INOX Air Product CSR project Udaan focuses on the holistic development of the hamlets in Bokaro

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October 9, 2019

INOX Air Product CSR project Udaan focuses on the holistic development of the hamlets in Bokaro

Installation of solar powered pumping and purification system

INOX Air Products partnered with Mrida Group - a social business venture focused on sustainable and scalable holistic development to implement its CSR campaign. INOX Air Products is one of the largest manufacturers of industrial gases in India with 36 plants across the country; the CSR initiatives target the sustainable and holistic development of selected villages and hamlets in the Bokaro District of Jharkhand. The project is called ‘Udaan, the Wings of Transformation’.


The target villages Jharnamuri, Bajudih, Kashi Jharia Panchayat are around 19 km from Bokaro Steel Plant where INOX has its on-site liquid production unit. The initiative has begun in June 2018 and will continue for the next 34 months.


Mrida closely works with INOXAP partner villages and projects undertaken include any and every activity that will impact the lives of residents of these rural hamlets/villages and help propel them on the path of development. These include agri-inputs, education, sanitation, energy access, clean water supply, healthcare and hygiene initiatives, and livelihood generation activities to begin with and the scope of activities will be modified as the project progresses.


To propel these villages towards sustainable development and implement the CSR initiatives, community mobilization was the most essential step. The people would only be invested if they were directly involved in the decision-making process. A village committee was formed and the decisions about the development were directly made by the villagers in consultation with the Mrida team.


The next step was to ensure the safety and the health of the villagers and make safe drinking water available. To solve this problem, Solar Powered pumping and purification system plants were installed in Jharnamuri village on a community-based model where villagers pay Rs. 20 per month from each household to the Village Development Committee for availing the services. The money collected is utilized for the upkeep of the system over time and makes the intervention self-sustainable. A water purification system has also been installed in the Government Middle School for the school students.


In ensuring scalable livelihood generation opportunities, 2 stitching centers have been established, which has trained 32 students across 2 villages. Apart from this, 30 women from the village were also trained in incense sticks value addition and marketing.


“As a concerned corporate citizen, INOXAP had been committing valuable resources to ensure that the communities in and around their plants benefit from their initiatives. We will work together to ensure that a positive, measurable, scalable and sustainable Impact is created on the lives of the people, in the areas that we operate in. Mrida believes in holistic development and with INOXAP’s way of thinking there is a huge synergy in what can be done. We are hopeful and our work will speak for itself in a short time”, says Mr Arun Nagpal, Co-Founder and CEO, Mrida Group.


INOX, in its next phase, will focus on – Setting up solar-powered e-hubs to provide education, entertainment and e-commerce facilities; implement programs focused on bettering yields and productivity for farmers; state-aided primary schools ; health and nutrition-related initiatives; strengthening local leadership at the village level in the form of Village Development Committees (VDCs).


The groundwork done so far has created a strong foundation for INOX AP in Bokaro. This is a progressive CSR model which seeks to bring the same degree of robustness, rigor, financial discipline and accountability that is typical of the corporate sector, into the development sector. Social, Environmental and Economic Impact and ROIs are integral parts of this model. Community engagement and local leadership development are key components that lend themselves very well to sustainability.


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