LEAP (Learn, Eat and Play) Program by WNS Care Foundation

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May 26, 2020

LEAP (Learn, Eat and Play) Program by WNS Care Foundation

Children doing stretching exercises

Children and youth are considered future builders of nation. As the proverb says, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." Each child should get the opportunity for a promising future. This was the thought of WNS Limited that as a corporate they should ensure that children especially from the socially disadvantaged background, not only is given an opportunity but also prosper in their life.


WNS Limited is a multinational corporation, process outsourcing company. WNS delivers the service to more than 200 global customers by integrating organizational excellence with broad experience in core vertical sectors which includes tourism, insurance, manufacturing, banking and financial services.


WNS believes that a strong education base can help in building a better future of the country. WNS Cares Foundation (WCF) is an extended arm of the WNS CSR Program.  It has developed from a communal project to a fully-fledged foundation. WNS's Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a well-intended and structured initiative that revolves around a very critical subject- Child’s growth and education. WCF has been improving the lives of unprivileged children worldwide by educating, enriching and empowering them through its development programs.


Physical Literacy - LEAP (learn, eat and play) and Self Defense


 WCF school students practicing yoga

WNS Cares Foundation has initiated, implemented and created awareness amongst people and society on the subject of Physical Literacy “Learn, Eat and Play” (LEAP) in order to educate children around the globe to lead an active and healthy life, physically and mentally. Through this program they have tried to explain about physical literacy, its importance and benefits for all age groups.


LEAP ensures comprehensive and equitable quality education and promotes lifelong learning opportunities which set in line with the UN 4th Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) i.e. Goal of Quality Education. This program has impacted More than 100,000 children from 248 schools across 10 countries.

Children in Costa Rica doing various exercise, and the winners of LEAP competition presented with certificates and trophies

Self-defence program which was also initiated by WCF in 2017, runs under the physical literacy campaign. This program has been designed keeping in mind the importance of self-defence skill for children, especially the girl child. The girls have learned Martial Arts, basic Karate/Boxing punches, kicks, blocks, static and dynamic stretches. Through this program, girls have been trained to face the safety challenges outside as well as inside the house. Nearly 9,000 girls from 114 schools in 7 locations across five states in India – Maharashtra, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Haryana have been reached out till now.


With the implementation of the LEAP program, it has been observed that sports and fitness are not just confined to physical wellness but also plays an important role in the development of child socially and psychologically. The LEAP program under WCF has benefitted the children in becoming more confident and skilled and are and they are now involving themselves in activities like team building and leadership. WCF believes in the later years of life, these skills will help the children in overall personality development.


In the same way, after learning self-defence techniques, the girls have become more confident to handle tough situations and feel strong from within to compete in any challenging situation. WCF believes martial arts training is teaching these girls to be alert and prepared for the unknown safety challenges.


Young girls practicing blocking technique

With the joint effort of the partner schools, teachers, NGOs and WCF Volunteers (employees of WNS), the LEAP project reaches out to students of these schools. The schools play a critical role in the overall implementation of the project. Whenever a project is initiated, it is the school administration that is responsible for its effective execution. WCF has trained over 1000+ Teachers and staffs and has assisted them with audio-visuals, books and sports kit. WNS employees who are the other major key stakeholders at WCF. Over 15,000 volunteers contribute their ideas, energy and time to make a difference to the lives of these children.


WCF has associated with ‘Make Me Fit’ for the implementation of the self-defence program. It is India's one of the recommended fitness training center. The other primary stakeholders for this initiative are schools, the children who take part in it and WCF volunteers.


Children doing push-ups   

LEAP has emphasized physical activity and a healthy diet as a part of the lives of the children. Thanks to this program, schools that together benefits to over 100,000 needy children with sports and physical fitness as part of their school curriculum. These children now understand why health and fitness are important because of educational activities that WCF runs. WCF believes health-conscious children will carry messages of health and fitness to their families and communities, thus creating a positive spiral in society. 


For children to understand the benefits of physical literacy, fundamental skills, nutritious diet and healthy habits, the LEAP and Self-Defense initiatives are two of the highly impactful programs that WCF has launched. The initiative has created a huge impact and envisioned to build a strong future for children who can take control of their decision. For many of these children from underprivileged backgrounds, these activities conducted in their school have for the first time provided them with an opportunity to think beyond the daily routine and focus on a healthy and secure future.


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