Study Tables from Kidoz inculcate the motivation to study harder amongst rural students

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February 26, 2021

Study Tables from Kidoz inculcate the motivation to study harder amongst rural students


Kidoz, the Kanpur-based company dealing in all types of kids’ return gifts, home study and room accessories, furniture and DIY kits have brought about a great revolution in the lives of the educational masses. Children’s education is the basic right of an individual and has always been of prime importance. However, the kids face a lot of challenges while sitting on the floor and bending forward to read and write. Their quench for knowledge is huge and every support is being provided to help them realise their dreams and aspirations. Educational institutions and schools in the rural areas have been making unprecedented efforts in imparting comfortable education, as these children form the future of the nation and their education is always given the topmost priority.

Study Tables create a huge impact in students

Philanthropists and several social sector organizations along with their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) wings, have come forward to initiate the donation of 3500 tables to some rural schools in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh after receiving the approval from the Department of Secondary Education, Uttar Pradesh and Ekal Vidyalaya. Funding from Kajaria Ceramics and several other CSR funds have helped in getting basic sit-and-study tables for the underprivileged kids, to enable posture correction while studying. Several other donations have been made by Mr Dhruv Khaitan of Neogrowth Credit, Mrs. Suniti Jaipuria of Ginni Filaments and Goldiee Masale in the field of children’s education. Discussions are in advanced stages with J.K. Cement Limited for Corporate Sponsorships to provide sit and study tables to 100 Ekal Vidyalayas consisting of 3000 students in different parts of the country.

Kidoz, a brand owned by Global Craft,  that promotes kids’ furniture and accessories has been the driving force in donating around 1000 tables to Ekal Vidyalayas in Kanpur as it emphasizes on meting out convenience in sitting and studying. Several donations will be received by these schools, in the long run, to ramp up the quality of education amidst complete comfort. This initiative has the potential of creating a great impact in the lives of millions of underprivileged students, who have the aspiration to learn and grow.

The study tables launched by Kidoz, have created a niche around themselves as they are portable, affordable, spacious and lightweight with excellent quality. These tables are made up of sturdy, high quality MDF which is 100% recyclable and bio-degradable. They have 15 mm thick MDF legs, separate compartments for textbooks, notebooks and a pencil slot along with a mobile stand to facilitate online classes during the pandemic. These well-designed tables have made studying quite easy and comfortable, which has given them afn impetus to study even further. 


The Road Ahead

Currently, there are about 245 million children studying in the government schools in Uttar Pradesh, which is expected to increase further in the near future. To keep pace with this growing demand, we need big corporates to donate generously out of their CSR funds. This would help the children of our great nation to respectfully and fully get their right to education. 

These Foldable compact study tables were conceptualized during the peak of the COVID pandemic to give kids comfort while they were attending online classes from home, but on further probe we realized that underprivileged children don’t even have study tables at their schools. These tables would help them maintain an ergonomic posture to sustain long-term education. 

Initially, through personal industry contacts, the promoters of KIDOZ, Mrs. Ashima and Mr.Siddharth K. Khaitan have garnered donations for a humble 3500 tables, they have a further commitment of 4000 additional tables, for which in principal approval from corporates have been received. This will help in augmenting the lives of 7500 children.

Kidoz has designed and manufactured these study tables to be fully functional in terms of size. They have made them foldable to fit in the smallest of corners in the meager houses of the underprivileged children. Each table has been made large enough for a student to keep his book and notebook on the table side by side. The tables are built with top quality/sturdy MDF & have been fitted with ISO-certified hardware. Despite, not compromising on functionality and size the cost per beneficiary has been kept as low as Rs.250/- so that each rupee of hard-earned CSR funds is well spent. We realize, CSR funds, though they come free to us, is money that belongs to the country. 

Further we have kept a small ticket size of INR 2,50,000 (for 1000 beneficiaries). Corporates can donate in multiples of 1000 tables. We want maximum participation from Corporates Small and Big to donate as per their desire & fund availability. We would once again like to appeal to the corporate sector to come forward and help us realize the aspiration of a ‘Spine-stress free’ and comfortable education in India. This donation would give students an impetus to study hard and excel, this will result in uplifting the general well-being of underprivileged masses.


This initiative is designed to impact and bring a big transformation in the lives of millions of students in different parts of India, we have sown a seed in the most populous state of India, Uttar Pradesh. We really wish we get support to nurture this to become a big tree that makes education convenient to one and all across the length and breadth of our vast and diverse country.

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