Providing adequate macro and micronutrient to malnourished people via CINI Nutrimix

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November 25, 2021

Providing adequate macro and micronutrient to malnourished people via CINI Nutrimix

CINI Community Initiatives

CINCOMM works towards the healthy growth of the underprivileged   community through solutions that would also create social entrepreneurship opportunities for the community people. CINCOMM believes in co-creating such solutions with institutional and non-institutional value partners that can be integrated well into the national level institutional development programs resulting in sustainable impact. CINCOMM presently leads an integrated solution towards proper nutrition for the underprivileged population. The solution strengthens national nutritional programs like ICDS through centralized as well as community-based production and supply of supplementary nutrition – CINI Nutrimix, as well as pre-consumption (assessment, awareness, and training) and post-consumption (monitoring, analytics) services.

CINCOMM has the dual mission of creating community-centric, social venture opportunities that can strengthen CINI’s mission of ‘sustainable development in Health, Nutrition, Education and Protection for the woman and child in need’. CINI Community Initiatives (www.cincomm.in) is a sister organization of the Child in Need Institute (CINI). It is a Section 8 not-for-profit Company registered under the Companies Act 2013, India.  CINCOMM has been incorporated to strengthen CINI’s mission through the creation of social entrepreneurship opportunities for community people.  

CINI Community Initiatives offers inexpensive natural products with nutrients that fulfill main and supplementary diet requirements.  CINI Nutrimix is the primary product born out of a scientific conviction deeply embedded into the Indian social context.  CINI Nutrimix is a holistic food supplement designed to be applicable for people belonging to diverse age groups and has undergone a range of development to make the product more and more appropriate for the beneficiaries.   CINI Nutrimix comes with rice flour variant, as an alternative of wheat flour variant, where the product is designed for an individual suffering from Celiac Disease.  Further, CINI Nutrimix is available with options of Sugarless variant, Semi-Sweet applicable for people suffering from diabetes.

CINI Nutrimix is an organic mix of multi-grain ingredients containing no added preservatives. Other variants of CINI Nutrimix are also manufactured with assorted natural identical flavors and designed premix micronutrients added to the base. CINI Nutrimix is a calorie-dense mix of cereals, pulses, and sugar perfectly processed and blended with Double Fortified Salts and portions of Vitamin & mineral premix.

A cost-effective, scientifically designed Nutritional Supplement- CINI NUTRIMIX made from natural, indigenous products can fulfill main and supplementary diet requirements providing food and nutritional security. It is a holistic food supplement designed for diverse age groups, ethnicity, and cultures that can be easily customized for therapeutic uses. This has a rich source of micronutrients available from natural food sources along with predesigned premixes as per RDA. On average, per day consumption for CINI Nutrimix for a child of 6 years is less than Rs.10.00 per day which provides 15% (approx.) and 7% (approx.) of the total calorie and protein requirements respectively making it an effective, affordable nutrition solution. The approach followed ensures food and nutrition security, replenishing the nutritional demands during the crucial times for growth during the life cycle helping in the upliftment with the provision of a positive outcome of the future health potential. 

Post Administration of CINI Nutrimix and intervention by CINCOMM , positive anthropometric changes of recipients are recorded in government and non-government sectors with satisfactory results for malnutrition, pregnancy, lactation, active Tuberculosis cases, and general growth promotion. The community, especially women along with beneficiaries & caregivers included in product manufacturing and product usage have shown evolved nutritional awareness, capacity & skill-building, social status upliftment, and promotion of socio-economic welfare. 

One case study which stands out in this context is the story that started on a cold January morning on the pavements of Rafi Ahmed Kidwai Road -Pinky Khatoon was found in the busy pavements of Rafi Ahmed Kidwai Road by one of the field volunteers of the organization.

Pinky was in her first trimester staying with her mother and two small kids who barely could manage a day’s meal on the streets. Deserted by her husband, Pinky was severely malnourished, the other two infants majorly depended on breastfeeding as their source of food. CINI CINCOMM came forward to try and make a difference. Along with medical care, she was offered a regular supply of CINI NUTRIMIX. CINI NUTRIMIX ensured Pinky received a comprehensive supplement of macro and micronutrient requirements. Finally, the effort culminated when Pinky gave birth to a healthy child with a healthy weight. CINCOMM continued nutrition support to Pinky and her family after that as well. 

The 3 SDGs of Zero Hunger, Good Health & Wellbeing, and Decent Work and Economic Growth are the main pillars of ideation behind CINI Community Initiatives. Proper dissemination of knowledge of holistic nutrition through regular training and awareness programmes makes the beneficiaries a knowledge hub for further knowledge sharing. The programmes are well documented from planning to execution, and it acts as a database for future implementation. This helps every programme by CINCOMM be replicable and scalable with a bigger number of populations. 

The leadership team of CINI says, “At CINCOMM for the last 10 years, it has always been our endeavour to be able to provide affordable and indigenous nutritional solutions, with a focus on micronutrient fortification, to the ones in this country who need it the most, our women and children. Malnutrition continues to be a problem that ails our nation, and it has just been made worse by the pandemic with the rise in economic and food insecurity among the underprivileged. The success story of Pinky Khatoon reaffirms our belief that we can turn around the health and life trajectory of many more such people like Pinky and her children, through our concerted efforts and well-designed scientific solutions. In the next few years, it would be our aim to collaborate with more NGOs and CSR organisations to expand our reach beyond West Bengal, Jharkhand, Odisha, and Assam, and create a greater impact. At CINCOMM through our product and programme, we will continue to strive towards alleviating the woes of malnutrition and its related issues.”

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