Changing the fate of Dhakrani- the largest village in Uttarakhand
Changing the fate of Dhakrani- the largest village in Uttarakhand

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July 15, 2019

Changing the fate of Dhakrani- the largest village in Uttarakhand

Women working in a sanitary pad production unit

Dehradun is one of the important focus areas for Max India Foundation in North India. With the aim of enhancing its intervention in the rural areas of Dehradun, Dhakrani was adopted. The priority areas for intervention in the villages are health, sanitation, and hygiene.


Ms. Mohini Daljeet Singh – Chief Executive, Max India Foundation says – ‘The Max Group has been doing significant CSR well before the CSR Act came into force in 2014. There was a point when Max Life Insurance, one of our largest companies, who is the greatest contributor to the CSR, felt the need to do something very focus in one geography to see the kind of impact we could create. In short, the thought of village adoption came into being.’


Towards the end of 2014, Max Life Insurance narrowed its choice to Dhakrani – a village in the fertile doon valley for its first village adoption program. Dhakrani was the largest village in Uttarakhand, yet it lacked even the basic amenities. Just like the other villages in the region. In consultation with the local authorities, Gram Panchayats, Max India Foundation rolled out a multi-dimensional plan to bring short term and long term life-changing benefits to the people of Dhakrani.


From the very beginning, waste management was the first challenge to be addressed on an urgent footing. An effective system for garbage segregation, collection and disposal were devised and made operational. A composting facility for wet waste was subsequently added to prevent contamination of groundwater and the drinking water supply and to make healthcare on the in the village a long term asset. Underground drainage and sewage system were built from scratch. A network of underground sewage and drainage pipes aggregating 39 km was build in 5 phases from 2015-19. More than 2200 households have been connected to this network. Bio-digesters (confirming to IIT – Roorkee standards) have been fitted in 500 homes. This would be the visible evidence of Max Life Insurance’s health intervention in Dhakrani for years to come. Dhakrani now boasts of an underground drainage and sewage system unheard of even in bigger towns Uttarakhand.


While the underlying causes of health and hygiene issues were being addressed through the five phases of the sewage project, the primary healthcare needs were taken care of through monthly multi-specialty camps, immunization camp and bi-weekly health and awareness camps. There have been more than 44,000 beneficiaries of over 350 health camps since 2015. Volunteers of Max Life Insurance in short monthly visit, connect with the residents through home visits, reiterating the benefits of health, hygiene and sanitation while simultaneously introducing them to financial literacy.


To facilitate the youth, life skill center was started in 2017 with the NGO Head Held High. It gained the instant approval of the unemployed youth. The Centre imparts employability training to rural youth in a 6-months intensive program. It has been equipped with 10 computers, a projector, furniture, etc. Working knowledge of computers, Maths & English speaking skills is imparted. They have already empowered three batches of participants with jobs. A well-equipped modern interactive science lab has been set up in the Government high school, it has been a boon for the young inquisitive minds.


A sanitary pad production unit has been facilitated in the village by donating relevant machinery to a women’s group. The women from the village now produce low-cost sanitary napkins which they sell among the women in the village and neighboring areas. Over 38000 sanitary napkins have been produced so far.


MIF engaged Sustainable Green Initiative to plant and maintain more than 2500 fruit bearing trees, which is bound to have long-term benefits. Construction of a park brought an opportunity for the elders and the children to be outdoors in a pleasant environment.


It is now rare to come across any household waste and open drains on streets of Dhakrani. The transformation, it has gone through has been empowering.


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