Igniting the curiosity of the learners towards Astrionics- TZP by Varnaaz Technologies

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February 18, 2020

Igniting the curiosity of the learners towards Astrionics- TZP by Varnaaz Technologies

Tare Zameen Par – Digital Planetarium Setup

A portable digitally created Planetarium, Tare Zameen Par (TZP), for virtually bringing down space to earth and presenting educational shows and lessons related to the planet. This portable mobile planetarium, Tare Zameen Par (TZP) runs under the flagship of Varnaaz Technologies. It is a virtual experience that brings an exploration of astronomy shows to schools across India. In less than two and a half years, TZP has reached out to 1900 schools, making an impact to a staggering crowd of close to 8 Lakh little learners.


Ms. Nalini Aparanji, Proprietor at Varnaaz Technologies has been spearheading the CSR initiatives of Varnaaz Technologies. She defines the Women Empowerment in real sense. She points out that the science academy has hardly 10% women. The Bhatnagar Prize has been given to only 18 women out of a total of 548 so far, and there are only 10-15% women in STEM researchers and faculty members in the IITs, CSIR, AIIMS and PGIs hence she wants to change this scenario by educating and empowering women by providing services at root level.


One of the many initiatives of Varnaaz Technologies is “Skills on Wheels”. It is a concept of taking the complete Skill Process and infrastructure to the doorsteps of the women with a combination of video-based training through mobile app. It can help them to learn and master some of the livelihood skills which can further benefit them not only in getting jobs but also become Entrepreneurs.


All the initiatives of Varnaaz technology are mentored under the guidance of CEO, Mr. Dinesh Badgandi. Varnaaz Technologies has consistently grown over the last 10 years, from contributing professional and ethical learning skills in the field of Information Technology to igniting the educational sector with Tare Zameen Par. They have tried reaching out to government and private schools in both rural and urban as well, through their immersive learning and outreaching programs. It is an honour for Varnaaz Technologies to be recognized as the most innovative start-up and winner of Elevate 100 award 2017, by Karnataka state.


Tare Zameen Par (TZP) model has majorly focused on education & inspiration of students towards Astronomy and space science. More than 7.5 lakh students studying in rural areas of the country have been benefitted from this product. Digital Mobile Planetarium (TZP) has been an immersive learning centre for kids by bringing planetarium to the doorsteps. To bring the transformation in the education system in rural India, Varnaaz Technology is requesting corporate to join hands with them as they believe that great things happen, when we get together.


A number of corporates have come forward to fund this initiative after seeing the impact created by TZP. Currently, L&T Infotech Mumbai has funded project where the TZP team is working with 13 Municipal schools and is completely responsible for handling their science and mathematics learning. TZP has been educating around 3500 students in High Schools, making them play, learn and experience science kids using their mobile Planetarium.


The name Varnaaz is derived from a Sanskrit word called Avarna which means “Rapid a good rapper” or “a packaging is required for any item to be sold to a customer” but when it comes to human resources after their graduation, there is no concept of packaging around these individuals. So, Varnaaz, a finishing School of Engineering and Management graduates for the Graduating students to get skilled as per the requirement of the market.


The vision of Varnaaz technology is to reach every child in the rural area of the country and educate and create awareness about science and math by igniting their minds with innovative tools like mobile Planetarium. This ambitious vision couldn’t be possible only through Government support so, they are reaching the schools through

  • CSR funding
  • Franchising model
  • Through Government support
  • Through funding from private schools and event managers
  • Among all the four channels, they prioritize to work with major Corporate seeking their CSR funds and meet social responsibility goals of the corporate, through their innovative programs.


    Learning Kits used for Students

    An immersive learning, edutainment kit (TZP) which is used to educate school kids who are deprived of access to planetariums situated in metros. The kids from rural area are educated using multilingual audiovisual 3D content which covers the range of topics from science. Other than that, knowledge for world history, culture to tourism, health awareness to public awareness are also imparted to rural kids. The concept is completely integrated and has been successfully delivered to school students in the rural part of south India.  


    A pilot project by KSTePS (Govt. Of Karnataka) at Chikkaballapur district has been already completed successfully and thus, Varnaaz Technologyiesbagged work orders from Govt. Karnataka for supplying and operating 11 such planetariums across the state.


    Specialties of India's First Digital Mobile Planetarium- It is a Spherical dome with projector created by air filling. The Seat Capacity is for 30 to 40 Students. Quality Sound System, Fish-eye lens, and is projected through Digital Projector. The topics covered are from Geography and Science, Technology Engineering and Mathematics Videos.


    Mr. Dinesh Badgandi, CEO, Varnaaz Technologies, says

    “Through our product called Tare Zameen Par we create and excitement and curiosity using these innovative tools and make kids take interest in science and mathematics we make them learn the complex objects through immersive and experimental learning we have been highly successful having reached close to 8 lakh students in rural India.”


    Tare Zameen Par (TZP) model has been selected by Government of Karnataka as for delivering these shows to all the government schools in Karnataka by the next 3 years. In partnership with DSCRT and department of public instructions, Varnaaz Technologies has designed the dome shows in accordance with the syllabus of the students. The state-of-the-art astronomical shows has been delivered to 12,000+ audience and have received an overwhelming response for the same. They are also working with a number of private schools and trade show event managers as edutainment partners.  L&T InfoTech is working as a CSR partner and covering 13 municipal schools in Mumbai. Also, Varnaaz Technology is running 5 mobile science exhibition buses across south India.

    Skills on wheels set-up by Varnaaz Technologies

    For the coming months, TZP’s aim is to look at developing tools in virtual reality for building capacity and awareness – through storytelling, simulations of alternative learning choices – which can help boost confidence to learners and encourage out-of-the-box thinking among kids.


    With all this, Varnaaz Technologies has been running this project quite successfully for the past 2.5 years and is hopeful to become a bench mark for everyone who wants to enter such business where they cater to challenges in rural areas in India and work on outreach programs. They have recently completed an VESCO event with AVIRATHA Educational Trust. Some of the other initiatives of varnaaz Technology are- • Skill on wheels • Lab on the move • Outreaching Education • Science Labs, etc


    Mr. Dinesh Badagandi got an opportunity to showcase Mobile Planetarium project to industry stalwarts like Mr. Nandan Nilekani, Mr.U.R Rao, & Mr. Kiran Kumar Former Chairman of ISRO, Hon’ble Chief Ministers, Hon’ble Science Ministers, Hon’ble Education Ministers etc. Also, received a special moment of meeting with Mr. Don Thomas, Former NASA Astronaut and present their project in front of him.


    Owing to the fact that we all come from the same background, Varnaaz Technologies is a start-up with an idea of touching the lives of people at the grassroots level through their initiatives and have been heading in evolving technology-based solutions in core sectors like education.


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