Desk-IT by PROSOC - making education infrastructure available for less fortunate children since 2016

By auther pic. Hiral Badiyani

May 30, 2022

Desk-IT by PROSOC - making education infrastructure available for less fortunate children since 2016


Prosoc Innovators is a social enterprise that works for the benefit of the people at the ground level. They design and make products that contribute to addressing the social problems, i.e. PROducts of SOCial importance. That is where the name comes from PROSOC Innovators. The organisation works with the objective of making the infrastructure available for children of less fortunate backgrounds. 

Most children studying in government schools or rural areas do not have proper infrastructural facilities in their schools. Moreover, they attend classes with some non-profits or community classes which are also deprived of basic infrastructural facilities. More often than not, the kids shift around a lot for their classes due to the lack of electricity or enough space in their place of study. This compels them to sit on the ground and study in bad postures with their books and notes on the ground.

Now, it has been noticed that due to the bad postures children often develop fatigue and aches early in life and lack the focus that they would otherwise be putting towards their studies. In addition to that, children get tired more easily and don’t put ample hours into their studies. 


This came to the notice of Mr. Eshan Sadasivan, the founder of Prosoc Innovators. He used to teach the children of nearby villages during his IIT days and this lack of basic infrastructure and problems resulting from this, got him thinking about an affordable and portable solution to this, Desk-It Schoolbag. These school bags are convertible and portable study tables. 

Children can carry them around like any other school bad and when they need to write or read they can convert these into study tables. These bags meet all their needs. It includes

  1. Schoolbag
  2. Detachable and adjustable Study table
  3. Age group based design
  4. Strong and lightweight material
  5. 20- months durability
  6. Bottle holder
  7. Utility space 
  8. Waterproof

Moreover, these bags come in different colours and appealing designs. These bags offer the kids the advantage of a good sitting posture while studying. It has been observed that the learning level amongst the students has gone up by 15-20% since they can concentrate better and put in an ample amount of work. 

Moreover, Desk-It School bags allow them to create a suitable studying environment anywhere and everywhere. They can carry these at their schools, community classes, and any open space that they would need to study. While permanent furniture for schools would seem like a more appropriate option, the Desk-It Schoolbag is more practical because-

  1. Government schools and small schools face a lack of space to accommodate permanent furniture in their classes
  2. Many schools don’t have access to electricity at all times, they take classes in open or in corridors to beat the weather.
  3. Due to lack of space, schools shift classes to open areas or corridors on occasion.
  4. Community classes and make-shift classes with non-profits are mostly conducted in open spaces and they would not have permanent furniture therein.

The students can carry their Desk-It Schoolbag around and make use of it during all these times, which would be difficult with permanent furniture. This is a more agile and portable solution that they can use even in their homes. 

Prosoc Innovators have by far reached more than 3.5 lac children across 19 states of India with this product and made it available in many government schools. They have tied up with these schools as well as other non-government organisations and non-profits working in the same field. They are also collaborating with CSR partners to take this mission to a broader level.

This effort and innovation by Prosoc Innovators have been appreciated by EO GSEA India National Champion, EO GSEA South Asia Regional Champion, and Action for India" Best Indian Social Enterprise Award. They also received a certificate of appreciation from the Government of Telangana and the Government of Jammu & Kashmir. 


Moving forward they are working towards reaching more than 100 million students with Desk-It School bags and making the new version of the product which is expected to have an LED lamp included with the bag for studying at night. They are looking forward to joining hands with more non-profits and CSR partners in order to make this vision come true. 

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