5 Free Tools To Build a Campaign for Your NGO

As a non-profit organization are you struggling to make your cause known to the community? Sometimes, it may be hard to garner support through social media or any digital platform. A lack of time, resources, poor organic reach on various platforms could be some of the reasons contributing to dwindling success. 


But how can you prevent this from happening, improve your NGO’s online presence, and garner support from the audience for donations? Through online campaigns and digital marketing. These will help to increase social media reach, get the audience to interact with your work, and spread the word about your mission. 


But sometimes conducting online campaigns can prove to be expensive. Most NGOs have a minimum budget and sometimes none for social media marketing. However, you can still make online campaigns without burning a hole in your budget - by using free tools available online. 


Here are 5 free tools to build and manage a digital campaign. 


1.Free Crowdfunding campaign 

One of the easiest ways to start a campaign for your NGO is through crowdfunding platforms. By taking advantage of the platform’s fundraising and social media tools, NGOs can bring their mission to a larger audience. 


On these platforms, you can create a campaign within a few minutes by sharing details about the work the NGO does, pictures, videos and other multimedia to attract an audience. However, picking the right platform to share your appeal is not an easy task. Some crowdfunding pages are meant for businesses and creative projects, and cannot be used by NGOs. Other platforms may offer only paid options. 


Launched in 2010 by a group of enthusiastic youngsters, Milaap is India’s first-ever crowdfunding platform. It is used as a tool to fund rural projects, healthcare, education and other social causes. Milaap allows users to create strong fundraising campaigns along with pictures, videos, and stories. The platform charges users a flat subscription fee to host you, and does not take any further commissions. 


Once the campaign is live, it is shared with a larger audience through Milaap’s networks on social media. Some of the advantages this platform offers include no additional fee on donations, no time limit on campaigns, and no minimum goal that needs to be achieved to receive the funds. 


If you wish to register on Milaap, click here



2. Free photo and video editing tools 

While sharing a campaign, storytelling plays an important role. NGO’s can engage with their stakeholders through first-person stories. They can highlight the unique work done by them, the impact it had or highlight individuals creating change on the ground. 


These stories can be shared with a wide audience on social media platforms using different mediums like audio, video, and text. As the story gets amplified, more attention will be directed towards your NGO and your mission.


However, professional editing tools may be expensive and not suitable for an NGO's budget. In such cases, you can try 


  • Canva for editing pictures. On the website, you can edit pictures by adjusting the brightness, contrast, and other aspects. There are tools to crop images, add text, borders, and more. There is also a free video editing tool provided by the same website. 
  • WeVideo for editing videos. By signing up with your email address you can access multiple tools to edit videos. This includes resizing, cutting videos, adding music and more.

    3. Free website building tool

    To attract donors and retain their attention, a user-friendly yet creative website is an absolute must. Since people are continuously fed with content, they spend only a few moments glancing through any website or promotional email. So it is important to grab their attention immediately. 


    Prioritise a website that is simple to look at, easy to navigate. Good designs speak volumes about your brand’s professionalism. It is also important to focus on the fonts and colour schemes used for the website. While colours help to grab visitors’ attention, fonts help to set the tone of the brand. 


    These are important ingredients for successful campaigns.


    You can create one for free using Wix. The platform allows you to create an attractive website using various types of fonts, visuals, and attractive buttons. You can also get a domain name for free. 


    4. Free CRM tool

    A CRM tool for NGOs is a stakeholder relationship management system. It is service and impact-oriented and works for organisations of all sizes. It helps acquire more donors, retain volunteers, engage with audiences, and reach all stakeholders with simple tools. 


    It helps NGOs sort and access large databases with ease, keep track of finances, spending, and increase visibility. So, if your organisation is planning to launch a new campaign, a CRM tool is a must. 


    Not only does it optimise work but you can communicate with all your audience through social media posts, emailers, newsletters and more. The tools allow you to schedule content on various social media platforms and share bulk emails. 


    One such tool that is easy to use, has multiple features, and is free of cost is Zoho CRM software. While it is free, there is also a pay-as-you-go option in case you wish to upgrade for more professional tools. 


    5. Social media management tool 

    Being regular with updates on social media is important to retain the interest of your audience. Sharing updates, impact stories, or even resharing another organisation’s work can help to keep your followers’ attention. While doing so, ensure ample use of hashtags and relevant keywords. 


    However, many social media managers struggle to find time and are unable to post regularly. Using social media tools, posts can be scheduled for the previous day or week. This saves time and allows you to prepare content for the following day or week.  


    Using free platforms like Hootsuite you can schedule posts across all social networks. You can automatically schedule your content, review posts, and keep track of the work using a simple calendar view. You can quickly respond to comments and conversations using the same. The platform also gives updates on the latest social media trends, brand mentions and more. 


    Roshini Muthukumar

    Roshini Muthukumar, a native of Chennai, started her career as a content writer but made a switch to journalism to pursue her passion. She has experience writing about human interest stories, innovative technology, entrepreneurs, research blogs, and more. Previously, Roshini has done internships with The Hindu, Metroplus and worked as a correspondent with The Better India.