Rehabilitating and Restoring Broken Lives

Chaiim Foundation’s mission is the Restore and Rehabilitate trafficked survivors back to community and life. The goal and objective of the project are to provide employment to young women rescued from vulnerable situations (typically human trafficking) and to provide income for survivors of human trafficking to facilitate their successful transition to society and to the community. On-the-job training is to be provided to beneficiaries by giving them Fair Trade Wages. Equipping Survivors with Basic Life Skills, Education, Vocational Training, Counseling, Health care, and Housing will be given to reintegration of beneficiaries.

Out of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, human trafficking is precisely cited in three targets under three goals: 5 (Gender Equality), 8 (Decent Work and Economic Growth) and 16 (Peace Justice and Strong Institutions).  India is also a signatory to SDGs and has been working on the issue with a lot of rigor.

However, in spite of that in 2021, over one thousand human trafficking cases were reported with almost three thousand victims across India. The state of Maharashtra had the highest number of human trafficking cases in the country with over 260 cases.

Roshni (one of the ex-beneficiaries) “I never knew freedom would feel so good, I ran away from home because I was wanting to be independent and was in search of a job. I trusted a fellow human being who promised me a job but trafficked me to a brothel keeper. When I was sold, I was a sex-captive and felt like a prisoner all the time. I thought that life was just meant to be like this till I was rescued and Chaiim foundation gave me a new lease on life. Today I am married to a wonderful husband, my two daughters know freedom because their mother wants them to live in freedom. From Chaiim Foundation, I have learnt to live life on my own terms and save as much as I can from the umpteen job opportunities that came my way through the support of Chaiim.”

The demography of the beneficiaries range from women and girls aged 17 and above who have been trafficked into commercial sexual exploitation in Mumbai, women leaving prostitution and seeking freedom from sexual exploitation and debt bondage/servitude to support themselves financially with alternative employment and women and children who are destitute or widowed/abandoned by husbands and at risk of trafficking/sexual exploitation. From 2010 they have impacted 182 beneficiaries till date, who have either got married or working at jobs or some who have become entrepreneurs. Indirectly we have impacted over 2800 survivors back to community and life.

Details about physical and social milestones/deliverables to be achieved through the proposed

  • Healed of their trauma and have a restored sense of value and worth. (Counselling)
  • Educated and trained so that they may have the potential of gainful futures. (Education)
  • Restored sense of being as a result of the various interventions. (Life Skills)
  • A sense of purpose and destiny as a result of our interventions. (Humanity)
  • Appropriate guidance in the pursuit of livelihood options. (Housing)
  • Training in acquiring new skills. (Vocational training)
  • Developed self-worth through economic independency. (Counselling)
  • Increased health and well-being. (Health-Care)
  • Ability to cope with normal demands of life. (Counselling)
  • Legal counsel and access to basic rights as a citizen. (Identity in the form of Aadhar, Pan and a bank account)
  • Words from the beneficiaries also show the effort of the Foundation. Karuna says, “I can now laugh and sing as I have now started my 10th-grade studies. I lost my voice when somebody deceived me. Today, I am free.” Savita shares a snippet of her life that was taken away from her and how Chaiim helped her to reclaim it. In her own words, “I was beaten and raped 22 times a day. I cried out to God to save me. At Chaiim I have got a new life and have learnt to save and now I have my own identity and a bank account which no one can snatch and rob me. I’m completing my 12th grade and I want to become an accountant.”

    Few strategies adopted by Chaiim Foundation to ensure success is the involvement of CBO’s and Faith based organizations in the care and rehabilitation of those trafficked. Moreover, infrastructure has been strengthened to result in an empowering and enabling environment for girls who have been rescued and are in the rehabilitation process through training and capacity building.

    Program sustainability is evidenced in the resultant replication of part or all of the interventions which are being delivered by partner organizations. The current thrust at sensitization and delivering programs on the ills associated with trafficking is expected to develop a reduction of those trafficked.

    The program is also working towards averting attempts of trafficking through reporting and accessing legal interventions as a result of increased awareness in the communities. Lessons learnt and best practices developed in the prevention, care and rehabilitation of those vulnerable to trafficking and commercial exploitation has also been documented for future reference in this field.

    Everyone deserves a second chance in life and we at Chaiim (Life) want them to celebrate Life – One Life at a Time.




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