Bringing about a wave of Parivartan
Bringing about a wave of Parivartan

By auther pic. Jyoti

July 15, 2019

Bringing about a wave of Parivartan

Enhancing water availability in rural areas of Maharashtra

Wardha district is unpopularly known as one of the farmer suicide prone districts of Maharashtra. Crop cultivation is rain-dependent; prolonged dry spells during crop growth stage and consecutive droughts are regular phenomena. These result into constant crop failures. And all these conditions ultimately lead to unemployment and distressed migration.


In September 2015, HDFC Bank identified 5 needy villages from Arvi block. These villages are taken up for development under its CSR initiative ‘Parivartan’. HDFC Bank selected SIED as its implementing partner for the programme. SIED works with HDFC bank in 4 districts of Maharashtra where the project supports activities for Holistic Development of all sections of the society.



Construction of check dams and earthern nala bandhs


For holistic development of these villages, various activities are taken up. To enhance water availability, Farm Bunding on 925 acres and Continuous Counter Trenches on 90 acres have been completed. 21 check dams and 21 Earthen Nala Bandhs are constructed. Trainings and demonstrations for crop diversification and organic farming have been carried out, with promotions of drip and sprinkler irrigation being conducted for efficient water management.


Besides water, emphasize was also given on other social issues. Activities for community health improvement, digital education, livelihood promotion, and installation of solar street light, self-help group’s formation and others have been completed. The micro-planning paid off duly. The surface water storage and ground water level increased significantly in all these villages. Area under irrigation has increased by 449 acres in Kharif, 142 acres in Rabi, and 90 acres in summer seasons respectively.


Devidas Katade, Farmer, says – ‘Earlier the water from the nala used to flow away. Due to that, there was no water stored in the nala. HDFC Bank constructed a check dam, now the flowing water has stopped. Farmers are directly getting water and are benefitted. Village is getting sufficient water for drinking.’


Increase in water availability and timely inputs lead to diversify cropping patterns. This has increased crop productivity as expected. Productions of cotton and soya bean, which are major crops of this region, have been increased by 21 percent and 32 percent respectively. Vegetable production has doubled from its pre-project levels. In Rabi seasons, there is significant increase in production of chickpeas and wheat.


Due to availability of water, there is cultivation of vegetables and fodder crops during the summer season. As the result of project intervention, farming families are able to generate additional income of INR 39,900 per annum. In addition to this, livelihoods activities like poultry and goat rearing is providing additional income of INR 15,000 to INR 16,000 per annum.


Ms. Nusrat Pathan, CSR Head, HDFC Bank says- ‘It has been a beautiful journey in the last 3 years. The community has responded to the interventions by the bank and by SIED. We have seen a change, both in the economic as well as social conditions of these families.’


Parivartan initiative of HDFC Bank has brought about a real parivartan in the lives of community members of these villages.



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