Empowering Communities: L&T Finance's 'Digital Sakhi' Program Transforms Lives of 42 Lakh Members

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June 20, 2024

Empowering Communities: L&T Finance's 'Digital Sakhi' Program Transforms Lives of 42 Lakh Members

L&T Finance

In a world where technology is hastily evolving, bridging the virtual divide has become a pivotal assignment. L and T Finance Ltd. (LTF), a leading Non-Banking Financial Company (NBFC), has taken an exceptional stride towards addressing this difficulty through its flagship Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative, the 'Digital Sakhi' application. This groundbreaking initiative has empowered over 42 lakh network members, commonly in rural areas, by equipping them with virtual and financial literacy abilities.

The Journey Towards Empowerment

Launched in 2017, the 'Digital Sakhi' application has continually elevated its geographical footprint, operating in seven states: Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, West Bengal, Odisha, Karnataka, and Kerala. At the heart of this application lies a cadre of 370 trained Digital Sakhis, who've dedicated themselves to developing attention about virtual and economic literacy in the various rural populace.

Ms Apurva Rathod, Company Secretary and Chief Sustainability Officer at LTF, expressed her pride in the program's development, stating, "Our Digital Sakhis have played an active position in bridging the final mile gap and facilitating convergence of presidency schemes, engaging in periods in Gram Sabhas and the State Rural Livelihood Mission applications, and supporting the community to acquire the advantages of presidency schemes. The efforts of Digital Sakhis had been instrumental in bringing the bigger network into the ambit of entitlements."

Empowering Women, Empowering Communities

The 'Digital Sakhi' program has been a riding force at the back of the narrative of women's empowerment, allowing many ladies to upward push from the confines of their houses to become retailers of trade in their communities. In the monetary 12 months 2023-2024 (FY24), the Digital Sakhis have efficiently empowered over eleven lakh rural groups through promoting digital financial inclusion and providing impetus to two four hundred ladies entrepreneurs.

Program Overview

Digital Sakhi, a flagship application of LTF, equips rural ladies with the skills and expertise to optimistically impart Digital and Financial Literacy (DFL) training to households in their communities and nurture the surroundings of digital monetary transactions. The software makes a speciality of Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 5 – Gender Equality, in which ladies are identified from rural groups and skilled drastically in DFL, management, and technology. These ladies are called "Digital Sakhis". Each Sakhi is geared up with a cellular pill with preloaded DFL modules. The program also nurtures women entrepreneurs from the communities, supplying them with upskilling and corporation improvement schooling to assist them in constructing their groups and decorating their livelihoods.

Expanding Horizons

In FY 2023-24, below the program, LTF has correctly empanelled four hundred Sakhis within the new geographies of Uttar Pradesh (Gorakhpur), Bihar (Supaul), Tamil Nadu (Madurai), and West Bengal (Murshidabad). This expansion has significantly contributed to the program's attain and impact.

Achievements and Progress

Across current and new software locations of Digital Sakhis, there has been a commendable 12 percent growth in the adoption of digital bills by the various network members, promoting a cashless economy and improving monetary inclusion.

Details of progress made within the last economic year:

  • Uttar Pradesh (Gorakhpur): The Digital Sakhi mission in Uttar Pradesh at Gorakhpur district was launched during the ultimate financial year. During the project's first year, more than 1,25,000 people were reached through various focus sports.

  • Bihar (Supaul): Similarly, the task was launched in Bihar in the Supaul district, and it started showing effects on the ground. In the challenge's first year, more than 1,00,000 individuals were reached via various awareness sports.

  • Tamil Nadu (Madurai): The Digital Sakhi assignment was additionally launched in Tamil Nadu in the Madurai district. More than 1,00,000 people were reached in the preliminary year via various consciousness sports.

  • West Bengal (Murshidabad): Lastly, the project in West Bengal at Murshidabad district turned into released ultimate year, and at some point of the 12 months, more significantly more than 1,00,000 people were reached through numerous focus sports within the first year.

  • Future Ahead

    L&T Finance's 'Digital Sakhi' application is a testament to empowerment's electricity and the transformative impact it may have on groups. This initiative has no longer bridged the digital divide by equipping rural girls with virtual and monetary literacy talents but catalyzed a ripple impact of excellent alternatives. As the program keeps expanding its reach, it serves as a beacon of wish, empowering groups and paving the manner for a more inclusive and digitally literate society.

    Impact Created

    L and T Finance Ltd. (LTF), one of the leading Non-Banking Financial Companies (NBFCs), has empowered over forty-two lakh community individuals thus far through the 'Digital Sakhi' program, which is a crucial initiative under Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

    The application, which was initiated in 2017, has continually expanded its geographical footprint in 7 states, specifically, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, West Bengal, Odisha, Karnataka, and Kerala, with a cadre of 1,370 trained Digital Sakhis through the years. The program aims to create Digital and Financial Literacy awareness among the rural population.

    Speaking about the development of the Digital Sakhi application, Ms Apurva Rathod, Company Secretary and Chief Sustainability Officer at LTF, stated, "Our Digital Sakhis have performed a lively position in bridging the remaining mile gap and facilitating the convergence of government schemes, undertaking sessions in Gram Sabhas and the State Rural Livelihood Mission programs, and supporting the network to achieve the benefits of presidency schemes. 

    The efforts of Digital Sakhis had been instrumental in bringing the bigger community into the ambit of entitlements. Our Digital Sakhi undertaking has continued to invigorate the ladies empowerment narrative with many ladies rising up the ranks, from the confines of their houses to being exchange sellers in their network. In FY24, our Digital Sakhis have efficaciously helped empower over 11 lakh rural groups via selling digital financial inclusion, offering impetus to 2,400 women entrepreneurs."


    The impact of the 'Digital Sakhi' software is far-accomplishing and multifaceted, transcending mere talent improvement and touching upon diverse elements of community empowerment. Through their tireless efforts, the Digital Sakhis have facilitated the convergence of government schemes, conducted attention sessions in Gram Sabhas (village councils) and State Rural Livelihood Mission applications, and supported groups in accessing the benefits of presidency initiatives. Their willpower has performed a pivotal function in bringing larger groups into the fold of entitlements, ensuring that no person is left behind in the adventure in the direction of progress and development.

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