Relentless effort & Incredible Impact: Pfizer collaborative leadership in times of Corona

By auther pic. Faiza Ruksar Arif

June 16, 2020

Relentless effort & Incredible Impact: Pfizer collaborative leadership in times of Corona

Pfizer’s team on makes their distribution drives in Goa

"If the pandemic represents something, it is a demonstration of our fragility. Something that you can only see in a microscope has put us on our knees," U.N. Secretary-General António Guterres said during an interview with All Things Considered. "And that humility should lead us to solidarity and unity." The COVID 19 pandemic and lockdown has hit us like an earthquake – abrupt and devastating – leaving many homeless, hungry, and poverty-stricken in its wake. With it comes an uncertainty induced panic among the masses – with fear everywhere … fear of the unknown, fear of growing unemployment and crashing markets, fear of the homeless and the hungry, fear of social polarization. But in this darkness, there is light too… a glowing glimmer of hope, set ablaze by NGOs, pharmaceutical companies and organizations, government bodies, and everyday civilians who continue to extend their support, donations, and kindness to those suffering. At the forefront, leading this relief activity is the global pharmaceutical giant- Pfizer Inc.


The pursuit of innovation is embedded within Pfizer's culture having shaped their strategy, defined their purpose, and governing every facet of their operations – ranging from research and development (R&D) to pharmaceutical inventions and their response to the changing marketplace. Thus, with the rapid advancement and spread of the COVID virus across, Pfizer ushered in a 5 point plan – novel, scalable and sustainable promises and initiatives that will help bring forward therapies and vaccine to combat and protect humankind from the escalating pandemic and prepare the industry to better respond to future global health crises.


The meticulous five-point response plan curated by Pfizer begins by sharing tools and insights. Given the scarce knowledge currently available on the virus, Pfizer is committed to making the vital tools developed available on an open-source platform to the broader scientific community and share the data and learnings gained with other companies in real-time to rapidly advance therapies and vaccines to patients. Secondly, Pfizer recognizes the value of human capital and has stressed on the importance of marshalling people - thus creating a SWAT team of leading virologists, biologists, chemists, clinicians, epidemiologists, vaccine experts, pharmaceutical scientists, and other key experts to focus solely on addressing this pandemic. The third point on the '5 point plan' is Pfizer's analytical thrust – which is to apply their drug development expertise and capitalize on their veteran status in the health sector to share their clinical development and regulatory expertise to support smaller organizations working on solutions. Furthermore, Pfizer is committed to using any excess manufacturing capacity and potentially shifting production to support others in rapidly getting these life-saving breakthroughs into the hands of patients as quickly as possible. Lastly, the response plan has also etched out the need to improve future rapid response protocols. Pfizer is reaching out to federal agencies including NIH, NIAID, and CDC to build a cross-industry rapid response team of scientists, clinicians, and technicians able to move into action immediately when future epidemics surface.


Embodying this five-point philosophy,  Pfizer India and its CSR wing continues to focus on applying science to successfully make available a vaccine that can help save the lives of millions across the world from this massive pandemic. As a part of the CSR initiatives, Pfizer has been supporting the State and Central government and other healthcare institutions for timely intervention in the ever-increasing Covid-19 cases.


A large part of Pfizer India's COVID relief work comprises of aiding and supporting the government in its ongoing initiatives. Headquartered in Mumbai, Pfizer India has been working with the Government of Maharashtra – particularly the MCGM Disaster Management Cell along with the Health Department to ramp up the testing and isolation facilities. Furthermore, the conglomerate has donated five state-of-the-art ventilators to be installed at the three hospitals -HBT Trauma Care Centre, Jogeshwari; Bhabha Hospital, Bandra; and Rajawadi Hospital, Ghatkopar to facilitate improved care and increased testing. Another noteworthy activity of the Pfizer CSR wing has been its response to a special request put out by the Govt. of India, where Pfizer has donated 75,000 tablets of Trulimax 500 mg (Azithromycin) to HLL Lifecare to support the government in their COVID-19 relief efforts. Another collaborative effort between the Maharashtrian government and Pfizer India has been to procure equipment support for the Mumbai Police COVID Care and Quarantine Facility. With over 350 Mumbai police personnel being tested positive for COVID-19, there is an urgent need to set up additional COVID care and quarantine facilities. Pfizer is supporting one such facility at Kalina, Mumbai with 75 beds and associated equipment such as oxygen concentrators, multipara monitors, crash carts, ECG machines, etc. Pfizer has also assisted MCGM in setting up a quarantine facility to support COVID patients emerging from Dharavi, in Mumbai. Pfizer is providing basic equipment support including Oxygen concentrators, blood gas analyzer machines, nebulizers, ABG machines, etc required for quarantine facility in the area.

Helping hands in times of Corona: Pfizer distributes basic amenities across Goa

The second commendable segment of Pfizer's response to COVID relief activities in India is its distribution and donation drives. Pfizer has secured over 100,000 N95 protective masks through its NGO partnerships and distributed them among frontline healthcare workers across India.  Separately, in Andhra Pradesh, Pfizer Healthcare India Private Ltd., has also donated 100,000 3-ply masks for public health and law enforcement personnel in Andhra Pradesh. In Goa, Pfizer is working with the Government of Goa and NGO partners and has procured and donated 2000 grocery packets comprising of grains, sugar & other essentials to unorganized laborers residing in the talukas of Sattari & Valpoi in Goa. The third component of Pfizer's holistic and multi-faceted approach and COVID relief initiatives is monetary support within the scientific community through its Pfizer Foundation grant. The foundation has released grant worth USD 250,000 to support initiatives for combating COVID-19 in India.

Helping hands in times of Corona: Pfizer distributes basic amenities across Goa

With great power, comes great responsibility, and Pfizer has stepped into its role as both pioneer and leader in these tumultuous times and has been collaborating across the healthcare innovation ecosystem ranging from large pharmaceutical companies to the smallest of biotech companies, from government agencies to academic institutions to address the COVID-19 global health care crisis. As outlined in Pfizer's five-point plan and it's COVID relief activities in India, the company has demonstrated passion, precision, and exemplary collaborative leadership to protect humankind from this escalating pandemic and prepare the industry to better respond to future global health crises. "We are committed to making the impossible possible," said Dr. Albert Bourla, Chairman and CEO. "In the spirit of the Five Point Plan that Pfizer issued, we are facing this public health challenge head-on by collaborating with industry partners and academic institutions to develop potential novel approaches to prevent and treat COVID-19. Our researchers and scientists also have been exploring potential new uses of existing medicines in Pfizer's portfolio to help infected patients globally. We are leaving no stone unturned as we explore every option to help provide society with a treatment or cure."


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