AARAMBH Trust- Supporting Development for Autistic and Slow Learners

Being the third most common developing disease, autism is not rare. According to international surveys, autism affects around one in every 68 persons and is equally prevalent throughout the world (CDC, 2014). According to this, India is home to more than 18 million autistic people. In India, non-governmental organisations and private entities share responsibilities towards the cause. The National government offers some assistance but it is a fraction of what is needed. Government assistance mostly comes in the form of financial "grants."

In India, parents have high expectations and children are evaluated mostly on their academic performance. It may be quite challenging for parents to even recognise the disorder when they have such high hopes. Children are mocked at school because younger children don’t realise the severity of the challenges faced by an autistic child. Even though it is difficult to realise that there is no treatment for autism, morale should not break down. A person with autism can be positively influenced by the right therapy and the supportive and accepting attitude of those around them.

(Beneficiaries of AARAMBH)

For this cause, the organisation AARAMBH Trust- established in 2011 is dedicated to providing quality sessions, therapy, and vocational training to autistic and slow-learner children. It is the first Autism centre in the Marathwada region. It offers complete care and a happy, dignified, and secure life filled with love, compassion, and achievement-oriented activities to autistic and slow-learner children. AARAMBH also conducts workshops for the parents of these children. AARAMBH Autism centre has consistently offered an integrated platform of intensive personalized care by the staff specially trained in undertaking learning and physical disabilities. 

A systematic process is followed for the enrolment of the students. There is a background check on the family, and their history, and then the student is analysed. The students are consulted by the psychologist and based on their IQ report, family history, and short-term and long-term goal, assessment students are enrolled. After enrolment, students' behaviour is observed for 10-15 days and accordingly the training method / Therapy is decided.

There is a dedicated art zone at AARAMBH for autistic and slow learners. Making DIYAs, paper bags, paper plates, candles, and soap were among the skills that students learn. It endeavours to provide vocation, economic independence, and well-being for autistic children and slow learners. Society, neighbours, and the parents of children with ASD and slow learners can get more than 4-5 hours for themselves as their liability to the child gets reduced. It is also noted that whether the parents are employed or not, their performance at work or at home has improved. The improvement in these students is a source of great relief and happiness for families.

Swaraj Rajput 

Swaraj is 18-year-old, and dependent on his mother. Eight years back when he came to AARAMBH he was hyperactive, spoke very minimal (few words only), had no eye contact, no eye and hand coordination, and no balance while walking. After the consistent efforts of eight years of various therapies, he is now able to walk with balance, he sits in one place for more than two hours, and is now able to speak sentences due to the speech therapy. Swaraj is also a very good singer, he secured first prize in the singing competition- Gunjan. Along with singing Swaraj has an interest in painting, he has painted many beautiful drawings. In January 2020, the Painting exhibition was hosted by AARAMBH in Aurangabad city showcasing all 

the paintings of Swaraj. He passed the 10th standard examination through the National open school in the month of Jul 2020. His parents are happy for all the support given by AARAMBH in partnership with Bajaj Auto Ltd. CSR Dept.

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(Swaraj – Beneficiary of AARAMBH)

Akshay Bagul 

Akshay joined AARAMBH when he was 10 years old. He comes from an Army background and is a native of another state. At the time of admission, he was academically very weak. He was facing the problem of repeated speech. With the therapies and training, he is now able to communicate and tries to speak fluently without any repetition. He has passed the 8th standard examination and this year he has appeared for the 10th standard examination from the NIOS. His parents are very happy with his academic and speech progress due to the efforts of AARAMBH initiative supported by Bajaj CSR.

Currently, 68+ students are enrolled in the NGO. 1000+ children, young and adults have benefitted from the therapy. 750+ beneficiaries are enrolled in the home outreach programme. 500+ benefitted from the online education programme for Asha workers, through the Social welfare dept. 4-5 students have successfully passed the 10th standard and 8+ students studying the normal school syllabus. 2 students completed PACE vocational training and are working in hotel. AARAMBH also works towards parent training programs to create awareness. A special Vocational Training center for ASD Children, Hostel for ASD Children, a Special Education training center, and Café for ASD children as for job placement are future goals of the NGO.


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