Wild Streets to Secure Home – Amcha Ghar a Safe Haven for Female Children

By auther pic. Shilpa Tiwari

March 18, 2021

Wild Streets to Secure Home – Amcha Ghar a Safe Haven for Female Children

Amcha Ghar

Who would have thought way back in the year 1996 about actually addressing not one but seven Sustainable Development Goals, currently proposed by the United Nation, all at once - that too under a single roof called Amcha Ghar? The literal translation for this Marathi term is “Our Home” which readily demonstrates the quintessential warmth and protection of a secure home situated amidst the lap of nature in village Uttan, next to Mumbai. Topping it all, this otherwise orphanage is a home that especially attends to female children and youngsters, who are left out insecure, without food or shelter, even parents, and are especially vulnerable to the big bad world of Mumbai night streets.



The young lady in Sushila was all charged with passion, way back in the early 90’s and had little else to offer at the beginning of her journey. Finances were a big trouble, so much so that she could hardly take care of some of the girls who were refused education for the lack of fees. Overcoming her challenges, the turning point in her life came with a simple request of her children that changed her perspective entirely and, in that instant, she forever changed into a mother figure from a mere care-taker for the residents of Amcha Ghar.



Threats from hooligans and low financial status did not deter this young lady whilst she strived on her path of victory. The space at Uttan where she finally built Amcha Ghar came as a blessing, along with her husband, Mr. Dias, who was not only supportive but helped her take the right decisions. She recently lost him during the times of COVID-19 pandemic. As her home of four girls grew bigger in number, rising to 100 in the current times, she even decided never to have her own children - so strong was her dedication to the ones she was determined to protect. Moreover, she decided the best education for the girls, who were supposed to be mere street children, mostly belonging to the red-light area.



Today, she is proud to announce that they are able, confident, English speaking girls, having corporate jobs, even married with their own children. Once the girls are 18, they even go for higher education. Some of the girls are MBA, some are doing nursing programmes, some are engineers, some are even working on Ships. COVID-19 was fruitful for Ms. Dias as she expressed gratitude for her children to return home and help her manage Amcha Ghar. The girls are learning the ropes and helping her raise funds, and manage other daily functions as well.



Amcha Ghar is an orphanage that has risen way beyond and above this term itself in many different and unique ways. The home for female children is full of joy, happiness, bonding and camaraderie. “Spread the happiness to everyone, and fulfill your Karma,” is the message given out by Mrs. Agatha Sushila Dias for all those who wish to walk her shoes and lead their lives living for a cause.

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