Toyam Technologies India- Providing safe and clean drinking water systems

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May 8, 2020

Toyam Technologies India- Providing safe and clean drinking water systems

Drinking water plant

Pure and clean water is the key to healthy living and imagine it being filtered right before your eyes. ToyaM Technologies India introduces a multi-stage Hi-Tech filtration device- ToyaM Water Station, built to provide safe and clean water at a reasonable cost, right at the workplaces, Residential blocks, school, malls, hotels, and institutions. The system offers the value of Triple Bottom Line to society, i.e. Social, Environmental and Economic.

Community plant setup

Toyam Technologies India, founded by like-minded social entrepreneurs, was established on December 30th, 2013. The company is accredited by ISO 9001:2015 and licensed under MSME for the manufacture, delivery, operation, service and maintenance of water treatment facility. Toyam Technologies is striving to bring corporate, NGO and government bodies to assist the country-wide construction of a water purification system.


Toyam is derived from Sanskrit, meaning "water". Water is the basis of our survival, but unfortunately over a billion citizens worldwide seem to have no access to clean water. Water-related concerns are a community's main worry in day-to-day life. At Toyam Technology, we comply with WHO guidelines and IS10500 requirements about the supply of good quality water at a cost which even the poor people can afford. Toyam's priority is on reaching out and fulfilling the SDG targets of clean drinking water.


Villagers Taking water through Smart Card

Toyam Technologies implements a creative and imaginative mix of breaking-edge technology and inventive market strategies to bring affordable and long-term (7-15 years) economically free, healthy and high-quality water to the village population.Around 195 villages of Punjab, Haryana, NCR, Rajasthan, UP, Bihar, Odisha, Karnataka, Maharashtra and Gujarat have been covered Toyam’s communal drinking water systems. According to data, Toyam has benefitted in 195+ community system 6,50,000+ rural population 266 + school system 75,000 + school children.


Sustainable community drinking water system in rural areas, urban slums under CSR, the institutional system for public places, schools etc, water treatment solutions- for mine water, hard water, boiler water, seawater etc., ETP solutions for industries and government, ZLD, ZCR, ETP solutions for dairy, breweries, food park, dyeing, etc. are among the major CSR activities carried out by Toyam Technologies Pvt. Ltd.


The public sector like IOCL, MOIL-Nagpur, Coal India, FedBank Financial Services and NALCO are their big donors. On Corporate side, HONDA Motorcycle and Scooter India Pvt have been the large corporates along with Bajaj auto Ltd., HERO Motocorp, MARUTI SUZUKI, EXL, IFFCO-TOKIO, HSBC through BAIF Foundation; etc.

Toyam Technologies Partnered with Maruti Suzuki


This project is gradually becoming bigger and wider. Through winning this prize, Toyam would encourage many more corporate and also many more villagers to implement community drinking water systems and ensure that over 780 million rural citizens are protected from waterborne disease in the world. Toyam aims to meet and accomplish the SDG goal by 2030. This action would also ensure economic development in rural India and are 100% security against waterborne illness.


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