Every day is World Environment Day at Tesco

Tesco is one of the companies dedicated to finding myriad ways to work towards reducing the effects of climate change. The organization has been serving society by doing a little better every day for consumers, communities, and the planet. Out of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals by United Nations, Tesco has adopted 5 and worked towards the same. 

  • Zero Hunger
  • Quality Education
  • Decent Work & Economic Growth
  • Responsible Consumption & Production
  • Partnership for the Goals
  • In addition to these sustainable development goals, it has also contributed to the Sustainable Agriculture and Waste Management:

    Project ReWare

    This project by Tesco in partnership with Samarthanam Trust for the Disabled, is aimed toward waste management and reducing the amount of waste that ends up in the landfills and adds to the soil pollution. Project ReWare deals with the problem at hand via three major approaches:

    Citizen Participation: 

    1. Working at the grass-root level and making people aware of waste management benefits. 
    2. Promoting the segregation of waste at source and recycling.
    3. Waste reduction at a personal level and composting at home.

    Multi-stakeholder Participation:

    1. Reinforcing waste collection systems as per the Government guidelines.
    2. Reinforcing Dry waste collection centers.
    3. Reinforcing compactors for segregation of waste and recycling.


    1. Train the waste workers and cleaning personnel to abide by a robust waste management system that includes hospitals, offices, and households.

    Project ReWare aims to achieve a stable and decent income for the waste workers through better segregation of waste and waste management. Over the last 5 months, this has impacted 26,652 households, increasing waste segregation practices by 21%. 

    “Samarthanam has found a partner in Tesco that is committed to understanding the importance of sustainable and holistic waste management to facilitate economic progress” Dr. Mahantesh G – Founder & Chairman, Samarthanam Trust for the Disabled

    Project AgriNext  

    Tesco’s project - AgriNext is based in the Yadgir region of Karnataka and has been working towards mitigating the risks that occur due to the high migration of low productivity of crops. This project in partnership with Kalike, works towards sustainable agricultural development and provides decent work and growth opportunities to the farmers living there.

    This project aims at Sustainable Agriculture by empowering 5000 farmers with soil and water conservation techniques, establishing field schools for farmers, and introducing backyard poultry farming as well as the knowledge of decentralized energy sources. They also help them with necessary inputs, machinery, seeds, livestock, etc. Additionally, they also try to educate the community and inculcate entrepreneurship in them, creating self-employment in the region. 

    Project AgriNext aims to reach at least 5000 women-led agricultural households and helps them increase their productivity by 20-30% and, in turn, increase their household incomes by 50-70k. By far, they have successfully installed 

  • 5 solar water pumps for critical irrigation regions.
  • 10 farmer groups of 172 farmers in total have been established with an aim to save INR 2,06,400 per annum.
  • These efforts by Tesco have been greatly appreciated by D. Shivakumar – Executive Director, Kalike. “The professionalism and timely support by Tesco will go a long way in adding value to the lives of 5000 farming households of Yadgir, Karnataka.

    The CSR initiatives of Tesco fall in line with these goals and have been a combined effort of the organization with many Non-Governmental Organisations working in their specific areas. For instance, concerning the Zero Hunger Goal, Tesco focuses on meal provisions for four sections of society. These efforts have by far impacted 3,00,000 plus lives merely in the state of Karnataka over the past few years.

  • Children - Akshaya Patra Foundation
  • Daily Wage Workers - Rise Against Hunger India
  • Women -Rise Against Hunger India
  • Elderly people - Rise Against Hunger India
  • For the goal of Quality Education, Tesco has been focussing on STEM Education. They provide academically gifted students with scholarships and ensure that finances won’t be a reason for the underdevelopment of brilliant minds. Moreover, they are focusing on Youth skilling programs and have reached 5000 registered students, with over 70% of them who have been placed in jobs with the help of Tesco as of 2022.

    Moreover, Tesco is involved in initiatives that aim toward disaster management, payroll deduction with the Give India Foundation,  water, and sanitation improvements, as well as other volunteering activities that include Partnering with foundations or Non-Governmental Organizations. 

    Tesco employees, and the organization in itself, are all moving towards the shared vision of contributing to the betterment of the community and planet.

    “Our commitment to CSR and the planet goes far beyond campaigns. In line with our global commitment, we aim to reach net zero in our group-wide operations by 2035. From upskilling local youth from marginalized communities to empowering local farmers, ours is a long-term view to help uplift society as a whole.” Nimmi Sebastian – Head Corporate Brand and CSR, Tesco Bengaluru & Tesco Business Services.




    Hiral Badiyani

    Hiral Badiyani is a content writer with a passion for writing and a heart to spread positivity. She completed her Masters in Finance+Marketing and has a portfolio that highlights her interest to explore and learn