Tech Class: Bringing Tech Solutions to Classroom Learning

By auther pic. Shilpa Tiwari

October 22, 2020

Tech Class: Bringing Tech Solutions to Classroom Learning

White board attached with interactive keyboard displays projections in an on-going Tech Class

Previous to the times of the world wide pandemic, when COVID-19 had hardly widened its net across the world, very few schools had actually woken up to the reality and essentiality of education technology. Most believed in the traditional system of educating their students where we have only teachers and students, besides heavy bags and books open in front of each. The students were bored, so were the teachers. Most felt the subtle burden of knowledge and were disturbed by an environment that was almost killing the basic curiosity attached to studies and knowledge. Enter COVID -19.


The change in perspective due to pandemic, howsoever forced it may seem, was a boon to the edu-tech company, D-Square Solutions. The journey of D-Square had already started in 2017, when the Founder, Mr. Hardik Chokshi set his heart to bring changes to the education world.As solution providers to all the clients who had opened doors to their products and services that describe well their innovative ideas – D-Square had brought in Tech Class for the students across various schools in Gujarat and the neighbouring states.


Tech Class is all about an idea of providing smart classes to the schools with a view to bring in fun and interaction amongst teachers and students. The idea was conceived with the founder during his job tenure providing smart class solutions. Mr Chokshi sympathised with the current pedagogy of school education by stating, “Not only the technology was missing but student was unwilling to come to school.” Moreover, he found “teachers were facing challenges with monotonous lessons plans and lacking confidence on to be digitally trained.”

 Mathematics can be interactive and fun learning too.

Noticing these pain areas and realising his own expertise on the tools associated with Tech Class, Mr Chokshi began with his start-up initiative. He had already started his contribution to make schools tech-savvy, which is in sync with the current demand during the pandemic. The entire gamut of the schools is going technological and our education system has begun to take a turn towards smart classes eventually. While dealing with many private schools and helping them come on the digital mode, it used to hurt him to see how rural education is lacking on the education technologies. Along with this for Tech class alone D-Square has also consulted more than 350 Government Schools impacting around 1.50 lac students, apart from providing consultation to GIPCL, Welspun and Cybage.


In collaboration with L&T, D-Square Solution has supported their CSR philosophy in order to help students acquire proficiency beyond the text books and that too in an innovative way.This collaboration brought schools on digital platform and mainly focused on increasing the student attendance and implementing innovative and fun interactive school curriculum. It also focussed on teachers training to adapt to new technology.D-Square not only installed the tech classes with required tech infrastructure but also gave the customized curriculum solution as per the need of the schools.


Apart from giving consultation to more than 35 government schools, D-Square has installed 145 Tech Classes having impacted 40,000 plus lives. Some of the government schools of Hazira District included Tenanirang, Dhanshen, Bhandut, Lavachha, and Sonda Mitha Government Schools. The Hazira district schools gave a very positive response saying,"teachers find it easy to relate example when it comes to academic lesson planning. Since learning is linked to photos, maps, animated images and videos students were able to establish strong connection with the teachers and were enthused to answer and participate in class."


Harsh Trivedi, a class eight student gets pretty excited to watch the interactive board, an inherent feature of Tech Class come alive. Tech Class supports enhanced learning with an interactive flat panel, interactive board, whiteboard, and speakers that never make him miss his school. His parents are happy to see his interest in studies growing day-by-day. Gone are the times when Harsh used to get bored even with the thought of school going. He is now set to have daily dose of fun is having fun studying his subjects with introduction of Tech Classes at his school in rural area. Moreover, teachers too are happy to teach with upgraded technology as Tech Class is designed to support teachers and schools to build a healthy and engaging learning environment.

Learning with a difference, technology is fun

Tech Class has worked wonders by bringing the school on digital mode with better academic results. It has helped teachers to reduce the load, teaching in comparatively less time, more time to plan the lessons and hence making the teaching cycle more effective. Of course, students are the real beneficiaries of Tech Class as it helps them learn better in a fun and interactive way.


“Nishant School has partnered with D-Square Solution, says Ms. Forum Modi, Nishant School, Ahmedabad. We have installed 23 Tech-classes in our school we can see the radical shift in the teaching pedagogy and the curiosity quotient rising among the students. Not only the installation but after installation the training services provided by D-Square team has made teachers tech savvy and confident, we are definitely recommending the Tech-Class to our other partnered institutions.” “Our work doesn’t get over after installing the equipment, but the relationship begins after that, says Mr. Chokshi.“Keeping Education Sustainability Development Goals (ESD) we also track the usage of tech class and its impact on students and teachers.We being consultants for education vertical have solution along with the tech class equipment we not only provide the customised curriculum topic-wise and class-wise but we also give quarterly training to the school,” he added.


Sarika Singh is a class four student who looks forward to her transformed learning environments ever since her school decided to introduce Tech Class in her school. Her teachers love to teach environmental studies (EVS) viainnovative toolssuch as short/long throw DLP projectors, white boards, interactive flat panel with oceanic videos that makes the imaginative Sarika wonder if she is actually sitting in her class or sailing with the fish across the oceans. Certainly, Sarika’s parents are satisfied that her child is happier talking about her transformed schooling experience more often than not. Many such schools are clients of this forward-looking organisation andappreciate the intuitive digital classroom approach adopted by the schools.


Mrs. R. Chowdhary, a Geography teacher in government school says, “our students love to study via interactive flat panel that enables them with simple effective touch interactions.”She expresses with delight that “the teachers are able to add notes to a text or a diagram while giving explanations or comments via the on-screen annotation feature of Tech Class.” Additionally, the flat panel also enables the teachers to share the screen from any device and access or save files from the cloud.


“Our partnership with D-Square Solution began a couple of years ago," says Dinkar Naik, from LD High School Lok Bharati at Surat. "They thoroughly understood the problem our teachers and students faced while using the traditional methods of teaching. They came up with their Tech Class product which completely transformed and digitized our school education system." Mr. Naik rejoiced while stating, "with Tech classes coming to our school not only our students became interactive but teachers too experienced the whole new technology driven academic delivery.”


COVID has surely spun the world bringing everyone on the digital platform. D-Square is ready with solutions for Corporate CSR vertical, Rural Education and any other private sector educational institutes. Home learning solutions to students, training teachers on ERP software, collaborating with educational institutions and corporates to opt for online mode of education. As education solution providers D-Square is focussing on student self-regulation methodologies for autonomous learning and involving teachers and parents as per the need and time.

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