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Havells India Limited, one of India’s leading fast-moving electrical goods company that has a strong national and global presence is committed to Make in India. Havells is the only company in the industry to manufacture over 95% of products in-house across its 12 state-of-the-art high tech manufacturing units across the country. Apart from industrial excellence, the company also stands for its progressive ideals of social and environmental betterment.

Anil Rai Gupta - CMD, Havells India says – ‘Havells’ Corporate Social Responsibility has always been guided by the principles of our founder chairman. He believed in the concept of Shubh-Labh. He always believed that once you do a good deed for society, profits would follow.’

Leading the vigil for tomorrow, Havells has embarked on a remarkable journey of social change – an inclusive road to help create a better future for the children of India.

A face among the children from Desula, Alwar is of Amar – who is a happy student of Rajkiye Uchh Madhyamik Vidyalaya. Amar says – ‘I like coming to school, where I get food that I like.’

One of the primary factors affecting education in rural areas is lack of nourishment which eventually results in massive dropouts. Mission ‘Goal to zero hunger’ – a mission to target malnutrition for holistic growth of children like Amar. The company provides nutritious mid-day meals to over 60,000 children across 693 schools daily in the district. These sumptuous meals are prepared under hygienic conditions, expert supervision and then neatly packaged and timely delivered to the schools. A dedicated team of delivery vans and personnel transports these containers of meals to schools covering the entire expanse of the district. Some of these schools are located in farthest of areas where vehicular access is impossible and the company ensures timely delivery to all such locations as well. Faces like Amar stand testimony to the improvement in academic performance and the sheer enthusiasm they displayed towards education and their future.

Mr. Anil states- ‘Havells started its CSR way back in 2005, much before the mandated CSR came into practice. We started the mid-day meal program at Alwar with a mere 1500 children who are now serving 60,000 children in the same district.’

Bimla Devi Gupta – Teacher, RUMV, Desula says – ‘Mid-Day Meal has benefitted these students. They have started attending school regularly. Earlier lack of nourishment caused diseases which resulted in absenteeism. Now we don’t have any of these problems.’

A safe and sanitized space helps foster education and results in the progressive growth of an entire community. Havells India addresses the crucial issue of sanitation by educating students about proper hygiene by constructing bio-toilets in Government schools of Alwar. They regularly maintain these bio-toilets and sensitize students.

Education is holistic and must comprise reformist ideas that can propel change. In its bid to strengthen the morale of adolescent girls who are standing at a crucial threshold in their lives, the company has brought in a wave of change through a series of workshop for sensitized education, conducted across schools of Alwar. These workshops impart the complete knowledge about menstrual cycles and help debunk myths and stigma that hinders the presence and consequently the growth of these girls. At the same time, these sessions help in creating and empowering changes at the grassroot level, instilling a fresh breath of confidence and optimism.

Moving beyond strengthening environment inside schools, Havells India is paving way for a bright, clean, and green future. Understanding the significance of increasing green cover for our planet for tomorrow. The company has been planting saplings through initiatives such as ‘Kanya Upvan’ in Alwar to provide healthy air and green environment to the children. Under this initiative, two lakh trees have been planted across three villages near Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, and Neem Rana in Rajasthan and are maintained by Gram Panchayats. These sustained efforts would change the face of drylands remarkably and would help bring about an ecological balance.

Working with the motto of zero waste, the company has been setting up carpenter units across all its units in the country to recycle wood waste to provide benches and tables for schools.

Havells believes in strengthening the roots by giving the generation ahead of a legacy that speaks of the rich heritage of the country. To do so, the company has undertaken the conservation of historical monuments ‘Sabz Burz’ located at Humanyun’s Tomb in New Delhi. This initiative has brought in local artisans whose predecessors worked on these magnificent buildings centuries ago. This restoration process incorporates meticulous research and high attention to details. Also being set up is the interpretation center at Humanyun’s tomb which has been designed as a gigantic learning center of a century. This center will allow a better understanding of art and architecture more significantly; explain the pluralist cultural traditions that define ‘Hinduism’ culture in contemporary experience.

Building a great future requires skilled workers. Extending its umbrella of inclusive growth and social change, Havells India has partnered with ITI Assam, and ITI Pusa Road, New Delhi to set up skill development centers where students can receive modern hand-on training. These skill development centers attract students from all over with dreams and aspirations.


Enabling progressive and hygiene living; conserving history from empowering centers of learning to boost the skill proficiency of the nation. Havells India tirelessly continues in its pursuit to nurture the children of this country who all walk now towards their cheerful and glorious future.

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