Improvising Quality of Education by School Transformation Program-An initiative by Moinee Foundation

Schools are the most common vehicle for structuring student learning, and it has always been a struggle to improve on the present model of the school structure. Therefore, we are motivated to provide large-scale, unique solutions, while change is occurring in the education system, a 'transformation’ is required for the schools as well.

The School Transformation Program, started by Moinee Foundation, under the umbrella of Project Utkarsh, is one of the solutions for improving the learning ecosystem in government and government-aided schools.

Smart-Class Access under School Transformation Program

Moinee Foundation, founded in 2012, is a non-profit organisation that focuses on education through technological and social innovations, in collaboration with government agencies, educational institutions (schools, colleges, and universities), and local communities.

The School Transformation Program is a one-of-a-kind intervention programme that aims to transform current government/government-aided schools into model schools by improving facilities and fostering an innovative learning environment. 

The programme has evolved by initiatives to have a multi-dimensional influence on the Learning structure at government schools and ensure that it can self-sustain when the transition occurs. The programme has identified three primary pillars on which it concentrates to work upon: 

  1. Joyful and Activity Based Learning Environment
  2. Smart Learning Ecosystem
  3. Innovative and Engaging Intervention

The initiative assists schools in upgrading their infrastructure in areas such as ICT labs, restrooms, water facilities, libraries, plantations, and civil improvements. With the help of "offline content server – School-In-A-Box" & "Tinkering Kits," the programme also supports schools in developing an innovative learning ecosystem around to engage students in skill imparting, hands-on activities, exposure to the best learning content, motivation, social & soft-skills, and other practices. The programme also focuses on trainers' regular involvement in capacity building.

The Improvement in Basic Infrastructure of Schools which helps in creating a positive learning environment, innovation in the Teaching-Learning process, Revival of ICT Labs to ensure optimum use for e-learning, Accessibility of Smart & Digital Learning without internet dependency, Digitally Empowered Students & Teachers and Remotely monitoring participation and performance of students through the dashboard and regular assessments have been the anticipated outcomes from the school transformation initiative. 

Infrastructure development in Govt. School

The Moinee Foundation is a one-of-a-kind organization that brings together government bodies, educational institutions (schools, colleges, and universities), and digitally disconnected communities to transform government schools into model schools by improving physical infrastructure for a healthy and playful learning environment, creating a smart learning ecosystem through digital infrastructure, and providing enhanced teaching-learning experiences through innovative and engaging pedagogies. Locally, maximising the potential of learning environments by combining digital-based learning with techno-social innovations and interventions. 


  1. ICT Lab Revival - team members visit schools to assess and identify gaps in ICT Labs (condition of PCs, power supply, floor & wall condition, patchwork requirement, or any other enhancement needed). The required work is done to resuscitate ICT Labs for students based on the inspection data gathered.
  2. 'Offline' Knowledge Server contains some of the greatest learning content from all over the world, such as Science and Math Simulations, Visual Programming Tools, Typing Tutor Tool, Curiosity-based TED-Ed movies, concept-based interactive learning, and so on.)
  3. Green School - Environmental and sanitation-related activities and seminars are held regularly. The focus is to make every kid aware of the importance of hygiene, the environment, and community service.
  4. Employee Engagement - Because the majority of the employees are professionally competent, the program's employee engagement focuses on and execute "skills-based volunteerism." STEM-based accredited training includes e-learning, DIY activities, social/emotional subjects, sports, and plantation engagement.
  5. Smart Class Activities - Smart-class activities are held regularly in the revitalised ICT laboratories. Teachers will be able to provide students with learning activities and evaluations, as well as track their progress at various levels. This system may be connected with the school's online configuration on Quiz Academy via a teacher app to make the most of both the offline and online worlds.
  6. Tinkering Kits for Robotics & Do-It-Yourself Projects - Every school is given a personalised tinkering kit to build up a creative, do-it-yourself tinkering room to promote learning-by-doing.

Improvement in Quality Education in Govt School


As of now, the initiative has been implemented in 97 schools throughout five major Indian states (Karnataka, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Rajasthan, and Bihar), benefiting more than 40,000 students per year, starting 2019. Improvement in Attendance, improvement in Student Participation level, improvement in Academic Performance, increase in Scientific temperaments and improved Physical Activities have been the observed outcome of the program. 

In the last 9 years, Moinee Foundation has worked with over 1800+ govt schools and 184 remote & underprivileged communities across 22 Districts in 11 States. Have served 7,50,000+ students and 13,000+ teachers through our various intervention programs and solutions. Since June 2020, Foundation has expanded its domain scope to other sectors such as health, and rural development.



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