ETASHA’s Job Readiness Program instils a new ray of hope amongst the underprivileged youth

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March 18, 2021

ETASHA’s Job Readiness Program instils a new ray of hope amongst the underprivileged youth

ETASHA Society

ETASHA Society, the Delhi-based not-for-profit organization has been instrumental in upskilling the underprivileged communities for sustained employment and income generation since 2006. Their main aim is to mentor the youth in low income countries and instil confidence in them, so that they can earn a living with dignity and self-respect. ETASHA’S Vocational Training Program was launched to promote employability amongst the youth for a sustainable living. However, the onset of the global pandemic in the first quarter of 2020 led to its transformation to an online course named as SMART Online Job Readiness Program, which impacted millions of lives.


SMART Online Job Readiness Program


The online job readiness program has been designed to meet the urgent need of the under privileged youth to earn a sustainable livelihood for themselves and their families. Since this program has been initiated during the pandemic, they have been designed in tandem to the available opportunities and constraints. Anyone who has passed Class XII, is 18 years of age, has a keenness to learn and get employed, has basic knowledge of English and has a good internet connectivity, is eligible for this training. This program focuses on:

S - Selling and Customer Service

M - Mobile based working

A – Art of Communication

R – Reality of Work

T – Technology Readiness


The online teaching methodology is a blend of a highly interactive counselling and mentoring session helping the underprivileged boys and girls, adult women and men, school systems and social institutions with a wide variety of jobs in the organized sector. This program develops the trainees’ employability skills with a focus on computer and internet usage, spoken English, time and anger management, interview and presentation skills, selling and customer relations etc. The placement team prepares the trainees for the jobs after tracking the available jobs in the market. Once the job openings are known, they arrange interviews and guide them till the placement. Regular feedback and counselling sessions are held to understand their problems and requirements, even after the trainees have been placed. 



Impact created by ETASHA’S Interventions


ETASHA’s vocational training and placement has impacted the lives of millions of youth with industry-relevant skill training and placement programmes, which have inculcated a positive mind-set change towards one’s own development and future, as well as towards work, employment and performance. A large number of girl students enrolled themselves in these online sessions from home, which helped them to focus better on their studying time as the travelling time and cost vehemently decreased. A total of 1.94 lakh people have been impacted as of Dec’2020 through various programs for adolescents, youth, men and women.


ETASHA has been exhaustively working with large slum clusters in Noida, UP, Rajasthan, West Bengal and Haryana with support from several philanthropists, Corporates, Foundations and multi-lateral organizations like Australian High Commission, Bain & Company, Barclays Shared Services, Tata Communications Ltd, Tech Mahindra Foundation etc. especially in 2020-21. During the pandemic, ETASHA provided relief through ration and sanitation material for 320 needy families. They also helped 170 adults get placed in different companies, who had lost their jobs due to the pandemic. ETASHA’s contribution in re-shaping the lives of millions of workers especially the women cluster has been phenomenal. They worked with 750 women to instil the seed of entrepreneurship in them through the Livelihood Restoration project. 


As the saying goes, ‘There’s light at the end of a dark tunnel’, now the major focus would be motivate these women and other youth to work as individual entrepreneurs to revive their basic life’s peace and pace post the pandemic.



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