Innovative and groundbreaking CSR initiatives of Honeywell

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January 7, 2020

Innovative and groundbreaking CSR initiatives of Honeywell

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Basic education and proper healthcare are an elementary necessity for anyone to lead a good life. Even though most of us are privileged enough to enjoy these facilities, there are a few who can only dream of it. Poor hygiene and malnourishment are the main challenges faced by those deprived of it. And we as educated fail to understand its impact on the nation. Education thus is something that can equalize different communities.


Honeywell India is dedicated to imparting improved lives for the people, especially the children by supporting, initiating, and encouraging innovative CSR initiatives and social programs that create an impact on the community served by Honeywell. These CSR initiatives are sustainable and the effects of these programs are real and can be measured. Honeywell has partnered or works in support with sincere and renowned non-profit organizations with impactful objectives and proven results.


Honeywell has been recognized all over India for its “innovative and groundbreaking initiatives” majorly in the areas of community development and environment protection. It has been awarded for its corporate social responsibility programme in different fields. HHSIF (Honeywell Hometown Solutions India Foundation) is an organization that manages Honeywell’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives in India.


AkshayBellare, President of Honeywell India says “Honeywell is committed to improving the world we live in by creating, supporting, and nurturing outstanding CSR programs that make a sustainable and measurable impact on communities we serve. Honeywell’s CSR efforts focus on four critical areas that are aligned with the Governments CSR schedule and the Sustainable Development Goals: STEM education, child safety, sustainability, and humanitarian relief”.


Honeywell’s CSR initiatives focus on five considerate areas that are associated with the Government's social responsibility and the Sustainable Development Goals: Health care, STEM education, child safety, sustainability, and girls’ empowerment.


Honeywell-Safe Water Network Initiative: - It is an initiative of providing safe drinking water in the areas which are in dire need of it. For this CSR initiative, Honeywell has partnered with a Non-Profit Organization, Safe Water Network. Honeywell has already supported with funds for 60 safe water stations providing safe drinking water access to more than 500,000 people in areas that suffer acute water shortage and contaminated from fluoride groundwater.


Local community owns, operates and maintain these water stations. The contamination of fluoride and other harmful substance is removed by the reverse osmosis treatment system. The systems are regularly monitored and engagements at all levels are properly ensured for social, financial, and environmental sustainability.


A further aim of this initiative is to provide 180 Honeywell safe water stations serving 540K people in Telangana and Maharashtra in 2020.


Experiential Home Safety educational program for Kids: - Honeywell launched the Safe Kids at Home as a part of its CSR initiative, in association with Safe Kids Foundation India (SKFI) and Safe Kids Worldwide (SKW). It is a home safety experiential educational program for kids below the age of 14, to promoting child safety and thus make a base for a safe city and a harmless nation.


This initiative is funded by Honeywell India to establish a foundation for the safety of kids in India, the “Safe Kids at Home program” has provided training to325,000 students and 175,000 parents till 2017, and seeks further to bring citizens and public bodies together who can assist in the program and help making Pune a model “Safe Kids at Home” city. Additionally, their aim is to train 555K children and 450K parents in the city of Pune in 2020.


Honeywell’s Safe School CSR initiative: - Honeywell Safe Schools initiative, Implemented by SEEDS India, is to empower kids helping them create resilient societies and provide a safe environment at schools. This is an innovative CSR drive for school safety that brings an ideal approach to manage the distinct issues of respective schools, its infrastructure or location.


This program seeks to ensure that kids go to their school without any distress, feel safe in school, and their safety is ensured with returning home. The kids are trained to face any natural or man-made disaster. This CSR initiative of Honeywell had planned and reached83,000 children, 90,000 parents, and 2.9K teachers in 150 government schools in Delhi &Uttarakhand by 2020.


Honeywell’s Hands-on science Experience: - Honeywell Science Experience program for enhancing science education among the deprived and needy students. This CSR initiative of Honeywell is implemented by Agastya International Foundation. ‘Hands-on science’ program consists of a unique curriculum and innovative learning methodologies. This program is intended to encourage students to become creative, inquisitive and empowered.


Science education program for disadvantaged children

Through 25 unique experiential science centres, 35 mobile labs, and 4,100 student mentors in Karnataka, Haryana, Delhi, Tamil Nadu, Uttar Pradesh, Telangana, and Maharashtra, the program will benefit 142,000 students and 783 teachers in 2020.


Honeywell STEM Education for advancing girls: - Honeywell Center for providing transformative STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) education in Science for talented girls from the age group of 11-18 years, coming from underprivileged backgrounds. This centre of Honeywell was launched by Avasara Leadership Institute.


The students say that they learn by doing experiments, which helps them comprehend more deeply and scientifically about everything around the world. Math classes not only help with mathematics skill but also real-life designing skills, modifying and analyzing skills as well. The live projects have helped in building community engagement. They are confident and their perspective for everything has changed.


Funded and managed by (HHSIF), the program aims to empowerAvasara students with a practical, experiment-based science curriculum. The program seeks to inculcate thinking skills and problem-solving mindsets among girls. The initiative has benefitted more than 12,000 students. Moreover, the center plans to support 15,000 students from government and low-budget schools across Pune.


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