Vedika and was implemented in all Government schools in AP. They also trained the master trainers chosen by the state government. For the Government of Uttarakhand, customized and implemented the ‘Happiness Curriculum’ for all government schools in Uttarakhand the curriculum was launched with the name “Aandam Patthyacharya”. The same was launched by ex-Chief Minister Shri Trivendra Rawat Ji. On similar lines, the foundation launched a pilot project in Uttar Pradesh as Poornata Curriculum in 100 schools of Hapur and Bulandhshar, where students were taken through on 4 values i.e., Kindness, Integrity, Gratitude, and Trust. 



To measure the impact of the curriculum on the mentioned 4 values, it conducted a third-party impact assessment in collaboration with IIT Kharagpur, where they testified to the students on these 4 values and developed a comprehensive report on the same. It was found that the respondents from schools that received Poornata intervention predominantly showed an ethical attitude even when hypothetically placed in adverse or disadvantageous circumstances. Students from the intervened group of schools showed a deeper understanding of complex moral and behavioral situations compared to the non-intervened group, thus decisively displaying the traits of kindness, gratitude, trust, and integrity. Furthermore, they also reflected a higher degree of reliability, truthfulness, thoughtfulness, gratefulness, and voluntarism. Also, they were more observant and sensitive to the suffering of others.

Blue Orb Foundation aims to make value learning an integral part of young and developing minds. It tries to enrich the lives of children and young adults through a combination of skills like mindfulness, self-awareness, critical thinking, reflection, and inner stability. It inspires them to realize their full potential, focusing on their physical, emotional, and spiritual quotient.

Ms. Madhuri Mehta, CEO, Blue Orb Foundation says, "Instilling a robust value system is very essential to help children handle the vagaries of life with dignity and responsibility."

The foundation has received acknowledgment for its work from 4 state education departments as well as acknowledgment in state curriculum books of Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Delhi, and Uttarakhand. It is running Poornata as a self-funded project in 200 schools of Uttar Pradesh, where it has trained more than 400 schoolteachers on the Poornata Curriculum in the current academic year through a virtual platform. It has covered 85,374 schools in 5 states, benefitting more than 10 million students. To further expand its work in states, the foundation is looking for support from CSR organizations this year.

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