Accenture Joins Forces with YouWeCan to Expand Healthcare Access Nizamabad

In India, the state of healthcare facilities hung like a weighty question mark, casting shadows of uncertainty over the lives of millions. It was imperative, almost a moral duty, to address this critical issue head-on. The disparity in access to quality medical care demanded a resolute response, a rallying call for change that resonated across the nation. 


The urgency to obliterate this question mark became a driving force, compelling us to channel resources, innovation, and collective will into a transformative endeavour. This was more than just a mission; it was a pledge to rewrite the narrative of healthcare, ensuring that every citizen could access the best care, unburdened by doubts. 


The pandemic served as a ruthless spotlight, illuminating the gaps that had long existed. The imperative to transform healthcare facilities became not just a necessity but a lifeline in the face of a crisis. As the nation grappled with the daunting impact of the pandemic, the resolve to eliminate this question mark grew stronger, fostering a collective commitment to fortify healthcare infrastructure, ensuring that it could withstand any storm.


A Wave of Change

Yuvraj Singh, the renowned cricketer and a resilient survivor of cancer, ignited a transformative change by establishing the YouWeCan Foundation. This nonprofit organisation, duly recognized under the Bombay Trust Act of 1965, emerged as a beacon of hope in the fight against cancer. Guided by a steadfast mission, the foundation actively promotes awareness, emphasises early detection, delivers compassionate patient care, and empowers survivors. 


Yuvraj Singh's visionary initiative has set the stage for a significant impact, orchestrating a dynamic shift in the landscape of cancer support and advocacy. Through tireless efforts, the YouWeCan Foundation stands as a testament to its commitment, striving to dismantle barriers and bring about positive change in India's public healthcare sector, fostering a brighter future for all in the battle against cancer.


To ensure equitable access to quality and affordable healthcare for all Indians, their initiatives have been crafted to establish the country's public health infrastructure and healthcare distribution network. The primary objective of the organisation revolves around addressing cancer by means of educational efforts, early detection, support for patients, and empowering survivors.


The YouWeCan Cancer Treatment Fund extends a helping hand to eligible paediatric patients fighting cancer, offering crucial financial aid of up to INR 200,000 per child. This lifeline is specifically targeted at patients under 18, hailing from underprivileged backgrounds, and with a household income not exceeding INR 200,000 annually. 


Creating Impact

For survivors of cancer, the Foundation paves the path back into the formal education system through the YouWeCan Scholarship for Cancer Survivors program. Scholarships of up to INR 25,000 per student per year are bestowed, encompassing both high school and college students from economically challenged backgrounds with an annual household income within INR 200,000. Upon joining the program, the students receive unwavering support throughout five years of their academic journey or until their course culminates, ensuring a brighter future.


In the realm of Telangana, a pioneering study was conducted to pinpoint regions grappling with a dire lack of critical care facilities during the COVID-19 pandemic. The investigation revealed Nizamabad as the most afflicted district beyond the state capital, underscoring the pressing need for intensified healthcare resources.


In a profound revelation, it came to light that the Government Medical College and Government Hospital Nizamabad held a pivotal role, not confined merely to the confines of the Nizamabad district but also extending its healing embrace to the neighbouring rural expanses. This far-reaching commitment to service became strikingly evident as the search for local facilities to aid unveiled a deeper purpose.


Positioned at the cusp of the state's boundaries, the hospital's influence transcended borders, drawing in patients even from Maharashtra. Swift and resolute, the YouWeCan team swiftly engaged with the Government Medical College and Government Hospital Nizamabad, their mission being a thorough assessment of exigencies. While the hospital's armamentarium encompassed L1 facilities for COVID-19 patient isolation, the assessment's illumination highlighted an imperative gap: the demand for critical care facilities. 


Accenture Pools In

A symphony of collaboration orchestrated by the YouWeCan Foundation, helmed by the iconic figure of world cricket, Yuvraj Singh, harmonised with funding from Accenture to crystallise an extraordinary transformation. A formidable feat was accomplished: the establishment of a robust contingent of 120 Critical Care Unit (CCU) beds at the Government Medical College & General Hospital in Nizamabad, Telangana. This resolute stride marked a resplendent chapter in the Foundation's "Mission 1000 Beds" endeavour, radiating promise and impact.


The transformative force of Accenture's funding reverberated profoundly as the YouWeCan Foundation orchestrated a symphony of benevolence. A symphony that orchestrated the donation of a comprehensive array of medical marvels to the hospital - BiPAP machines, ICU ventilators, patient monitors, crash carts, and oxygen cylinders - each instrument a testament to the Foundation's unwavering commitment.


Amidst the tumultuous onslaught of the second wave of COVID-19, the words of Yuvraj Singh resounded with a poignant truth – a truth forged in the crucible of shared suffering, profound loss, and the relentless struggle to secure a breath, an ICU bed, a lifeline for loved ones hanging in the balance. 


From the crucible of this extraordinary disaster, a resolve was kindled within him, one that demanded action to shield our healthcare warriors and frontline sentinels in their relentless war against the relentless virus. A personal loss etched the magnitude of this crisis onto his soul, propelling him to stand tall in the face of despair.


Out of this resolve emerged the #Mission1000Beds campaign, an embodiment of their collective will to transcend limitations. They rewrote the narrative of capacity, crafting COVID-19 critical care sanctuaries within hospitals across the nation. The mission expanded horizons and upheld hope, inching closer to the elusive finish line.


Making a Real Change

In a gesture of unparalleled benevolence, Accenture's pledge of USD 25 million (approximately INR 185 crore) resonated as a clarion call of solidarity. A commitment as grand as it was empathetic, a commitment to relieve the burdens of a nation in turmoil. 


To do this, the business is working with a variety of nonprofit groups, including the YouWeCan Foundation. Accenture has also been giving food and COVID-19 at-home care kits to the unemployed and the underprivileged, as well as COVID-19 support kits and PPE kits to frontline healthcare staff. Additionally, it has worked with the government to support immunisation clinics and offer call centre assistance in local languages.


They are trying to put up more than 5,000 oxygenated hospital beds, 30 oxygen plants, and other critical care equipment at public and nonprofit hospitals alongside their NGO partners. They are collaborating with the YouWeCan Foundation to increase capacity at both public and nonprofit hospitals around the nation. 


Together, they will create critical care beds in Rohru and Theog in Himachal Pradesh, Bikaner in Rajasthan, Madurai in Tamil Nadu, and New Delhi as part of the foundation's #Mission1000Beds campaign. They have expanded the Government Medical College & General Hospital in Nizamabad, Telangana, by 120 critical care unit (CCU) beds. Their assistance for this program includes medical supplies for the hospital, including oxygen cylinders, ICU ventilators, patient monitors, crash carts, and BiPAP machines.



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