10 Twitter Handles To Get All the Updates on Information and Technology in India

Information Technology (IT) in India consists of two components -- IT services and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO). The IT industry accounts for 8% of India’s Gross Domestic Profit (GDP) and has the highest employee attrition rate. In the present world economy, India is the largest exporter of IT. 


However, the market is dynamic and keeps changing. There are new policies, new companies, new opportunities and more. To stay updated on these changes, you can follow networking sites like Twitter which delivers these announcements instantly. 


It is crucial to follow only verified and trustworthy accounts to avoid consuming fake news. Here are 10 Twitter handles that share updates on Information and Technology in India. 


1. Ministry of Electronics & IT (MeitY)

Previously known as the Department of Technology, the MeitY is an executive agency of the Union Government. Its vision is to promote e-governance, ITes industries, and enhance India’s role in internet governance. It also includes the development of human resources, promoting innovation and more. 


Why follow? 

This body is responsible for formulating IT policies, strategies to develop the electronics industry. On Twitter, the page shares timely updates regarding the same. With this, they also share invites to talks hosted by experts.  Follow them here. 


2. National Informatics Centre (NIC) 

The NIC is an office under the MeitY responsible for providing infrastructure to help the gov deliver information services.


Why follow? 

The page shares information about emerging technologies, new initiatives taken by the government to support initiatives of digital India. There are updates about webinars, talks and other events hosted by experts in the field.  Follow them here. 


3. Department of Science and Technology 

This is a department of the government that promotes new areas of science and technology. It keeps track of science and technology activities across the country. Further, the dept provides support for research being carried out across the country, in the form of funds. 


Why follow?

Through their tweets, you can stay updated on innovations, innovators, any policy updates in the field of science of technology. The page also reshares work done by other institutions that benefit the country’s advancement in science and technology. Follow them here. 


 4. Department of Telecommunications

This ministry of GOI is responsible for formulating developmental policies to accelerate the growth of telecommunication and digital technology. It mainly grants licences and supports the work of other organisations. 


Why follow?

The page shares updates on laws regarding telecommunication and IT and about the companies that receive grants. You can stay updated on the latest technology across the world, and the page shares information about companies doing impactful work. Follow them here. 


5. Ashwini Vaishnaw 

A member of the parliament, Ashwini Vaishnaw is the Minister of electronics, communication and IT in India. 


Why follow? 

As an official representative, he shares any official decisions taken by him over Twitter. He also shares timely updates on policy changes, grants, new initiatives and more. Follow him here. 


6. Ajay Sawhney 

An Indian politician who is the secretary to the GOI and works as a part of the MeitY. Through his official Twitter page, you can find all the updates about IT and communication in India. This includes policy updates, invites to expert talks or webinars, initiatives taken by the government and more. Follow him here. 


7. Press Information Bureau (PIB) 

The PIB is a nodal agency of the Government of India (GOI) under the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting. Its primary duty is to disseminate information to print, web, and electronic media on government policies, initiatives, and achievements. 


Why follow? 

On Twitter, the official agency shares timely updates regarding public health, agriculture, IT, communication, electronics and more. This includes any changes in the latest projects, COVID-19 guidelines, and more. Follow them here. 


8. Electronics India

An official page of the MeitY that handles all the electronics-related updates in India. The page shares updates related to new firms, their products, innovations or research and more. 

By following them, you can receive curated updates related to electronic and technology-related advancements in India. Follow them here. 


9. Computer Emergency Response Team - India (CERT-IN)

An office within the MeitY that deals with cyber security threats like hacking and phishing towards Indian companies. 


Why follow? 

Through their official page, you can stay updated on the steps taken to strengthen security-related issues for the Indian internet domain. You can also learn about strategies to prevent hacking attacks and even potential cyber threats that you need to be aware of. The page also shares invites to talk or webinars held by experts in the field.  Follow them here. 


10. Press Information Bureau (MeitY)

The PIB is a nodal agency of the Government of India (GOI) under the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting. On Twitter, a specific IT page was launched to share updates about the government wings working in the same sector. 


Why Follow? 

The page aims to disseminate information to print, web, and electronic media on government policies, initiatives, and achievements related to the IT field. Follow them here. 


Roshini Muthukumar

Roshini Muthukumar, a native of Chennai, started her career as a content writer but made a switch to journalism to pursue her passion. She has experience writing about human interest stories, innovative technology, entrepreneurs, research blogs, and more. Previously, Roshini has done internships with The Hindu, Metroplus and worked as a correspondent with The Better India.