PPHF - Leading by Example in a Covid-19 Hit Nation

By auther pic. Divya Tiwari

October 15, 2020

PPHF - Leading by Example in a Covid-19 Hit Nation

PPHF helps the under privileged communities with supplies like bucket, mug, sanitary pads, masks made by self-help groups, soaps etc for health and wellbeing

People to People Health Foundation (PPHF) has emerged as the front running warrior during the Covid-19 pandemic spread across the length and breadth of India.


The organization has been tirelessly working at both the national and sub- national level with the government health system as well as community on COVID 19 response. Their efforts include strengthening of the health system infrastructure by supporting with high-end ICU and fowler bed, other medical and non-medical resources for setting- up dedicated COVID 19 units. In addition, PPHF makes sincere efforts in prevention and control of infection amongst the vulnerable and potential groups by taking the following measures, amongst others:

· Medical and Non- Medical essentials distributions

· Promotion of hand hygiene practices through installation of foot-operated handwashing stations

· Safety kits provision


These susceptible groups include the urban slums, food handlers, policemen, migrant families, and healthcare workers.


Other than these short- term responses, PPHF is now also focusing on establishing long-term community and health system resilience programs addressing the potential hard-hit areas like nutrition and food system focusing on children and mothers from underprivileged communities.


PPHF CEO Dr. Laxmikant Palo says,” The COVID 19 reminded once again on our aspiration, “health for all.” The pandemic has really geared us up in that direction and I am sure that if we maintain the momentum and work in collaboration, we will bring about a paradigm shift in the health services and our preparedness for global health emergencies. PPHF is committed to work on it!”


PPHF is focusing on the following 5 areas on COVID-19 in India:

1. Strengthening the health system infrastructure by providing life supporting medical equipment and supplies to COVID-19 hospitals and Quarantine centres;

2. Supporting healthcare workers on infection prevention and control;

3. Supporting hygiene promotion activities in the community;

4. Providing safety kits to community; and

5. Building Resilient Community Health Systems through the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.


PPHF is working with the Government of India at the Central and State level on COVID-19with support from its corporate and foundation partners. The organization is contributing its knowledge and skill across various States during the Covid-19 pandemic.



PPHF has been working directly with the State Government and Central Government hospitals to establish dedicated COVID-19 hospitals. In addition, it has been fulfillingthe following ongoing requirements:

· PPE kits,

· N-95 masks,

· High-end motorized ICU beds,

· Sanitizers,

· Automatic sanitization dispensers,

· 3 ply masks,

· Thermal guns,

· BP apparatus.


A 130- bed facility has been established exclusively for COVID-19 patients in Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital (RML), Block1 & 2 which includes 30 ICU and 90 Isolation beds set up. RML is a nodal COVID-19 centrefor Delhi and surrounding cities where these facilities are being utilized to 100% till date.


RML Hospital, Delhi has 30 ICU and 90 Isolation beds exclusively for COVID-19 patients

PPHF has also supported Safdarjung Hospital and Lok Nayak Jai Prakash Hospital with essential medical supplies and protective equipment to manage COVID-19 well and prevent the spread of COVID-19 amongst healthcare providers.


PPHF, in collaboration with the local authorities of Delhi, has successfully installed around 35 foot-operated handwashing at variousstrategic locations of Delhi. These include Government schools, police stations, Mohalla clinics, and urban clusters. These locations have been mapped by the Government officials to drive hygiene practices among vulnerable population in the community to prevent COVID-19 infection.


People to People Health Foundation, (PPHF) collaborating with state governments and local administration at the district level to work out effective local hash washing solutions that fit in the rural and urban slum communities.

PPHF has partnered with the local governance system of North West Delhi to install 35 hand washing stations at various strategic locations like Mohalla Clinics, Urban Clusters, Government Schools and Police Stations in Urban Slums of Delhi.


The innovative foot operated stations eliminate the need to use hands to operate the machine. More importantly, it minimizes the water consumption as water is not required during the scrubbing phase of hand wash. PPHF aims at reaching 500,000 people with this initiative.


Saving water, blocking fomite transmission and saving lives through the innovative foot operated machines.


PPHF has collaborated with the State Government and NHM Karnataka to strengthen the support for prevention and management of COVID 19. As part of this effort, KandhayaBhawan, Ramanagara District has been developed as dedicated referral hospital for COVID 19. CV Raman General Hospital of Bangalore has been equipped with ICU beds and various other essential medical supplies and protective equipment. Various locations like crematoriums and police stations are being identified in Bangalore for installation of hand washing stations and promotion of hand washing behaviour to continue supporting the beyond COVID 19 WASH related challenges. The Honorable Health Minister of Karnataka has appreciated the contributions and support of PPHF for the same.


PPHF collaborated with Government bodies to establish a Covid-19 dedicated referral hospital at KandhayaBhawan

The organization is also supporting the Government on prevention and strengthening the screening process for COVID 19 by supporting installation of screening kiosks at the Bengaluru airport and across the fever clinics in Bangalore and Bidar District. Post unlocking of the Lock down, Bengaluru is experiencing a huge inflow of passengers who are coming back from their hometowns to join work or vice a versa. To ensure quick and effective screening, these kiosks will help in speeding the process of screening without putting the healthcare providers at risk of infection. This is made possible by ensuring the kiosks to be closed compartments with extension to take samples without coming in direct contact of individuals.



Jharkhand State has seen a sharp rise in COVID-19 cases over the past few weeks mainly due to inflow of migrant workers. PPHF with support from B4U partnered with Vikas Bharti Bishunpur, to support the influx of migrants in Jharkhand. PPHF has supplied safety kits (bucket, jug, ORS sachets, reusable masks, soap bars, sanitary napkins) to the 300 migrant families in Gumla District of Jharkhand. The project engaged the local self-help groups (SHGs) for making and the supply of masks.


Safety kits being distributed to migrant workers


PPHF has been working at maximum speed to help the pandemic hit State of Maharashtra. The organization is constantly monitoring the equipment needs from these hospitals to provide continuous support. The following is the list of multiple COVID-19 designated hospitals in Mumbai and Pune that have been equipped with ICU beds, PPE kits, N-95 masks, 3 ply masks, among other essential items.

· Seven Hills Hospital

· Bombay Municipal Corporation

· Kasturba Hospital

· Civil Hospital, Thane

· KEM Hospital, Parel

· St. George Hospital

· Sasoon Hospital (Pune)

PPHF provides undying support to hospitals in Maharashtra with essential medical supplies

PPHF COVID Response Fund (PCRF):

PPHF deeply acknowledges its valued partnerships with corporate, institutional, and individual donors who have been funding to PPHF COVID-19 Response Fund (PCRF.) The PCRF has and continues to play a critical role in responding to COVID-19 outbreak. To date, in response to COVID-19, PPHF has received funding from Wipro GE Healthcare, Cognizant Foundation, Garrett Advancing Motion, Goodera, FICCI, Wipro Foundation, Becton, Dickinson and Company, B4U Music, CSR Box, Vikas Bharti Bhishunpur and individual donations.


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