Reacha: Reaching Out to Make a Difference in the Lives of the Needy

By auther pic. Shilpa Tiwari

July 19, 2021

Reacha: Reaching Out to Make a Difference in the Lives of the Needy


When a young IAS aspirant decided to become a teaching faculty in a nearby school, he had hardly imagined he would be instrumental in making policy decisions in the domain of Corporate Social Responsibility – right when the government was finalising the CSR policies – someday. Mr Nikhil Pant, CEO, Reacha, had already learnt the ropes of working for Team Reacha as a young volunteer, right after his college days. He also understood the implementation as his greatest value add the organisation had to bring to his life, right from the start. He was transformed “from a civil engineer to a social engineer and Reacha gave me that platform,” eventually. 


Reacha, a non-government organisation had formed when a group of technocrats, educationists, scientists and bureaucrats aimed towards a common and a meaningful purpose that was dedicated towards the benefit of enabling the marginalised with government schemes. Ever since its inception in 1992, Reacha is known for its efforts in empowering people with a variety of schemes proposed by the government that never reached-out to the said target. 



The young changemaker Mr Pant, already enrolled in implementational activities via Reacha, also got hands-on experience while working for Tech Mahindra Foundation. However, the turning point for him was an invitation from authorities who were working towards Company Bill 2013, to join them to consult over policy matters. All in all, he was now ready to get into the policy making aspect of the entire CSR roll-out of 2014. It was “a historical change in the way developmental sector works in the country” which he was about to be a part of.


Gradually and slowly, the implementation aspect of Reacha had covered the entire gamut of social development sector, including agriculture, rural development, education, health and family welfare. However, Reacha devised its own programmes too - along with delivery methodologies – based on the needs of the local communities. 



Just as the entire network of NGOs, Reacha too, as an organisation, has been through major challenges and changes in the implementation in the past four decades. Besides being much more structured as on current date, the CSR policies have correctly empowered the corporations as well as the NGOs towards benefitting the communities at large. Possibilities of CSR policies having the seeds of national integration are one of the many benefits that this can help achieve – in times to come, said Mr. Pant. 



Team Reacha has combatted the pandemic in the right stride and is making huge efforts towards the current times of COVID 19. Five states are supported by Reacha to assist government hospitals in tandem with corporate CSR. Moreover, team members offer continuous support on-ground to many existing programmes, especially designed to benefit communities such as assisting India Army with providing masks, sanitizers and PPE Kits. The team also helps in enabling market support for local women who produce masks. 



REACHA is working closely with donors, governments, vendors and local communities with a means of a 24*7 taskforce that ensures that the out-reach is continuously maintained to reach the targeted destinations at the earliest, said Mr. Pant.    


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