Self Belief: Story of an independent woman-Taetri Devi, benefitted by Udyogini

By auther pic. Smita Singh

November 21, 2020

Self Belief: Story of an independent woman-Taetri Devi, benefitted by Udyogini

Education is the stepping stone towards a good and fulfilling life. It gives one the strength to stand on their feet and become independent. Education gives us hope, courage and the ability to stand up for our selves.


With a literacy rate of 74%, India still has a long way to go. According to the Indian Constitution, it is the fundamental right of every child between the ages of 6 and 14, to receive free primary education. But it is disheartening to know that only 69.5% of the female population has been able to avail this privilege in our country. But there still exists a few unstoppable women like Taetri Devi, who dare to break the societal shackles and mould themselves into inspirational figures.


Taetri Devi lives in Ranchi, in a village named Dandol, with her husband and two grown-up kids. She works as a cook in the local school where she cooks midday meals for children, and her husband is a labourer. Coming from an extremely poor and impoverished background, neither Taetri Devi nor her husband could receive basic education. Due to their lack of education and any special skills, both of them have been forced to choose low rewarding jobs that offer them a meagre income that can hardly make their ends meet. With this limited income, providing a quality life for their kids was something they could only dream of.


Her family has also been through some rough phases when they were forced to spend days without food. On top of all these, there were times and situations when Taetri Devi faced embarrassments for not being capable of reading or writing. As she worked as a school cook, there were times when she would be assigned to procure the basic requirements from the market. But she did not possess the ability to recognize or understand numbers or keep proper purchase records. Thus going to the market was a source of discomfort for Taetri Devi, who often shied away from this responsibility.

Women studying at Literacy Centres

This is when Taetri Devi stumbled upon the Women Literacy Centre that was set up in her village, by the Udyogini organization. Udyogini aims to provide basic education to women and help them to find proper sources of livelihood so that they can earn for themselves. They hold regular classes for women to teach them the basics of maths and inculcate the practice of reading and writing in them. These training classes not only help the women with their education but also go a long way in instilling confidence, strength and motivation to work, to better their living standards.


When Taetri Devi came to know of this organization, despite being a mother of two grown-up kids, she found the strength within herself to start her education at her age.


Taetri Devi has progressed at a swift rate after having joined the Literacy Centre. Her will-power motivates her to wake up early and attend her classes regularly, without affecting her daily household duties. Owing to her cooking duties at the local school, she is unable to attend the full class every day, but she makes up for it with her effort.


Presently, Taetri Devi, can not only read and recognize numbers but is also good. She wishes to improve in Mathematics and do away with her problems in subtraction. What's more, she can now write short stories by herself. She is eager to learn to read longer sentences.


Taetri Devi now regularly visits the market to buy essentials for the school and no longer falters when it comes to transactions. She is also responsible for updating the school procurement register now and can sign off the receipts given by the traders, without any difficulty.

Udyogini supporting women through Literacy Programs

The regular classes at the Women Literacy Centre have helped Taetri Devi gain new confidence in herself. Seeing her remarkable progress, her husband has also become supportive and helps her with cooking at home.


With the newfound faith and confidence within her, Taetri Devi now motivates and urges other women in the village to take up the regular classes at the Women Literacy Centre. She inspires them to become self-sufficient and also encourages them to work towards earning a respectable place in society.


This brave and optimistic woman now wishes to develop a skill in candle making, so that she can work after her literacy classes and earn more to add to her present income.


The regular classes at Udyogini's Women Literacy Centre have proved to be a vital instrument in infusing hope and self-confidence and in helping Taetri Devi in her zeal to improve her life and better her financial condition and her social status in the village.


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