Addressing the clubfoot deformity in the marginalised community

India is a signatory to Sustainable Development Goals which are an important call for action by all countries - developed and developing - in global collaboration. Goal 3 seeks to ensure health and well-being for all, at every stage of life. 

Many organisations are working along with the government so that India is able to achieve its SDG commitments. 

CURE International India Trust is one such organisation that commenced its service in April 2009 with the aim to eradicate disability caused by clubfoot in India.

The birth of a child brings immense joy and happiness to a home. But if the newborn has any visible birth defect, in most cases anxiety and nervousness start dwelling in the family.  Clubfoot is a birth defect in which a child is born with a twisted foot that turns inward and upwards. The visibility of the defect is so prominent that parents are bound to be worried about their child.  

A similar situation was witnessed by Ganesh and Divya. Ditya was the second born to Ganesh and Divya. Ganesh was extremely happy to know that he had a daughter, but as soon as Ditya was born, the doctors conveyed the news that she is a child with a clubfoot disability. But that was not the only complication. Ditya also had DDH and CDK.  DDH refers to Developmental dysplasia of the hip (DDH) is a condition where the "ball and socket" joint of the hip does not properly form in babies and young children, and CDK refers to Congenital dislocation of the knee (CDK) is a rare deformity presenting itself either as an isolated idiopathic entity or in the context of syndromes like arthrogryposis, myelodysplasia or Larsen syndrome.  Ganesh and his wife were extremely terrified by this news, they panicked and were unable to make decisions. The entire family didn’t know whether to be happy about the birth of a girl child or to feel sad about her physical condition. 

For the initial few days, Ditya was kept under observation. Ganesh and his wife knew in their hearts that they would do everything they could to treat their little angel. Because of the pandemic situation, they waited for some days before they could start the treatment. 

Upon knowing the availability of clubfoot and other orthopaedic treatment facilities at Sion Hospital they decided to visit and understand the procedure. Vipulatha, Cure India staff was there to guide them on the needed course of treatment. Since Ditya had other medical issues, they were given special counselling sessions. Ganesh and his wife were happy to know that their child has hoped to be able to walk and run in the coming future. After 15 castings and tenotomy, Ditya is now wearing the special shoes (Foot Abduction Braces). Soon she will undergo surgeries for other physical conditions Divya and Ganesh are thankful for the support that CURE India has provided to them throughout the course of treatment. 

CURE International India  Trust Clubfoot program utilizes the Ponseti Method of treatment. The Ponseti Method has been recognized by the WHO, the American Academy of Pediatrics, and the Pediatric Orthopedic Society of India as the preferred method of correction and is ideally suited for any developing country because of its inexpensive, non-surgical approach. 

From its inception CURE International India Trust has worked primarily with government healthcare programs. This not only helps CURE International India establish clubfoot clinics that provide care at no cost to families but also allows CURE International India Trust to reach the poorest of the poor. The vision of CURE India is to see India free of Clubfoot Deformity.

Ditya is one of the many children that CURE India has been able to provide service and light a ray of hope. For the last 13 years, CURE India has been able to transform the lives of around 80000 children from all corners of the country. CURE India's vision is to ensure compulsory and complete treatment for every child with birth defects and provide a normal & productive life.


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