Mankind Pharma's 'Digital Smart Class' Initiative Revolutionizes Rural Education in India

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May 27, 2024

Mankind Pharma's 'Digital Smart Class' Initiative Revolutionizes Rural Education in India

Mankind Pharma

Education is the foremost tool for societal and individual progress, winning battles beyond imagination. A well-educated individual unlocks multiple aspects of his life, propelling the growth of communities toward a brighter future. 


However, considering the access to basic education amenities, bridging the gap between urban and rural communities seems challenging and distant. In recent years, modern teaching technologies have emerged as a powerful tool for access to smart education. Yet, the need for such technologies in rural areas hinders quality education and progress.


One of the primary hurdles in rural India has been the scarcity of schools and higher studies institutions. Various villages lack basic educational infrastructure and amenities forcing students to travel longer distances, often hindering them from pursuing education. 


The problem becomes acute for the people residing in the mountains. It is frequently observed that students in mountain rural areas cross long mountain trails to reach schools. This can negate a student’s interest in education leading to increasing illiteracy. 

Upcoming Educational Technologies

The advent of modern educational technologies has revolutionized education in the rural areas. The introduction of smart classes equipped with smart screens, computers, and internet connectivity has transcended the rural-urban boundary making quality education feasible for rural communities. 


During the COVID-19 period when all schools and colleges were closed, school students especially from the rural regions were provided with tablets and smartphones for attending online classes. A child's prosperity lies in what he/she receives from education as an aspect. Nonchalant attitudes and internal politics in education act as a slow poison damping a bright future.


However, despite the advancements, various rural communities face challenges. Many communities are hoping for a quality education while some are seeking basic education facilities. 


Leveraging technological advancements India can ensure that rural communities don’t lag behind their urban counterparts and ensure that apart from all the socio-economic disparities and geographic localities, quality education is a fundamental right unlocking a brighter future. 


Providing quality education is the government’s responsibility but corporate sectors can extend an arm toward the social cause. Considering the issue and realization of the horizons education can unlock, Mankind Pharma under its corporate social responsibility (CSR) has started taking strides toward quality education in remote areas through its ‘Digital Smart Class’ initiative. The initiative is to negate the divide in education between the urban and rural communities and provide access to quality education for the unprivileged. 

Impact Created

The CSR arm of Mankind Pharma commenced the initiative across three states, Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh, and Uttar Pradesh. The initiative to this date has established 220 technology-equipped classrooms in the remote regions of the three states. 


The smart classrooms are provided with the Kyan system, which can convert any surface to an interactive board thus making learning more interactive and engaging. The classrooms are also equipped with integrated teaching devices and multimedia players for a healthy teacher-student environment. 


The initiative covers 170 schools in 23 sectors benefiting thousands of students in the region. Mankind Pharma also shook hands with educational institutes and local authorities. To maintain sustainability and smooth functioning of the initiative they are providing a comprehensive teacher’s training program and three-year project management to ensure smooth functioning and sustainability of the project. 


Sheetal Arora, CEO of Mankind Pharma expressed her thoughts on how geographical barriers shouldn’t hinder a child’s fundamental right to education. The Digital Smart Class initiative is a stride towards prosperity and freedom from the curse of illiteracy. 


The initiative is the initial stride to provide technology-equipped classes that make studying interactive and engaging. Prioritizing education amid financial and social constraints has ignited a spark, the light of which will surely reach the eyes of other giant ventures. 

Mankind Pharma’s Initiatives

Rural communities often lack resources for quality well-being and education is the aspect already covered. The corporates with an ocean of finances and resources require the realization within. The unprivileged need not lack especially in terms of quality education. 


The initiative is designed in such a way that it impacts communities and thousands of children within these remote communities. The lack of technology leads to limited information, thus a child studying from rural areas always feels a lag when compared with their urban counterparts.


Engaging with local and educational communities has ensured a safe future for the initiative. The company emphasizes its collaboration with the local stakeholders in implementing the initiative and ensuring sustainability and smooth functioning of the classes. 


Mankind Pharma’s Digital Smart Class initiative has filled the cracks separating the remote and urban regions. It has led to shaping up the rural landscape and ensures motivation, sustainability, and long-term impact. Realizing the social differences due to lack of resources, the initiative sets a prime example of prioritizing education and negating the social and financial factors. 

Road Ahead

Literacy is armor for the generational wars to follow, either within or against any force. Therefore, quality education is essential to secure a bright and prosperous future. Amid all the technological advancements and further strides toward quality education, shadows of insufficiency and careless efforts still lurk within the darkness. 


Although we are debating about the methodologies to apply for smart classes to reach remote areas of the country, we are unaware of the fact that establishing smart classes is the next step. The development begins with proper education infrastructures and eradicating socio-economic disparities. 


Mankind Pharma’s initiative serves as a beacon of inspiration, an epitome of a well-served CSR, motivating other major or minor ventures to step forward and lend a hand to the public well-being. Generally, concerns are raised about the long-term functioning of an initiative. 


The firm has strictly slammed all the concerns by providing three-year project management for a long-term implementation. Moreover, Mankind Pharma underlines the major aspects of inadequate education, thus ensuring further expansion of the project the company highlights the positive impacts on student’s learning outcomes and prospects. 


The success story holds evidence that apart from just marketing profits, a corporate initiative with its hands full of resources can serve unprivileged communities to transform educational practices and empower the youth.

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