MPower- Working towards a Better Mind

By auther pic. Divya Tiwari

December 11, 2020

MPower- Working towards a Better Mind

MPower Teams Lending the Much Needed Training and Support

Individuals suffering from mental health issues often tend to cringe at the thought of being looked at with an attached stigma. This stigma follows them over years, often, all through their lifetimes, even if they become fully healthy and well after the requisite treatment.

Mental health is not only a sensitive subject to deal with given the nature of issue involved, it also has a large impact on people, given our societal norms and traditions. Being outcast, looked at as an imbalanced individual, not to be taken seriously, avoided socially are some of the responses that are so common in society that they are considered normal behaviour with a person suffering from mental health problems.

Mental Health Needs Acceptance and Understanding

MPower is a unit of Aditya Birla Education Trust (ABET.)It aims to create a society where people with mental health concerns and their caregivers receive professional support, care and acceptance to facilitate their recovery, without facing discrimination.

The organization targets the discrimination towards suffering individuals by society by continuous awareness programs. By such regular awareness programs, slowly but surely one is able to notice a change in the behaviour, understanding, and therefore, the response from the society towards the individuals with mental health issues.

When individuals and organizations alike experience a positive, hopeful future of dealing with mental health, you can confidently mention that you are in the safe hands of a worthy trainer and caregiver.

 A client of MPower is happy to testify, “Over the past 10 sessions that I have attended, I can feel the change in my activities and I feel good about seeking help at Mpower.”

Regular Sessions and Programs Make All The Difference

MPower believes in proactively championing the cause by creating and bringing together specialists, skill, expertise, and a storehouse of knowledge on mental health. With this immense knowledge pool MPowercommissions communities that include families, parents, teachers, and professionals.

The domain leaders of mental health take the knowledge and resources to the communities in form of awareness campaigns, trainings, and guidance sessions. MPower also provides diagnostic evaluations, therapeutic interventions, and psychological counselling to those in need.

With the growing focus on mental wellness, MPower involves influencers from all walks of life in popular awareness campaigns like #RaiseAFlag and #SunoDekhoKaho where celebrities share their life views and struggles with people to convey the message of acceptance and nurturing of an individual undergoing any mental health issue in life.

Dr. Shamala Dupte shares, “With help of this training and support from MPower, our teams will do their best to integrate mental health services in the SRH service delivery so that our clients receive comprehensive quality care in true sense.”

Through holistic care MPower aims at diminishing the dishonour with regard to mental health. Providing world class mental health treatments and interventions, the organizations has helped countless thankful individuals deal with daily life struggles. Helping individuals with the respect and dignity they deserve in society is the noblest of causes, especially if they are suffering ill health intrinsically while facing acceptance issues out in society. The nucleus of the organization has always been to help one individual at a time, giving them the complete attention, care, and treatment or intervention that is needed. Having said that, the strong team at MPower reaches out to the public at large with the same sincerity to create a healthy, balanced society that comprehends that most mental health cases are treatable, reversible, and that individuals suffering from some ailments are at par with individuals suffering from other physiological issues that require treatment and care.

MPower’s Public Outreach Programs Aim at Creating a Healthy, Balanced Society

Another MPower client testifies, ”My son has improved very well after the sessions at Mpower.”

Such messages add to the zeal of the organization that works tirelessly with those who have been suffering in silence because of the fear and stigma attached to mental health in the society at large. Instead of allowing an individual to self-isolate and deal with life alone, we need a society that brings them out to offer all the love and support needed. The empathy and compassion needed to be extended to such individuals will certainly help them recover and cope with their problems at a much faster rate. Support from family and friends also boost confidence in individuals, giving them a different perspective to what they see as an unsurmountable problem.

The tireless efforts of Mpower and its large hearted talented group of leaders helps fostering education where people from all age groups empower themselves with the right perspective towards mental health. It guides them towards a positive, equal, just society devoid of discrimination and bias. It is also instrumental in bringing about change on a policy level where minor changes in the systems and processes bring lasting impact on the lives of people involved.

Whatever the Age Group, MPower works to Make a Positive Difference in Each Life

At MPower people receive the much needed space where they know they will not be judged, someone listens to them, understands them and constructively helps them with therapy or treatment. With takeaways as harmless as home remedies, it is easier to understand that the issue at hand is not of a monstrous size as they often imagine. The encouragement extended to each one helps them overcome every personal battle with ease and comfort.

Organizational support that impacts millions of lives holds credibility as against suffering alone and dealing with a difficult environment. MPower understands the sensitivity of the matter and with seriousness helps people with the lightness of viewpoint it deserves, making all issues solvable with a smile.

Everyone is welcome to join the force by volunteering at any of the various verticals in the organizational structure, given their individual strengths and capabilities. If you are an organization, you can partner and collaborate with the noble mission in more than one ways as well. All you need is the will to support the cause of mental wellness and the countless ways one can approach this subject towards a kinder society.

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