Transforming the Lives of Marginalized Students with E-learning

By auther pic. Ms.Shivangi Singh

January 27, 2022

Transforming the Lives of Marginalized Students with E-learning

Ladli Foundation

Covid-19 Pandemic has disrupted the learning for more than 1.5 billion children and youth globally. Most students around the world are out of school and using digital / remote learning programs. The situation has become worse and increased the gap in school-based learning and education for Marginalized students. 

At the same time, domestic violence has been on the rise for such children, girls, and PWD’s who are becoming increasingly vulnerable to discriminatory behavior due to the unavailability of Mid-Day Meals, Social development, and child protection services. As per WEF Report, 320 million learners in India have been adversely affected by this and have transitioned to e-learning.

Inspired by Swami Vivekananda “IF THE POOR CANNOT COME TO EDUCATION, EDUCATION MUST GO TO HIM.” and to overcome the challenges occurred by Pandemic, Ladli Foundation Trust came up with this Action-Research project conceptualized to enable the access of Free Digital Education for marginalized students by providing them free Digital Devices with Pre - Loaded E-Learning Content, Material, and 3 Years Premium Subscription of BYJU's APP. for completing their secondary education and preparation for the JEE/NEET entrance exam. 

Through this initiative, over one thousand marginalized students have been enabled with Digital literacy by providing Free BYJUs Premium Subscription and now these beneficiaries have access to e-learning study material, reducing the challenges they face during this ongoing pandemic and the disruption it created in their lives. It has also helped them for engaging in the skills of the new digital world and reinforces learning habits and understanding.

One Such person who faced the challenges of not getting an education due to poverty and lack of resources and struggled lot of such situations was Devendra Kumar Founder of Ladli Foundation, who as a boy was abandoned by his parents along with his infant sister when he was 2, in the slums of Delhi.  While Devendra raised his sister by himself, both of their education was severely compromised. When the time came for Devendra’s sister to be married, many families asked for dowry, banking on the fact that she was not educated.

Unable to tolerate this kind of injustice that happens with all those girls who are uneducated and are from poor families, he founded the NGO, Ladli Foundation.

Devendra explained that through the initiative, we will also target the most vulnerable groups (i.e., people residing in the slums of India and the families who have three or more than three (girls) children. As these families and girl children are the most vulnerable to social injustices, social evil practices, and discrimination, we will prioritize these families). 

The concept has also added some organizations key expertise and essential features for sensitizing the students on various sensitive issues such as Gender Sensitization, Menstrual Health & Hygiene, Wash, Sexual Abuse, Child Rights, Prevention from Drugs/Substance abuse, and Deadly Transferable Diseases / STD's through in different community workshops, fun activities and reward-based competitions to develop an interest in completing their academic education and creating career opportunities in respective fields. 

The project also focuses on motivating the parents of the students to support them in completing their education and not to involve them in child laborer work. Therefore, exclusive interactive sessions and performance incentives for parents are designed to provide a Safe Space to the student.

As per UNICEF’S recent report, the COVID-19 pandemic has not only increased poverty but also put about 247 million children out of schools. The result of that is losing a safe space in school, an increase in child labour, and 100 million girls being exposed to the risk of child marriage. The coming together of BYJU’S and Ladli Foundation will be instrumental in helping the nation fight this educational crisis. 

Having the Special Consultative Status In United Nations ECOSOC, A Statement Submitted by the Ladli Foundation has been published in the "United Nations 2021 High-Level Political Forum on Covid Resilience and Recovery" stating that "Covid -19 Pandemic has been an instrument of change, unexpected transformations, and awakening at the individual level. The idea of resilience and recovery from this pandemic is not something that can be supported with sheer thoughts and beliefs but has to do much more with the idea of real-time implementation and execution of initiatives which support holistic development through Technological Acceleration" hence we believe that Next-Gen technologies and digital learning can play a significant role in achieving all UNSDGs combined by 2030. 

With the support of Ladli’s strong team, we strive to work together and give wings to as many girls as possible. This will truly push us and enable us to reach our dream of empowering more than 5 million children by 2025 said Devendra, Founder of Ladli Foundation. 


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