HGS – Building Health Communities

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June 7, 2019

HGS – Building Health Communities

Access to safe drinking water

Be it in cities or towns, villages or hamlets; the one thing that’s absolutely critical for its people is access to healthcare yet more than 60% of India’s population lives without it. At HGS, they believe in building a healthy community through their CSR program. The aim is to bring quality healthcare to those who are needy and cannot afford it. HGS’s CSR initiatives bring some stories of hope...


A new beginning – Story of TB Eradication Programme

India has the dubious distinction of being the tuberculosis capital of the world. The disease kills an Indian every minute and is an engine of poverty and suffering. To combat this urgent and deadly threat, HGS along with Hinduja Hospital – renowned for its treatment for TB eradication program. The program involves a rapid diagnosis of multi-drug resistant TB through the state-of-the-art method.


Dr. Jai Mullerpatta – Hinduja Hospital says- ‘Bombay is particular hotspot where we have very large pockets of MDR TB within this city. MDR TB is a particular challenge as it isn’t very difficult to treat, but it requires prolonged medication as well as expensive and toxic drugs which many times the patients are unable to afford.’


The lab at Hinduja hospitals is probably one of the leading tuberculosis labs in the country and it is a reference lab for areas of Mumbai and around it for detecting drug-resistant tuberculosis. The treatment spans two years which includes regular counseling and follow-up sessions with patients to ensure that they are on medication.

Dr. Jai adds – ‘When you see your patients actually recovering and then coming back for a follow-up and doing well in life, there’s no greater happiness than that.’


Droplets of Happiness – Story of Jaldhaara Foundation

Lack of access to safe drinking water is an urgent crisis that’s affecting our cities and towns. To help increase the availability of safe drinking water facilities for the water sparse areas in Bangalore, HGS partnered with Jaldhaara Foundation to bring its expertise in installation, operation, and maintenance of water purification plants.


Sudha- Resident, Bengaluru says – ‘Water is a huge crisis for us. We get water from tankers, but we don’t know whether it is really safe to drink or not. We do not have a choice. People suffered from many diseases like fever, cough, diarrhea, etc because of using poor quality water. After Dr. Water plant was set up in our locality, we have access to safe water. We can collect water whenever we need and we are assured of clean drinking water. It benefits the entire locality.’


Besides supplying safe water, Jaldhaara spearheads community awareness and education programs that focus on WASH at Anganwadis. The messages of health and hygiene are gaining momentum in these areas.


Healthcare on Wheels – Story of Advanced Mobile Healthcare Unit

A majority of India’s population lives in rural areas where the condition of medical facilities is deplorable. To ensure that quality and timely healthcare reaches the deprived corners of the Indian villages, HGS has come up with a concept of mobile clinics. The advanced mobile health care unit or AMHU serves vulnerable populations and promotes high-quality care free of cost.


Dr. Bhaskar Korde, Advanced Medical Health Unit says – ‘The health scenario in rural setup is like people has no accessibility towards health setup set by Government, so they have to travel long distances by walking or by vehicle to get to the Government hospitals.’


The AMHU diagnoses different cases and treats them at their doorstep. It has very different diagnostic facilities which are not even available at the sub-district hospitals many times. The unit is equipped to carry out all the fundamental health services such as diagnoses and treatment of common illnesses and provision of medicines.


Whether it is liberation from terminal illnesses like TB; making medical treatment available in rural areas or provision of affordable economically viable drinking water access to millions in need. The initiatives undertaken by HGS to improve healthcare in India have truly engendered positive results.



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