Lakshyam’s Project Butterfly fosters empowerment of children via primary education, to fly high

By auther pic. Abhisikta Dey

November 19, 2020

Lakshyam’s Project Butterfly fosters empowerment of children via primary education, to fly high

India being a democratic country assures the Fundamental Right to Education for every child. But the not so privileged parents can’t afford even the basic necessities like four-square meal a day, medical facilities, leave aside imparting preliminary education to their children. Hence, these kids are exposed to the harsh world of child labour and exploitation from a very early age.


Lakshyam, a social organization was established in 2012 with the sole objective of bringing socio-economic equality by focussing on the upliftment of both women and children. The organization has touched 3,00,000 lives directly and 7,00,000 lives indirectly by focussing on child education, holistic child development and women empowerment. This organization vows to realise every child’s dream of getting the basic education and ample opportunities for a brighter future, devoid of the atrocities of child labour.


Ms Rashi Anand, the Founder at Lakshyam intervened in the rugged structure of the society and worked for the overall welfare of the women and children for the less privileged class. She says, there is a no bigger satisfaction of being a part of the society and working for the society and to make a little change, is a step towards a better world.”


The Butterfly Project, a Child Welfare Program by Lakshyam aims at granting freedom from child labour and inequality.Primary education is the foundation to achieve success and eradicate poverty. Hence, this program aims at a prolific learning module for the impoverished children, with a lot of emphasis on theoretical and practical knowledge for their overall personality development. An environment for better education coupled with an assurance that every street child and dropout is ready for mainstream schooling, is necessary to bring equality and ensure that all the children get equal right to schooling.

Lakshyam follows a sequential approach to ensure school enrolment for the underprivileged and reduce the drop-out rates, especially for girls:

  • Kids who are rag-pickers and beggars are identified and counselled on the importance of formal education.
  • These kids are then equipped with bridge education and basic cognitive skills. Their performance is monitored and documented for scope of further improvement.
  • Enrolment of kids into formal schooling program after crossing the bridge education program, followed by some remedial classes for doubt clearance after school

    Research indicates approximately 40 million children in the age group of 4 to 14 years are school drop-outs and two-thirds of them are girls. After the initial five years of elementary education, only 40% of the children attain basic levels of learning, while a staggering figure of 58% of the girls drop out before completing primary school due to several reasons. These children belong to very low income groups and are first generation learners, hence they face a lot of familial and societal pressure to discontinue their education for several reasons like poverty, job and child marriage.

    The Butterfly program has been targeted at school drop-outs, beggars, rag pickers etc to preach education at a community level, which will foster an overall physical, mental and social well-being from an early age. Parents of these kids were quite elated while they were enlightened with the importance of education and their child’s progress. Gender equality with skill-based functional literacy is the penultimate objective.


    Touching the lives of the masses


    Research highlights that 4,000 street children have been enrolled into schools, 10,000 solar lamps have been distributed to girls for education, and 23,000 children of different NGOs have been benefitted.

    Lakshyam’s Project Butterfly has been a stepping stone towards girl child empowerment and have achieved tremendous success with few of their beneficiaries.


    Mantasha’s dream has been realised to some extent after she got enrolled at the Lakshyam Centre four years back. “Being the eldest of all eight siblings in my family, I had to do all the household chores as both my parents were daily wage earners and were away at work”,  she quotes. She is grateful to Lakshyam for providing her with immense guidance and support for a bright future. A diligent student and an avid reader, she is all set to take on any challenge that life throws at her today.


    “I study in Class 3 in a private school today and do not collect rags anymore”, says Deepak, who was brought to Lakshyam two years back. From a rag-picker to being transformed to a fast learner, he is ever grateful to all the facilitators of this program.

    There are other kids, namely Seema and Sunny, who have transformed into bright and confident individuals after receiving primary education from Lakshyam and then have been admitted into private schools. Proper education is instrumental in their success and both of them are quite elated to have received the appropriate guidance to fulfill their long term aspiration.


    Project Butterfly is indeed a milestone achieved in spreading literacy to every nook and corner of the country, to form the backbone of the not-so-privileged kids to fly.  Though the road ahead is quite long and some benchmark needs to be set at each milestone in the long run, victory is inevitable with adequate support from the Government and its citizens.


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