Earning The Self-Made Fortune - Rukmani Marko, Benefitted By Udyogini

By auther pic. Smita Singh

April 5, 2021

Earning The Self-Made Fortune - Rukmani Marko, Benefitted By Udyogini


From ancient times the men have been the mainstay of Indian society. There is no support for a woman to work outside the house specially in the rural parts of India. Even if they have all rights to get free education and earn a living, all they are expectected to do is manage household responsibilities, taking care of every individual within the family, and being stuck within the four walls. Still, in the current scenario, it can be seen that more than half of the female population being committed to their household activities. 


But a few great stories proposed as an exemplar can help those backward common women to boost with modern thinking, to come out with custom with breaking societal manacles and stand up on their own feet, do something for themselves. In those examples, one name that has to be mentioned, is Rukmani Marko who took the initiative to become a self-independent woman from a common village spouse.


Rukmani Marko belongs to a small town in Madhya Pradesh leading life happily with her husband, in-laws, and also has a 21 years old son. Rukmani Devi has herself a Kirana Dukan where she sells groceries by which she can also deliver raw materials like vegetables, spices, rice, dal to a nearby local school for making mid-day meals.


Being a part of an underprivileged family is not a cup of tea for a housewife to step outside the house for earning. Whenever they want to try it it can be believed that this is not for them, making income is only fit for men. In this case, it didn't happen elsewhere for Marko, who had to face lots of trouble in joining this scheme. Not only she led a distressed life but also she lost the strength to face the world.



Marko said that she led the hardest time. It Is difficult to run a joint family with a singular income. Her husband was a common labourer at that time, who works for significant hours in agricultural work. A simple labourer can't be able to furnish with enough resources to the elders and also have a younger son who would have a future. But having those earnings they were not able to meet the goals and also provide a healthy atmosphere for their son's studies and better opportunities.


Marko has been an active member of Udyogini, since 2004. She got the first job in her life. She along with other women of the village purchased Millet, grains, crops like mahua, makka, from the government cooperatives, and sold it in the village market. Ujas, an initiative by Udyogini in union with RANG DE, where women belonging in several villages form a self-help group, Marko also took part in this group. As a member of samooh, she brought her 1st loan for opening kirana dukaan and poultry firm which she owns herself. 

Marko took one step closer to achieving success. Now Marko becomes able to meet the needs of the family adding with this, she also enables to bring a computer for her son. Then she established a Common Service Centre to deliver services like online money transfer by KYC and aadhar to the common villagers, not only this but also helping them to fill up where they are from and render them photocopies. She also got the help of son in providing these services. She stated one time that all she can do with the support of Ujas.


Marko crossed many thorns in the journey of life before achieving success though she was conveyed all the credit to samooh. Samooh unlocks a lot of paths for her income and also enhances herself synergistically. With the help of her immense hard work, she was enacted as Vice President in 2015 and at present, she becomes President of the self-help group. 


She addressed that biggest achievement which she made is "pakka", their living home. She feels blessed to be able to stand by her family and provide them with financial support. She has worked hard every day to establish herself as a self-reliant woman.



Since assigning to Udyogini, she has found a new meaning in his life, he learns to live in a new way. She has found her voice and strength. In an interview, she asked about her first income, A smile of pride glittered on his face; and She said that Udyogini gave her belief for that's why everything that has happened to her today is just because of Udyogini.


When Marko engaged as a board member of Ujas, she talked about starting broom making, as a conceivable business attempt, she believes that it is not only for the women, also for the cooperative, they will get a chance to achieve profit through distribution and networking.


Marko is a simple housewife, she never thought that one day she would come out of her house and step outside, that woman invests money in her business today, thinking about her future business. Her efforts, hard work, zeal led to the advancement of her growth as a successful woman. In the future, she is going to start businesses of making laddoos. She moves forward with her positive thinking, a Careful Heart, with the hope of solidifying herself and May all her dreams come true.



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