Eliminating hunger with Humanity First Foundation

By auther pic. Deepa M

August 30, 2019

Eliminating hunger with Humanity First Foundation

Mohd. Sujathullah serving food to the needy people

Even in this advanced world, ‘food, shelter, and clothing’ still remains the basic needs of every human. And, Humanity First Foundation through its meticulously crafted ‘Upma’ is ensuring that every human is having a satisfying breakfast, thus, taking care of the need of food.

The fear of failing another exam made Mohd. Sujathullah turn to his Almighty. When his prayers were answered, he did his bit by feeding 10 needy people at a railway station in Secunderabad. However, this triggered a mixed emotion, and he wondered if he could do something more. The countless hungry people and the apathy of the society towards such people seeded in his heart and mind the idea of serving food to every needy, hungry, and neglected human; thus emerged Humanity First Foundation. He started with his own pocket-money and steadily his family, friends, and relatives pitched in to contribute and grow Humanity First Foundation that now reaches to more than a thousand people in Hyderabad.


Mohd. Sujathulla doing his part of selfless service through ‘Upma’ 

Mohd. Sujathullah, a 27 year old young man, has completed his graduation in pharmacy and is currently pursuing Doctor of Pharmacy- Pharm. D. from Sultan ululoom College, Hyderabad. He has become more disciplined and thoughtful now, as he has to balance his passion, his studies, and also devote time to his family who thought him to ‘share and care’. Mohd Sujathullah zealously depicts his routine, “I get up by 5 am every day, check the arrangements at the hotel where the Upma is prepared, I coordinate with my auto rickshaw-driver who carries the cans to all places and by 8am I am at the Koti Maternity Hospital serving nearly 300-350 patients and attenders. Within 15-20 minutes I wrap up there, rush to the Nilofer Hospital by 8:30am, and again there we serve about 400 people. Once done, we go to our 3rd location NIMS Hospital by 9 am and wrap up by 9:20 am. I quickly, then, have my breakfast and reach college by 10am. It’s tough, but after all this, I’m very satisfied and this work gives me that immense deep happiness in me.”


Humanity First Foundation serving breakfast at NIMS Hospital as per their routine.

For Mohd. Sujathullah, humanity comes first; he only sees hunger and the need to eradicate it. Humanity First Foundation provides selfless service to humanity and does accept donation from others to keep it growing and serving. Mohd. Sujathullah reveals, “We serve Upma made with pure Ghee and milk along with Chutney. We serve it in a bowl and provide spoons with it to eat. Each day the cost comes up Rs. 5000 for serving 3 hospitals. There is no harsh rule for donation. Anybody can donate as per their budget and plan.” Humanity First Foundation has expanded its wings. It also distributes dinner to the needy on the road as well as provides diapers and medicines to the old age homes. It is venturing into educating the needy with their admissions, books, and fees.

Mohd. Sujathullah, as a child, aspired to be a pilot; but destiny piloted him towards a new journey. A journey with a dream of serving breakfast to 10,000 people everyday, with an aim to eradicate hunger. A teenaged Mohd. Sujathullah when learnt that his class teacher’s father was unwell, he made a point to visit her and spend some time with her father, all with an intention to help her and lessen their pain. He, probably, never knew that he would soon be on his way-liberating thousands from the pain of hunger.

Mohd. Shujathullah from the city of Hyderabad famous for its Biryani, says “Koi insaan kabhi bhuka nahi soega”, is now making Hyderabad famous for the Humanity First Foundation special breakfast-Upma made with pure ghee and milk and served along with chutney and love and sincerity.

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A banker turned educator, Deepa had been a Teach For India Fellow. She is currently working as a Consultant and Freelancer.


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