Making Young India self-reliant

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April 29, 2019

Making Young India self-reliant

The Muthoot Group

In India, lakhs of young men and women want to become free, self-reliant and successful business persons. According to a recent survey, at least 83% of the Indian youth want to start their own business. But starting a business is not that easy. For some people, this is easily accomplished with the help of family, friends and financial institutions. But there are many talented men and women residing in small towns and villages of India who are willing to turn their dreams into reality but can’t find the right opportunity.


This is where responsible corporate such as The Muthoot Group came forward and took the onus of initiating programme related to providing formal skill development training to such talented youth. In the year 2018, The Muthoot Group joined hands with Centum Foundation to start the Muthoot Skill India Initiative which was aimed at making such talented youth self-reliant entrepreneurs or employable individuals by imparting them with adequate training. This initiative provided training and certification to 360 youth in the year 2018 out of which 165 youngsters started their own businesses and 124 got private jobs.


In the year 2019, 250 talented youngsters have been given training and scholarships under the Muthoot Skill India Program courses for sewing machine operator, customer care executive and Trainee associate with computer skills being imparted under this program.


Alexander George Muthoot - Deputy Managing Director, Muthoot Group says, - ‘During the 800 years of the Muthoot Family, our prime consideration has been the kind of transformation brought by us in society. As you’ve come to know now that we believe in contributing to society by doing CSR activities and will continue the good work in the future. Being a part of our corporate legacy this is a commitment close to our hearts.’


Abhinav Iyer – Deputy General Manager, Strategy & Marketing says, - ‘As a company, we run by adhering to our 7 fundamental principles and they are - Ethics, Values, Reliability, Dependability, Trustworthiness, Integrity and Goodwill. We are a company which thrives on the trust and confidence that people have in us.’


For Muthoot Group, financial inclusion and CSR are two of the most cherished ideas and close to their heart. Out of 20 business divisions, Education and Healthcare are not for profit divisions, providing education and considering that treatment of illnesses should not be considered a business for monetary gain. The group believes in not earning profits but to serve the people of India and act as a catalyst in their progress.


Meena Sharma – Teacher, Sewing Machine Operations says, - ‘I am training everyone to become a sewing machine operator for some time now and many ladies come here to learn. Someone is looking for a job as they have financial troubles plus they are not educated enough to get some other job. This is an option by which they can work with their hands as a sewing machine operator.’


Commenting on the Initiative, Aarti Chandra – Vice President, Centaur Foundation says – ‘Centaur Foundation conducts CSR programs for Muthoot Group and we have successfully trained more than 600 people till now. Muthoot does not just act as a donor but also takes an active interest in making the CSR program better by introducing timely modifications and conducting discussions with us. One more significant aspect of this program is that it’s also about women empowerment. All our programs culminate in wage employment.


The Muthoot Group has always believed in making the lives of the common people happy and prosperous and this initiative forms a crucial part of this thinking. This special vocational training gives wings to the dreams of the young and the talented.


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