Tribal Children Benefit on Studies plus Win Accolades at ICO

By auther pic. Shilpa Tiwari

July 31, 2020

Tribal Children Benefit on Studies plus Win Accolades at ICO

Proud winners with raised slogans smile away

Children across the world are curious bundles of joy, too eager to learning and education coming their way in old and new formats. However, teaching a child from a village via digital mode is a unique experience altogether. Set deeply in the jungles of Jharkhand is one such school full of eager children who await their teachers on the digital platform. One of the objectives of eVidyaloka, a not-for-profit organisation is to teach children staying in villages, especially in secluded geographic locations of our country. One such instance is the story of Chengarbasa, Jharkhand.


Chengarbasa is a small tribal village in deep forest area of Jharkhand. Ten online volunteer teachers of the eVidyaloka conduct classes via digital means. This programme is currently implemented by Samajik Parivartan Sansthan (SPS) in order to bring lively online courses to these school children. Mahendra Prasad Nirala, the Headmaster of the Upgraded High School (UHS) is very happy and relieved to see that his students are getting immense support of eVidyaloka mentors and volunteer teachers along with his own School Teachers. "Lockdown is for classes and schools, not for learning. Thanks to eVidyaloka's online platform, children are now learning from home," said the Headmaster.


Cultural interventions keep students’ spirits high

eVidyaloka has its presence in 237 villages and ten states across India. In the process, it has touched 19000+ lives of rural children and the families of rural India. With the aid of volunteer teachers and digital classrooms, the remotely placed children are taught a variety of subjects that are taught in the usual school. In fact, collaborative efforts with local schools have given the opportunity to the organisation to teach their curriculums digitally to their young beneficiaries. The vital support of local communities and Volunteer Teachers from across the globe plays an important role in eVidyaloka’s classes. Lesson plans are standardized and teaching aids are provided for a consistent learning experience. 


Children from government schools are the greatest who additionally benefit from constant mentoring too. Mentors guide them through the subjects and also keep in touch with their hidden talents. This is how they promote students’ hidden potentials on various platforms. One such platform is the International Changemaker Olympiad (ICO) project that saw many happy faces after their participation during the academic year 2019-2020 from Chengarbasa’s Upgraded High School. 


The school readied itself normally to participate in seven social initiatives. However, the practice took to a high level of enthusiasm very soon amongst participating students, wherein seven teams won laurels for their school. eVidyaloka’s commendable mentoring provided only three school teachers who guided and mentored 28 children who were divided into seven teams. The ICO performance happened over the period of five months under various heads.


Yoga initiative participants display Vrikshasana posture with ease

Yoga for Fitness was the first category where the students learnt various asanas or postures. Many of them promised to do Yoga on a daily basis. “Yoga is an ancient Indian practice that keeps us energised and focussed for the day,” said Raj, a participant from class eight. His proud team won the Changemaker Award for Yoga for Fitness at the ICO platform. Students won the same Changemaker Award for yet another participating category which was Use Toilet and Stop Open Defecation. The students were trained on the importance of using a toilet and how open defecation leads to many uncalled diseases and infections that could be easily avoided. The students carried out a road rally and undertook door-to-door campaign that helped the village understand the health issues caused due to open defecation.


CPR round winners at ICO Performance

CPR and Basic First Aid is an essential activity that all students must know. This kind of training was provided to the participants who demonstrated their skills at the ICO platform. The students of UHS, Chengarbasa were proud finalists for the same and were awarded ICO Finalists for CPR & Basic First Aid. Equally important is the role of Hygiene for Menstruating girls. This was an important training that was meted out to the young adolescent girls who realised the importance of care and hygiene to avoid infections. No wonder they actualised it and stood as ICO Finalists for Be Confident Girls in the Menstrual Hygiene & Care initiative. Additionally, a Special Certificate of Appreciation for Personal Hygiene initiative was also bagged by UHS, Chengarbasa.


Enthusiastic children lined up with slogans

Yet another significant initiative was Women Education and Personal Development. The mentors raised awareness on multiple counts in the category of Women Education. Personal development of women is important for the entire family, in case one woman of the smallest social unit is educated. Many such female gender related education and awareness issues were raised amongst the students and tested on the ICO platform. A Special Certificate of Appreciation for Women Education & Personal Development was awarded in this category too.


Last but not the least was the initiative of Reduce Plastic and Use Eco friendly items. Here too the participants displayed a special keenness and competed with the teams. Their efforts and practices were awarded a Special Certificate of Appreciation for Reduce Plastic & Use Eco friendly items. It is not a surprise that UHS, Chengarbasa has been ranked under the Silver Category of ICO. The school is also recognized as one of the ICO 2019-20 top 100 schools amongst 1000+ participating schools. 


The sustainability of eVidyaloka’s projects like Chengarbasa, Giridih, is maintained by the constant support of the volunteers and NGO partners, like SPS, in this case. ICO too played an important role in this project and helped maintain the ‘learning is fun’ level high. Donors on the other hand, keep the project efficiency level high by providing the right means and resources to keep the project running. eVidyaloka’s commendable efforts will continue to impact many more direct and indirect beneficiaries in the years to come.


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