Sarthak Educational Trust – Empowering the Persons with Disabilities towards Dignity

By auther pic. Shilpa Tiwari

February 19, 2021

Sarthak Educational Trust – Empowering the Persons with Disabilities towards Dignity

Sarthak Educational Trust

A matter of not just reaching out to each and every person with disability [PwD] across the country through information and digital platforms as well as information channels, but a heartfelt pride is felt by Dr Jitender Aggarwal when he sets himself towards quality empowerment to innumerable persons with disabilities' lives, with each passing day, since the year 2008.

Already known to millions of viewers via National television programme as ‘The Karamveer’ of KBC, felicitated by none other than Sh. Amitabh Bachchan of a popular show’s fame, Dr Aggarwal has proven to millions of disabled persons how it only takes solid determination to be the beacon.

Losing his own eye-sight was the turning point in his life when he began experiencing first-hand, the pains and the darkness of disabled people, in his own life.


Speaking about the intervention phases in child health, especially the special needs children, Dr Aggarwal revealed that his identification cum intervention measures for any kind of disability starts as early as when the child is delivered. The trust has already rehabilitated 1500+ special needs children in the Rehabilitation Centres at Paschim Vihar, Delhi, and Ghaziabad. The Trust additionally provides services in the areas of early intervention, inclusive education, skill development as well as sustainable employment.


Referring to the current scenario across government schools, Dr Aggarwal said that “right now the special educator is appointed by the government who visits 20 schools once a month, whereas the call of the hour is to fulfil the needs of special children at all times.” Very soon, he is hopeful, the education system would find an ongoing solution to the educational needs of the specially abled children.

Apart from early childhood education and school education, those adults with disabilities are also looked after in very many ways, including skill-building programmes, based on the format and the norms of National Skill Development Corporation [NSDC].


Digital literacy programme run by Sarthak Educational Trust provides free Digital Literacy Training of 15 days to PwDs. This trains them towards starting their own business or enterprise or enables them to get self-employed. The 15 days programme mainly educates them on a variety of government schemes and loan opportunities available for PwDs. This helps the students getting awareness on how to start small businesses. Digital Literacy on how to use smartphones, how to operate basic computers, how to make online payment teaches them skills that bring them mainstream. In fact, a whole segment of the training is dedicated to overcoming disabilities apart from soft skills, time management and communication styles.


After training and building employability amongst the PwDs, the Corporates are more than happy to hire those trained at Sarthak Educational Trust. The founder is proud to admit that “they are not doing any charity but it’s a part of the corporate policy.” The PwDs have benefitted at large by the crucial efforts of Sarthak Educational Trust by receiving across industry placements.


Abilympics is a programme that is also wholeheartedly promoted by Sarthak Educational Trust. National Abilympic Association of India (NAAI) was formed and was launched to organize India’s participation in the 6th Abilympics to be held in New Delhi and in the subsequent international events.

Health, Education, Skill Building, Employment and Digital Literacy, along with promotion of persons with disability on International platforms, Sathak Educational Trust’s contribution to the empowerment of PwDs has been tremendous. The impact on the beneficiaries has been a life-transforming process and will they will continue to be impacted positively in all times to come.


Dr Aggarwal says, “combination of extreme physical deformity and intellectual steadiness throws a very clear message that physical structure may cause challenges, may make you struggle for day-to-day tasks, but it has nothing to do with defining your potential. The only factor that defines one’s potential is his/her perception of self.”

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